New Katatonia coming soon

Official KATATONIA web site |
Go to the site and hear an excerpt… although it has this quite funny voice in the middle saying new album coming soon. Poor boys.
Sample sound ok though. I guess they still won’t beat discouraged ones, but I think they never will.



Today I played in the radio: Marin Marais, Life and Times, Bush, Carissa’s Wierd, Kent, Death Cap For Cutie, Placebo, Blind Melon, Lali Puna, Tuomari Nurmio & Alamaailman Vasarat, Spiro, Désormais, King Crimson, José Gonzáles, Stina Nordenstam, the Gathering, Boris.

It’s funny how Stina Nordenstams “Dynamite” still surprises me. It’s so brilliant. Sad and violent and bitter and hopeful and beautiful. The arrangements and production are awesome, and of course the songs are great. I haven’t heard the new one “world is saved” but I don’t think it’s as dark as “Dynamite” at least the one between “this is Stina Nordenstam” isn’t, and it isn’t as good either, in my opinion. Although it has it’s moments. And it’s far more better than many other albums I’ve heard.

I’m thinking of getting classical music a lot. At least Arvo Pärt’s “alina” (by ecm), Philip Glass’ string quartet’s by Kronos quartet, And by Steve Reich what ever is available and to which I have money to. On the other hand, I would like to have Isis, Bohren und der club of gore, Red Sparrowes and a few others.

But before, let me go to helsinki and see what I can find from actual shops.

|O Sleep

What a day. I’ve been totally tired eventhough I slept quite well (on my scale). It’s all about waking up at the right time of the cycle, or wave. Sleep goes in waves, like most of the things, and if you wake up at the right part of the wave you’ll be alright, and if at wrong part, you’ll be sleepy.
So hard to keep my eyes open, but I made it through the day.

Still listening a lot of Jesu and Tuomari Nurmio & Alamaailman vasarat.

I know I should be start to fix the photograph section of, but I don’t have the energy right now. I mean, I should also fix both audio and video department layouts and I’ve been sitting too much at the front of computer anyway.

Last night the news told that some factory in china has leaked some poison into this huge river and at least one city has been out of water for several days and now that poison is reaching russia. Oh how handy we humans are. It really makes me wonder that how the hell we (as a species) have survived even this far. And they say animals are dumb, they’re just following the way. We can’t even find it, not to even mention to follow it.

Load up

I know I should have gone to the local student radio and do my show, but I’m just too tired, still.
I am keeping two hour radio program called lataamo. I tried to do it every week but it seems to be bit too much for me. Last spring I kept the program on every other week and I think that is more suitable frequency. And I have to change the day to wednesday because of other peoples scheludes, so maybe I’ll change the time already this week and do it on wednesday. If I would be in better shape….feel…whatever.

Now days, at least in here, radio seems to play only “hit” music. Those same songs rotating over and over again untill a new hit comes along. I really don’t listen to radio anymore, and when I do I get anxious. Even if the songs is good (what it usually is not), by playing it every hour for two or three weeks they wear it totally out. It’s horrible. I really think that radio can rot your brain same way as television. There should be some quality offered there. Well things aren’t so bad after all. At least there has been Radio helsinki, and still is, but it was bought a couple of months ago and I don’t know has it affected in anyway. Hope not. And yes, thanks to the internet it’s possible to find radiostations that play everykind of music. I think. So some good things comes along with all of this technology.

This whole topic has something to do with appriciation of music. I feel that a person who truly appriciates music cannot listen these “hit” radios. I listen to a lot of music, and maybe that’s the reason why I do not understand why every place have to be so full of “music” nowdays. If I go to a grocerystore, there’s music, if I go to buy clothes, there’s music, if I go to coffeehouse, there’s music, If I go to bar, there’s music. And way too often it’s that “hit” music again, usually it’s some radiosation actually. And for me it’s really hard to ignore that music. I wonder how the workers of those places can stand it? And now they’re invented this that when I call to someone, instead of hearing the normal waiting sound (tuut tuut tuut) they (well the person who I’m calling) can fill that up with music so I have to listen to some song until the person answers the phone. Horrible.

Back to the radio:So what am I playing? Usualy stuff from my own album collection, quite a lot of metal and pop/rock, but also a lot of this mmmm… idm stuff. I don’t really like this genre term “idm”, maybe it’s better to mention some artists: alva-noto, Mitchell Akiyama, désormais, COH, William Basinski, Deathprod and so on.

Today I was thinking of playing: désormais, Jesu, José Gonzáles, Boris, the beans, Life and Times, Tuomari Nurmio & alamaailman vasarat.
But I didn’t, maybe on wednesday.

What I swore

I went to bed 5 o’clock in the morning night. And I slept really badly. Dreaming about layers and layouts and whatnot.
In the morning I decided that I won’t even open computer today. Hah, like that would happen. But I haven’t sat by it for the whole day. And I don’t intend to. Just checking some mails, and news etc.

Longer I look at the designs, more I realize how hard it is to design nice looking pages.

I listened Green Carnations “light of day, day of darkness” today. It’s ok, but it would have helped is he would have divided the song into more index’s than just one. I mean it’s a one whole song lasting almost for an hour. My concentration isn’t really enough for that. Not today at least, but I’ve had the album for over two years now, and I still haven’t listened through than maybe 5 times. Oh well.

Now I’m listening “kinaporin kalifaatti” by Tuomari Nurmio and Alamaailman Vasarat. This album is great. I haven’t really gotten into Tuomari Nurmio’s albums, but I’ve listened albums Alamaailman Vasarat quite a lot. This collaboration is absolute magnificant, Nurmio makes good songs and lyrics, but AM’s arrangements and instrument melodies lift up the songs into whole new degree.
But yes, this have really made me to take some interest also mister Nurmio’s previous work.

yesterday I complained about Boris and told something about time and life. Well I found pages where I could have heard more Boris, and there is also Sunno)) which is nice since I’ve heard about them so much, but I havent’ heard the music.
There’s also a lot of other stuff.

Other band I listened yesterday was

I’ve heard about them earlier but never took enough interest. Now I think I have to, I listened samples from “sunset mission”
and I did like them a lot.

Soon it’s xmas.

other site

Darling Dear
Just to let you know if you aren’t aware already.

No go show

Started over again since I decided this blog was in a wrong folder.

Now it’s in the right one.

so lucky that I haven’t written a lot.

Got Boris’ “akuma no uta”, certain dissapointment. I bought it because I’ve had heard one song “intro” that goes on for 9 minutes.
Intro is good, such a pity that almost the whole rest of the album is too typical stoner rock(=boring). Not all of it, but almost.
I have to listen to it more.

With Boris I got this southern sampler and from it I found Life & Times
Both of the songs are so good that I’m thinking of buying the album. But I’ll give it a couple of more days. Enough dissapointments.

Lala. Good night.