same stories over again

Holiday is coming.
Relationships are consuming and need work. Although I can blame myself, mostly. That’s ok, I’m used to work. More important is: Do I want to?
I know the answer.

Tanja asked me today what I want just now. I answered: everything.
Her answer was: to sleep
At first we though her want is easier to make real, but then again. What is everything?
So maybe not.

I’ve almost packed. what do I need on my trip? Winter clothes to get to airport. Spring/autmn clothes to be there. Winter clothes to get back from airport.

I did not get mercy draft 3 edited. Have to use mail. Later.

What cd’s do I want with me? yes I can see why iPod is popular. Too expensive to mee still. and too little room, and Why you can’t change the batteries on that thing. I mean now days they can probably change it (or so I hear), but it has to be sent to somewhere middle europe. Please.

I will be out for a while. Unless I get this e-mail writing system to work.
But even then, I might be busy dancing. Jeij.

Knut – terraformer is good. I wonder are the rest of their albums as good.
Isis I knew to be good so no surprises.

My eyes hurt.

Continuum rocks too.

Blood Inside

Hello to you all.

To see what I’m talking about visit this blog.

Incase you still don’t know what is it let me tell you that Ulver‘s “Blood inside” is probably the best album that has come out in 2005. Alhough I’m not quite sure since Jesu‘s debut is also quite charming. Anyway, Blood Inside is really really brilliant album. They blend jazz, ambient, calssical and everything else but with such a style and taste that it works beautifully. The key (in my opinion) is the sounds, throughout the whole album the production of sounds is so coherent that eventhough they use various styles of music the album stays coherent also and so they end up sounding no one else but themselves. I ordered a vinyl from the end records and now I’m hoping they will read my notes and ship the order on january. This because finnish post will keep the packages just two weeks and if it’s not claimed by then they’ll sent the package back to sender. And I’ll be away about four weeks, so I much rather be here when that packet arrives.

Speaking of which I got the packet from conspiracy records today, which was a relief since I was afraid that I would leave to holiday before it arrives. So today I’ve been listening to Knut – Terraformer (from cd not through net), Isis – Oceanic and Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Sunset mission.

My friend Jojo just lend me her new favourite Autolux, and with the experience of two listenthroughs it does sound quite good. More more more.

I’ve been reading Ursula Le Guin’s short stories, Now I’m reading “four ways to forgiveness” in which all the four stories are entwined to each others and all of them are telling about sociosystems of planets Werel and Yeowe. Werel was known to me already from the story “old music and slave women” that is in the book “the Birthday of the world”, I’m not sure is Yeowe mentioned. Anyway, Werel is a planet where slavery exist and Yeowe is the next planet which four big werelian corporations colonialized with factories, farmland and slaves. In a few hundreds of years the slaves of Yeowe rebelled and at the point of those four stories Yeowe is “free” and Werel is on it’s way to civil war. Eventhough the stories can be hard and heavy I recommend them to everyone. She (U. Le Guin) has such a talent of seeing and writing. And somehow the stories are really human, real. And they’re not simplified, or glorified. She seems to se humans as human, not as heroes and villains. Humans capable to good and bad, and even the good and bad are not so simple things. “Four ways to forgiveness” is one of her books that I’ve enjoyed the most, somehow. I think it goes to the top with “the Disposessed” and “Always Coming Home”. I have liked her other short stories collection a lot ( I think I have them all now, but I haven’t read them all just yet), but since this is going around with the same topics and same worlds it’s most coherent and the quality of stories is high through out. On other ones, like “compass rose” or “unlocking the air” there has usually been a few stories that rise over the other ones (“the diary of the rose”, “the eye altering” and “sur” on “Compass Rose”; “half past four”,”in the drought”, “ether, OR” and unlocking the air” on “Unlocking the Air”; “the masters”, “winter’s king”, “nine lives”, “vaster than empires and more slow” and “the stars below” on “the Wind’s Twelve Quarters”), But on “four ways to forgiveness” I really can’t rise one story over another, theyre binded together and together they’ll paint, not the whole picture, but a fair bit more than they would do separately. I’m quite sad that Le Guin’s books have not been translated that much into finnish. It would be easy to know some xmas presents.

Read more, watch less.

Good night.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive: Search Engine
Look what I found, jeij.

Might take some time to dl all of these, but it could be worth while. At least the mogwai shows have been (well, at least all of those I’ve listened through) What a place. Enjoy


Finally I started to digitize “mercy…” drafts 3.1 and 3.2. Surprises. For some reason I didn’t even think that the minidv filmed in US with cameras for US market would be NTSC. Well of course it is. Luckily my iMac doesn’t have much problems with that. Now I just have to make two kinds of dvd’s, NTSC and PAL, and have to be certain that I’ll send the NTSC one to Ben. That is when I get them edited. I’m actually hoping I would get that done this week. Maybe someone in israel could take the dvd to Ben since I’m pretty sure someone from ED or near there is coming to the jams.

Otherwise this day is sunday. everday is like sunday.

My stomach is swollen and I do not know the reason. It’s extremely annoying and unpleasant.
I have some writing tasks to do, or actually some that I should have done already and I jsut don’t want to.
Feels like I’m back in ground school and don’t want to do my homework. Like Sunday.

And one dvd from 6 dvd box set doesn’t work for some unknown reason. the disk is clean, it seems to as good as the other ones but it just won’t work.

I should get into bed soon, but since one of the cameras used to film 3.1 is using some wide screen mode, it takes quite a lot of more time.
Maybe soon.

post office


I ordered some albums but I’m not sure will I get them before xmas. Problem is that post office will hold packets only for two/three weeks, and I’m going to be away for 4 weeks at least.
I hope I can make somekind of deal with them.

Bugger bugger bugger.
And suddenly there’s more stuff on the end records, bummer.
Well maybe I’ll go to post first thing on monday and find out how things go.

I ordered Knut. Sounds good enough.
flash players are nice. And it’s so nice of them to put whole album in the net.

Visited Joensuu today and got some yellow and black fabric for dancepants, and some yellow and black wool thread for hat. See a pattern here?
It could be also violet and yellow. But I have quite a few pants with violet and yellow colors, not so good for dancing though.
Also got Mogwai’s BBC sessions. Haven’t listened, but I expect it to be good, as always when it is Mogwai.

Continuum is quite good. And I realized that Steve Wilson has more projects than you can keep count of. And probably it’s not even worth while. But hey, someting good, something found, something missed. Too much, or enough.

I should I should

Go to sleep.
Get the camera from the office.
Digitize those two performances of “mercy is…” on sunday.
Edit those two performances.
Wear my glasses right now.
Listen to a lot of new music, I’ve been running into lately.
Burn those two edited performances on dvd.
Read “to be there, always” text on computer.
Digitize the video material for “to be…”
Edit the stuff.
Send a cd + text to Shimmer Cycle.
Figure out what the hell I’m doing with the “africa” solo (music or not? music or not?)
Write some good lyrics for a change.
Read more poetry.
Read more books.
Read the bibble.
Get some time off.

Tomorrow I’ll go to Joensuu and get some more albums (maybe) and hopefully some good/nice fabric so that Jojo can make me a pair of trousers before I’ll leave on xmas holidays.
Not much time for that, but I’m paying her something.

Neil Gaiman & dave McKean: “Violent Cases”
Lise Myhre: “Nemi”
Ursula K. Le Guin: Everything, but specially, “Disposessed”, “Always coming home” and short stories.
Monopot: “Something is like nothing was” and “Optipess”
William Basinski: Everything, but specially “Disintegration loops” and “Melancholia”

Lupatarkastaja has a top list of 2005.
Maybe I’ll make mine, later.

Good night to you all.

video forms

As you might notice video section has a new look. I decided to go back to play with picture’s cause it’s so much more easier.

Now I can stand the lay out and the idea is clear. There’s few fixes to be made sure, but not that much. Maybe later.

New opeth is as good as expected, what else.

tired days.

last of the year

I kept the last lataamo of this year today.
I’m not good at talking, today, I was not. But I played good music all the same.
Started of with 20 minutes of Henryk Górecki’s 3rd symphony. And ended with Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im spiegel.

Spiegel im spiegel is one of the most amazing pieces of music I know. It’s simple, it’s in major and every time I truly listen to it I’ll cry since it’s so beautiful.
And there’s people, human being who has composed that, shaped it out of silence. Sometimes it brings somekind of hope. There is human beings who are able to do that, give that to the world.

Right now I’m listening to sigur ros’ takk… Seems to be more in the vein of the “first” one. ( ) was bit darker. I like dark, though.

Got continuum, and little note on the cover said that it has something to do with Steve Wilson. I tried to listen to it in the shop but didn’t get out much, except that there’s a good chance that I’ll like it. and since the cover was great and it was the last one, I bought it.
Long sounds, maybe it’s more dark.


Jea lousy

It has been hard for me too at times. But not so much anymore. Does that mean that I don’t care so much anymore? I do not think so. Where does it come from, or is it just natural/biological/cultural reaction to certain events?
I do not know.

Opeth – Ghost reveries.
Finally I got this, can’t say anything about it yet though, but knowing opeth it will be really really good.

Arcturus – Sideshow symphonies
I got this from net, with beeps, and thank god. Because I wasn’t really going to buy this since I’m such a fanboy. But after I listened to it a couple of times I realised that no use, I can use my money on this, so now it’s done and I have a digipack.

Lolita Stasi – Ruhr
I hope this is as good as those few samples I heard.

Arvo Pärt – Alina (ecm)
There’s at least two different versions of Arvo Pärt’s Alina, as a cd format. and ECM’s one has spiegel im spiegel 3 times and für alina 2 times. Beautiful beautiful. Actually I’m going to give this to my godson as a xmas present.

Henryk Górecki – Symphony No. 3
Another one I got from net, and was washed away. Although I’m not so into sopranos, but the strings are amazing.
If you like Jesu, you might like this.

Supersilent 7
Have o get I guess.

More to come……

Now SLEEP!!!!