hope that lines don't cross

Again another day when I don’t do anything I really should do. Like my school tasks. I do understand why, but at the same time I know this is extremely stupid since, most of my stress would be released if I would get those 3 tasks done and out of the way. There’s more important things to do, but now I don’t even do them.

Pathway is this: Lupatarkastaja -> Tenderversion -> Scraps Of Tape -> Jezebel
Today I got “a trilogy of dreams, noise and silence” 3×7″ vinyl. I found this by following the pathway above, but to my surprise, at the moment my favourites are actually EF and Molia Falls 7″ I guess both bands are from sweden and again I ask: What is it with that country? Ok ok ok, there’s a lot of good stuff coming from Finland too, yeah I’m sure. I just should get more into it. But visit Jezebel. If you live in EU all three of trilogy are just 16€ and that includes postage. Ok I do understand that maybe some of you don’t have a vinyl player. I have one message to you: GET one!

There’s something definetly wrong with’s mysql… having problems with connecting. Made another blog surface to Why? I really don’t know, I’ll probably won’t do anything with it. just playing around instead of going to sleep.

I wonder could the java script (that added olenrikollinen? banner to my page) has anything to do with these problems? I guess not. I’ll try again though.

Only had morning class today and after that I went to a walk and took some pictures, nothing special though. Yesterday I did the same route and then the sun was setting, but I didin’t have my camera. Which brings to mind that I have still about 5-7 films to be developed, but no money for that right now. Maybe next month… Or maybe I’ll wait till holiday and Hki, 15×20 are nice after all.

Sleep sleep sleep….

But before that. Visit jezebel and order some good music, it’s cheap.

Thank God

down the drain

who ever it may be.

It seems that Tarja Halonen has won the elections and will continue another 6 years as a president. Good. What was a bit scary is that she won just by 2%, which is really… alarming. I mean her opponent was a guy who’s playing for big corporates, who says that he is on a workers side but apparently just as long as the person has work, so If a company takes the production (and jobs) to china he doesn’t have anything against it, or at least he doesn’t have anything to say to this. I actually Heard that he had said that for corporation is more important to make money than take care of ethics!! Ok, I heard so I hope this is not true, because if it is, we are in serious trouble. He got over 48% of the votes, so does 48% of finnish citicens really think that it’s more important to make money than take care of ethics and moral? Money isn’t a value! Profit isn’t a value!

All of those people who are saying to be christian, have those people voted a man who says it’s more important to make money than to take care of ethics? Without business ethics (and yes we’re heading there all the time, We actually are there already) It’s ok to take all the jobs in china, indonesia whatever. Use childlabour, pay minimum rates for employed, have people to do overtime work without extra pay and so on. Now people of finland, do you really want this to be happening here or in anywhere? Is it ok to go back to slave trading, just to make more money.

People, we are so dumb it scares the hell out of me. How can I ever equipt my children to cope with all those bastards, who don’t care or seek anything else except maximun profit for them selves. Do you really want that? And yes I do understand that it’s not such a big deal since president don’t have that much power anymore. But the outcome of these elections show the values of this country however, and I don’t like the direction. And it’s hard for me to understand that some people want to take us to this “all for me, I don’t give fuck about others” mentality. Move to america, let’s see do you like it there, the land of opportunities.

All of you who call yourself christian: What is important, the outside layer of the values inside?
Reason why I am asking this is that Tarja Halonen doesn’t belong into lutheran church, and her opponent probably does. But her values are much closer to the values I find important in christianity, than his. It’s so remarkable how humans always tend to find the outside more important than inside.

Lighter topics: Mitchell Akiyama‘s “small explosions that are yours to keep” is perfect. Listened it three times during the morning.
Found out that Henna had Arve Henriksen‘s “sakuteiki” and i’m listening to it right now. And I have quite strong feeling that next time I’ll go to digelius I’ll get this and the other solo album.
Couldn’t really write any school tasks at all.

10 fake ID’s please

sweep your floors, no time for more

No one ever told me there are person I should kill….

… I’ve learned to hide my feelings…


Now, give me money. And Get 10 fake ID’s

All the samples, all of them, sound great to my ear.

Time to cut connection?

fail, no anna

I called today to elisa to disonnect my adsl. Found out that they have one month notice time so I can get rid of it at the end of february. Why? Telekarelia is offering much faster and a bit cheaper connection, so why not to take it? This months notice time was a bummer though.

I do release that I repeat myself under stress I repeat myself under… But do yourself a favour and visit here, and then listen through Masonnes samples. Damn damn damn, no money and no credit card. Hmm.. could my dear mother help me? Maybe, maybe not. Problem is that also Seidenmatt and Torchous sound way too good. And if you’re going to order stuff why not to order all of them at the same time? Why not?

Funny to notice that news are taking sides. Elections of the next president is still going on. First there’s a note that some specialist says that getting involved with NATO would give Finland more security. And next news is that according to some study, election of other candidate would bring Finland closer to gettin into NATO. More money, more bombs, more guns, more victims, more corpses. Oh how I feel ever so safe.

Time to time I wonder why the hell I write this. I visited finnish list of blogs, and noticed that there’s much more useless blogs than this so why the hell not? Why not?

What was har name? Silve help me here, the woman, the housekeeper? No, I forget the names so easily.

I tried to write… I should write 3 pages (at least) about how I perceive my body and movement in dance practise. My god, 3 pages. I have 2 and a half and I feel I said everything. Yes it’s good to practise verbalisation, but why we have to have set amount of pages? Ken ken, I’m in school, that is how schools work, I assume.

Listened Ulver’s Vargnatt, the demo and the song. Beginnings howl(?) is brilliant.
Still entwined into Blake’s visions represented by Ulver.
But also Once We Were‘s Repulsion has played quite a few times.
And now, Masonne.

…in ages of imagination this firm perswasion removed mountains; but many are not capable of a firm perswasion of any thing…

School boy

line I try
Link you see on the right is agains the most stupid copyright law. They really fucked it up here in finland. It seems that now I’m more or less criminal too. Everytime I even start to think about this whole law mess I get angry. How come we vote so dumb people to make decisions about these things? She should really be somewhere else than fixing laws, corporate *****

Today I finally did some (two) school tasks. I felt like 14 again trying to find right answers, and then the answers were there, didn’t use copy/paste though. The task was really made for 14 years old it seems. Total waste of my time but I need to get them done so I can have 2 (or was it 3?) studyweeks so that I’ll graduate this spring. Oh joy. Now there’s one more exam/task to do which is a bit more interesting and two essays that actually will need some thinking. Maybe tomorrow then.

A lot of Ulver, old and new. (Blood Inside, Themes…, Perdition City, Bergtatt, Kveldssanger and Vargnatt)
Some Frantic Bleep,
and now Christopher Willits.
And yes, I actually have all of them original, eventhough I am listening them through the iMac.

Tomorrow, when….

Roses are planted, where...
I think I came up with the name for my final work. I’m not going to publish it yet though.

Been reading more Ursula K Le Guin. Fisherman of the inland sea, quite quite beautiful, again. I specially like the three last stories of the book, about churten theory. I do not understan people who don’t read scifi, just because it says scifi somewhere. I think everybody should read these book. I wish some good translater would get to work and translate these into finnish. All of the short story collections. For those who can’t read english, like my dear mother.

Hanna passed Nine Horses on to me. Mr. Sylvian definetly has a Voice as has Stina Nordenstam and plus to that there’s also Arve Henriksen and Ryuichi Sakamoto. It’s so nice when you can recognize someone from the sound. I actually didn’t even know who Arve Henriksen is. But when I listened the album first time I was quite sure that the trumpet player is from Supersilent. When I finally went to Sylvian’s pages to check out some lyrics (since I heard him singing “oh satan” on snow borne sorrow, but of course it was “Oh save them”) I saw the name Arve Henriksen and double checked it from Supersilent’s pages that it really is the same guy. It is, and he has a recognizable sound which is extremely positive, (Of course this recognition was helped the fact that I listened supersilent 7 just last week). Now I have to check his solo albums. Anyway I have to get this album and I recommend it to everyone else too.

My portable cd still plays Ulver‘s Silence the singing. And right now I’m listening “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”. Now that mister Blake, he had some good ideas. Or visions, or….
Think of this, he actually had dinner with Ezekiel and Isaiah. And the amount of wisdom he have put into proverbs of hell.

“…Isaiah answer’d: I saw no god, nor heard any, in a finite organical perception: but my senses discover’d the infinite in everything, and as I was then persuaded, & remain confirm’d, that the voice of honest indignation is the voice of god, I cared not for consequences, but wrote….”
William Blake
Or should I say Isaiah?

“8 waves for 7 days” is coming together. I think it will be in Oku on week 7, starting from monday ending on sunday. I hope I get it somewhere else too. Now I just have to think where, and where to get the money for it.

“we sat down and wept and wept for the zion”

Hey, here’s more Blake:
01 The Tyger.

02 Tyger Tyger. burning bright,
03 In the forests of the night;
04 What immortal hand or eye,
05 Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

06 In what distant deeps or skies.
07 Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
08 On what wings dare he aspire?
09 What the hand, dare sieze the fire?

10 And what shoulder, & what art,
11 Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
12 And when thy heart began to beat,
13 What dread hand? & what dread feet?

14 What the hammer? what the chain,
15 In what furnace was thy brain?
16 What the anvil? what dread grasp,
17 Dare its deadly terrors clasp:

18 When the stars threw down their spears
19 And water’d heaven with their tears:
20 Did he smile his work to see?
21 Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

22 Tyger Tyger burning bright,
23 In the forests of the night;
24 What immortal hand or eye,
25 Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Taken from blakearchive. A really wonderful place.



Television shows yet another movie how great americans died in the foreign countries. Why the hell they don’t keep out? America is not, and has never been self-sufficient. They always have to go around and take it from somewhere else.

Not for that matter, that we here would be self-sufficient either. Once, not so long a go we were, but the world changes. And soon we probably don’t even have farmers here up north since it’s much more profitable/easier/convenient/whatnot to get the grains and bread from somewhere else. We have Eu now, everything moves easily. Call it globalisation, I call it dumb. Market shows and market rows, get it buy it sell it use it lose it abuse it. There’s no going back, so where are we actually heading?

Hey, check your….

There’s one question: What is important? What really is important? What is really important? What you want to do, right now, with the rest of your life? What is important?

And do not think that there is have to’s or must’s. It’s always, all the time, your choice. What do you choose?

This is gorgeous, signing out.

Sign this


All the Finnish people out there. Go here and sign it. All the other people too, but since it’s in finish, it’s maybe harder, since it’s nice to know what you’re actually signing.

The new copyright law is a mistake. I think everybody, even the minister of culture knows it but she just won’t admit it. Or maybe she really is that dumb and likes to walk on a big corporates leash.
Corporate …..

I’m getting angry again.
Dictatorship isn’t such a bad idea, only it should be wise dictator. Vote me everyone.

Outside is -26ºC, lovely. But still it’s nicer and warmer than Israeli houses at night (ok there wasn’t minus degrees but pretty damn cold still). At least when you go outside you supposed to wear clothes, (preferably a lot right now). In here I wear less clothes when I’m sleeping than during the day. In there I wear more clothes when sleeping than during the day. Which do you like it better?

Other place that you could visit, could be this. At least Masonne, Torchous and of couse Seidenmatt sounds nice.
More money more money.
And Mister Akiyama is again releasin something new and quite interesting. Visit intr-version‘s new pages to hear and read.

Oh yes, they crammed intel into a mac and now they have macbook (what a stupid stupid name). Only small(?) problem seems to be that there’s a change that some software that works with powerpc core doesn’t work on intel. No need to worry yet, I do not have the money anyway. But of course 4 times faster (compared to powerbook) laptop sounds nice. I could use a laptop, with this lifestyle of mine.

Humour, such a difficult field.
But at least now you can have chocolate nougat ice cream in one liter packages instead of one and a half. This makes ice cream buying much easier for me. Jeij.

Ken. All those Masonne samples sounds really nice to my ear. She sounds a bit like…. PJ? I don’t know but it sounds good, doesn’t it?

Sounds to wake up.


I noticed I have forgot to finish this story: When I came back home the end records had mailed me that my order is sent, but with out one vinyl cause it was out of stock. I was bummed since I had mailed them earlier and asked if it’s ok that they will hold these (3) vinyls for me and send them after xmas and new year, so that the post office (here) don’t sent them back. So after I got this notice, of course I mailed them quite dissapointed. The guy who I’ve had agreed the order in the first place, answered that somebody else had sent the order without knowing that he had the albums waiting for to be delivered and that he still had the albums. Was I happy? Yes. So I asked him to send the vinyls (although I changed one) and he did without handling or post cost since it was their mistake. Good good. So this just to say that the end records handles their customers with extreme care and politeness and I strongly recommend their services.

This came to my mind from the fact that I got both packages today. And now I can wake up to the sounds of red Blood Inside (I can use wake settings on my stereos only with vinyls or radio, and radio is way to risky). Quite a while I woke up with the sounds of Do Make Say Think‘s & yet & yet. So now something different.

I also got Frantic Bleep‘s “sense apparatus”, which doesn’t really sound bad at all (of course why otherwise I would have ordered it). I have listened it just for a couple of times, so it’s too early say anything more.

Found out that Sanna has the “new” Björk “the music from drawing restraint 9” and I’m listening to it just now. A soundtrack, ken.

And found again my long time favorite, Ulver‘s “darling, didn’t we kill you” from “silencing the singing”. It suits perfectly this low (-25ºC) temperature we’re having. Bringing some warmth to my ears. Actually I still think that “silencing the singing” is my favorite release from Ulver. It’s one of my favorite release of all times. Beautiful piece of music, and not just “darling didn’t we…” but the whole ep.

Day 3

I'm wasting my days, watching the shades
Why day three? I do not know. About yesterdays entry: I’m not lucky cause I had the book. I’m lucky cause I have a father who goes and get’s me the book.

All the same. Erased again.

Song of today and probably coming days: Once We Were – Repulsion
Follow the link and get it.
Can’t wait their album to come.
High hopes.

Tenderversion mp3 singles

Good Night

I’m lucky, somehow.

Yes. My father got the book. Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita. Happy happy.

Otherwise plain old same except maybe I should mention this:
After the Jesterboard went down I find my way to vendlus and to their forum. Vendlus is a small label which has good bands, at least some (V:28). I haven’t really listened all of them. Today Joseph, who owns the label, put out a demo from one of their bands. Doesn’t sound too bad at all if you’re into metal. preferably black metal. Although I start to be quite confused with all of this genre stuff. Anyway here it is:

A gift from Joseph

Good news

day through a looking glass
I visited akateeminen and found out that they have taken a reprint out of Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita”, in finnish, so Saatana saapuu moskovaan. That is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’ve been looking for it quite some time, since the finnish translation have been long sold out. Or at least I haven’t been able to obtain it for a couple of years. But now it’s here. They’ve taken the print already last year. I just wrote to my father if he could pick it up. I hope I’m lucky this time and get it.

Yeah I’m way too much into owning things, it’s true. I would like to have Ursula Le Guin’s disposessed in finnish too. I have it in english, but still.

Ken ken. Isis’ “panopticon” does sound better. This evening I’ve been listening through it and “oceanic” thinking what songs I could play wednesday on lataamo. And on “panopticon” I do have a lot of choices, I feel.

Television just showed the movie, planet of the apes, and I was very disapointed to the fact that it didn’t happen on earth, but somewhere else. That they found the spaceship and not the statue of liberty. To me that was the whole point in the 70’s version. We going to destroy ourselves and then someone else will take over. Probably not the apes though, for a while. But then the end (of todays film) was somekind of a saviour, since he got back to earth and it was ruled by apes also. Definetly an ending made for sequel.

Complaints about school: We have a visiting teacher, and all the classes he is giving to us we are together with the first years. Being together with the first years isn’t bad thing at all, but the lack of space is. I mean they’re something like 14 and we are about 10. The space isn’t big enough for 25 especially when he is giving us really moving series/frases/sequences/whatnot. I mean I’ve had feed back for two years now, that I’m big and I should take the space. It’s kind a hard if I don’t want to hit and kick other student while I’m doing. Give me the space to be big, to use all I’ve got without having to be careful of others all the time.
Another thing which is somehow nice to realise: When doing frace work the studios we have are small for 15 people, or even to 10. But when having a 30 people or even 40 people contact jam, those spaces are just fine. And in contact I can (and will also according to feedback) use my whole sphere. So there you go.

I’m having a somekind of vacation, holiday. I think it’s good for me, but I do feel that it’s a vacation, something I’ll return from. You never can be sure though. Journey always includes the return, otherwise it’s not a journey.

Got an contact list from Dror, and I realised I really don’t remember people’s names. Names don’t connect to faces, not in anyway. Well some do of course but just a few.

Red Sparowes sounds pretty damn good btw.



Ok ok ok.
I kind of decided yesterday that I’ll keep the mac off for the most of the day. Did I manage to keep my decicion? Of course not. Instead I had it open way too early, only good thing was that I didn’t miss the simpson, and the fast show.

Quite soon I ended up to secretly canadian‘s web page, god knows for what reason, and I found out that they have quite a collection of mp3 samples on their pages. So I started to listen some of them. This far I’ve found out that:
Early Day Miners sound really quite charming.
Ativin’s “night mute” album could be worth of getting.
Jens Lekman’s songs vary quite a lot, some I like, some really don’t.
Havergal should be checked out more as well as Windsor for the Derby.
Songs: Ohia didn’t sound so good as I, for some reason, expected.

Then already yesterday, to be honest, I found aversion online blog which have quite a lot of things to hear and read. How does he (I assume) have time? And just now I visited lupatarkastaja once again and found tender versionlabel from sweden. Right now I’m listening samples from their bands and pages, and my my, sounds Good, I’ll have to say. Seems like there is more money needed.

Let me ask one question: How the hell can albums be so ************ expensive in here. I mean if I order 3 cd’s from US, they cost me half the price than if I would get them from here. And that includes shiping costs??
Big major labels keep complaining and accusing internet and cd burners and whatnot, How about look in the mirror!! First: release music that actually has feeling and quality and doesn’t wear out in a month. Then trust to your bands, even if one album would go on high sales. Then lower the price of cd. I think this could help somehow? What do you think? I mean they are companies, sure they have to make money. But I have a hope that music would be art made to business instead of business made to business made to junk. Am I clear? Probably not, but you know what I mean, don’t you? MUSIC FIRST!

Today I’ve also been listening to Isis’ Panopticon and yes it does seems to sound better than Oceanic.
Opeth’s “Ghost reveries” keep on getting better. They’re really quite unique.
Ulver’s “blood inside” which is great. I just wait for the vinyl arrive. Packet should be here this week I think.
And for some reason Ulver’s “Silencing the singing” ep never stops charming me. I have listened it for hours and I can still listen it for hours.

Hey, at the same time as I’m writing this I still listen those mp3 samples from Tender Version’s site and My god all what I’ve heard this far has sounded at least good if not better… How do those swedes do this?
And Thank you to lupatarkastaja for leading me to this place….

I’m really flooded by music and also by good music. I think I could use my days just sitting in front of computer listening and listening and finding. But right now I think I have to get a job, well paid and easy, preferably. I mean even though I keep complaining about record companies, that’s more towards the major labels. I have nothing against labels that follow the main thing: Music. And I rather support those small labels than big. And why not? It is more and more clear that they release music that is actually worth of listening to.

As you might notice I’ve added Label link list, and most of those are good labels, to me. I have to add tender version in there.

Today I also though about lataamo a bit and updated the playlists (meaning what I have played, not what I will play, since I don’t know what I’ll play until I’m making the show) finally. I try to do it now more often. Anyway I will keep lataamo only every other week starting on next wednesday. Hmmm… I think I’ll have to play some of those mp3 Singles that Tender Version has released.. really quite charming.

Oh well

Give me a

For some reason, that I do not have any idea, wordpress 2.0 doesn’t show editing buttons on safari. I’ll write with camino instead… wait.. that’s what I’ve done anyway.

Interesting isn’t it.

Visited Imhotep, read two interviews of Arcturus and started listen to sideshow symphonies. Not bad, not at all. It’s funny how opinions change, and taste and bad and good. I mean “La Masquerade Infernale” was such a great album when it came out. And it still is, but now I notice that it isn’t flawless. Well of course nothing is flawless. But also I think it’s just that now I hear “flaws” in places where I earlier didn’t notice them. So it’s not that the album get’s bad… my hearing just changes, and taste of course. I wonder when all that 80 stuff that sound terrible to me starts to sound good since I hear it so much (if the 80 is really coming back). When I’ll think that big pilot sunglasses actually do look good. We are so easily manipulated, what is really good looking, what is stylish, what sounds good? And still I have the nerves to claim that I’m not affected by… I don’t know, opinions, fashion, magazines, media. That I can make my own ideals.
Oh well… I mainly make my own ideals, but I am affected, nevertheless.

Anyway back to the topic of arcturus. I really always was such a fan of Garms vocals on “La Masquerade Infernale”, but now they don’t sound so good anymore. Then again the vocals on “Blood Inside” are very very good. So maybe now I know that he could make better. We all evolve, I hope.
Well sometime years back I though that AW Yrjänä sings well. He doesn’t but it works anyway. So who cares.

I listened Isis‘ Oceanic today. It’s not really that good. It’s ok, I don’t regret of buying it, but it isn’t really brilliant. Maybe panopticon is better. I notice that even though Cult of Luna didn’t invent the style, at this point I feel that they have reached the pure core of that style. Salvation is just incredible album. And I’m not only one thinking this.
Maybe panopticon is better.

New Opeth (well it isn’t really new anymore is it?) sounds good, although I’m not too fond of all the 70-keyboard sounds.
Opeth is remarkable band, since they have so distingtive sound. I think that if some one would play one song to me, out any of their albums, i probably couldn’t say which album and which song but it wouldn’t really matter because all of them are so brilliant and I would definetly know it’s Opeth. Some people balme bands making same album over and over again. In a way I think Opeth is doing it, but as long as the albums stay being brilliant, who cares. So I won’t blame them. More good music yes.

Something else I’ve been listening today is Steve Reich of course. Such a lovely work. Please do listen.

Well I’m definetly back in Finland, avocados don’t taste the same, do they. And I bought food with 30€ but I feel I didn’t even get anything. Ok, there was cheese and olive oil, but still. A couple of clementines, 30€. Oh well.

I’ve sat in front of the iMac almost the whole day, again, but now I’m almost satisfied with Almost but not quite. It’s far more better than it was. And s linked with it and otherway around which is good.

Maybe this night I have energy to see/hear supersilent 7
Maybe not, Oh well…

Too much

computering once again but I got something done, which was nice. It could be even nicer looking but I don’t know how to do it.
At least it is now far more better than it was. What you ask?
Well actually the index isn’t done yet, but it will. But sisuraja and Demos and Merciest are quite nice. I should learn to do those scrollable areas so it would look even nicer. If some one know how, please do tell me.

There was good movie, or at least I think it should be good, in television but I was fixing the pages and suddenly it has went on for an hour so it seemed vain to start to watch it anymore.

Maybe I should learn to use flash, but I know I won’t.

After a some earch I found out this: asthmatickitty. If I order rest of sufjan steven’s albums it will cost me 30€, which is extremely cheap. Now I just have to decide do I want all of his albums or just illinois… and I just realized that there isn’t “seven swans” album, bummer…. maybe they’ll have it later. It’s just that kitty uses same netshop provider as pedro the lion, so I know it’s quite safe and working.

listened today
Frank Jordan – Milk the thrills
Sufjan Stevens – Michigan
Lolita Stasi – ruhr

Thank you and good night


Found this site throught lupatarkastaja Check it out. Man I wish I had the money, even film is expensive, not to even think about more polaroids. I wish I wish.

Go visit: Mark-Steffen G̦wecke РPolaroids

If you think you’ve been redeemed

on menu today
then I wouldn’t want to be.

The 2005 list underneath is not in any specific order.
I was thinking today how things of the beginning of the year can be so easily forgot.
I got Jesu at the beginning on june, and I did listen to it through the whole year afterwards.
So that’s why it should be first, but all the rest, well I don’t know. Like in the end of winter, I think in april, or something when I found out that the whole headphones album was on purevolume as a stream I copied it to minidisk and listened it through for weeks. I even played it in Lataamo as soon as the album was released. But it took time until I actually got the album.
I’m listening to it right now and it’s so totally brilliant. I think I like it more than Pedro the Lion’s last album “achilles heel”.
As far as I know PTL is right now in process of making a new album, and if you go to PTL’s purevolume site, the new song “devil is beating his wife” doesn’t sound bad at all. I have to admit that I really like the sadder songs of PTL, but this sounds really good anyway. espcially the “ride on” part.

Sanna got into Steve Reich before xmas, and bought two of his albums. Now she thinks of selling the other one since, maybe it isn’t her cup of tea. (The other one is though.) Maybe I’ll buy it from her since it seems to be my cup of tea. I should get more Reich anyway. I just hope my mother would get into it. She like’s calssical music anyway. Reich could be classical enough, or too much.

Marko answered that one photo shop still have this offer that if you take pictures there on thursday they’ll make it 15×20 instead of 10×15 with the same amount of money. I have about 6 films, so maybe I’ll wait untill I go to Helsinki again.


Should sleep yes


Updated to wordpress 2.0

I think this works.


Best of 2005

albums we like

Ok ‘ll try to do this.

Jesu – Debut
Album I’ve listened most in 2005 i guess. Beautiful, dark, comforting

Ulver – Blood Inside
It’s ulver. perfect style. uncompromising with all the compromises. I just bought this 5 times again.

D̩sormais РDead letters to lost friends
Ok I’m into beats, but beautiful beats.

Mitchell Akiyama – Small explosions that are yours to keep

Mitchell Akiyama – Mort aux vaches
40 minute improvisation in VPRO radio. absolutely amazing…. if not,

Jaga Jazzist – What we must
Jaga is always jaga eventhough they change

headphones – headphones
D Bazan and Tw Walsh and Frank are rocking! Bazan is one of the best writers we (as a world) have today.

Logh – A sunset panorama
Ok, I start badly. I think that nothing can beat “everytime a bell rings…” but that doesn’t mean that “sunset” would be bad. No way. Sunset panorama still beats most
of the albums released year whatever. Absolutely.

Tuomari Nurmio ja Alamailman Vasarat – Kinaporin kalifaatti
Nurmio makes good songs and AV makes the songs even better, what could go wrong?

Shining – In the kingdom of kitsch you will be a monster
Jazz this.

Things that I’ve found on 2005, although released earlier.

William Basinski
Ok, I found “the river” already on 2004 but most of the stuff I’ve heard on 2005. Amazing stuff. So simple and utterly beautiful. All the “disintegration loops”, not to mention “melancholia” which is absolutely stunning.

Aaaargh. Thank god I got these albums. “something is like nothing was” and “optipess”. Someone said that monopot is a bit like mogwai in prozac. Yeah, could be. Now, Mogwai is a great great band and I love them a lot, but I think that monopot is someways even better… well of course it’s not. It’s stupid to put bands in order. They’re both great but anyway. “Something is like nothing was” is a perfect album, and “optipess” is too if you outclude the cover “sebastian”. Such a intense simplicity, never going over to noise, keeping it together. I think monopot is still on the top of the list in my lastfm list

Lali Puna
Now, I think that “faking the books” might have came out in 2005, so this could be even on the list, but I think it’s 2004 anyway. great pop.

I got the box at the beginning of the year. Brilliant!

Hanne Hukkelberg
Well the norwegian version was released already on 2004 and I have it but international version was released on 2005. very good album. “Do not as I do” and “word and a piece of paper” are somekind of little masterpieces i guess. Specially the live version of “word and a piece of paper which” you can find on cast anchor cds. Really really recommended!

Alva noto + Riyuchi Sakamoto
Vrioon was really good and Insen is almost as good… well it is as good alright alright. Also Alva Noto’s “trans-” serie is really intriguing

wall to play on

does it really?

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