Old news

please do surface soon

In case you didn’t know Ihsahn‘s solo album is coming anyday now. I watched the video and the song wasn’t bad but didn’t really get me exited either, just yet. But as I have heard that Emperor’s last album “prometheus” was mainly Ihsahn’s work I am very hopeful. And I have heard good reviews of “the adversary”

Another coming thingy is Head Control System which I found out throught Aversion Online, and since aversion is such a great place I also heard 2 songs from it. And to be honest they don’t quite convince me, but get me interested all the same. But somehow I have a feeling that if HCS wouldn’t include Garm I might not be coming back to this band. Anyway, thanks for aversion for such a good work. I also am hearing fall of the leafe for the first time, although I could have visited their website, but I never got around to it. Maybe now, since the songs in aversion doesn’t sound bad at all. Also a northern chorus sounds interesting, and for some reason The Idoru sounds really great. Man, if the rest of the the Idoru’s songs are as good as the one in aversion, I probably have to get this ep. There’s some resemblance to bad religion in my mind but… I don’t know. Somehow I’m surprised that I like the song so much. They do have a wonderful blend of elements. There’s also other stuff but you can check them out yourselves.

ECITE will cost something like 300€ jeij. Could someone offer me a job for june, from which I would make about 1000€. Or maybe a bit more. I would like to go: NIM, Contact Moscow, Freiburg, and ECITE and of course back to ED, but that’s definetly out of my reach right now.

And I’m just visiting Intr-Version and there would be also some new stuff and some old stuff. I can probably get the most easily through A-musik though. Oh my, there’s always more and more and more. I know.

Travel is dangerous

see beneath the stairs

Had a talk with her. It’s not ok, her back hurts, but I’m not willing to pay. Even if the initiate would have come through my mistake, the reason it has become chonical(?) is not. I do feel guilty though, but not enough. And I am truly sorry. Anyway, I think we will get along. I hope that the insurance will deal with it. It should after all.

I was wrong about Mr. Beast’s folky kind of way, it’s ot folky it’s country. listen acid foor, those slide guitars, it’s country music man. And to be honest it’s kinda hard bit in a way, maybe my musical taste is becoming even broarder. Anyway acid foor is not my favourite song anyway. But todays headine is along with folk death ’95, which in my opinion has nothig to do with folk music though, and friend of the night of course, and we’re no here.

Day after tomorrow starts registration for freiburg contact festival. I will try. Contact moscow is coming. NIM I’ll definetly try to go and straight after freiburg there’s ECITE in austria. Argh. Money.

I’m too much in here but skype works fine. Which is nice.

Hope the days will get better.

Sure you sue

cat in the chair me love

Today I heard that if insurance doesn’t pay, I will. I’m not sure was she serious, really. I think she was, but come on: During an improvisation lesson in a improvisation I jumped on her back. Jump is a too big word though, but used her back as a support, quite easily. I was surprised that she got angry, since I was quite sure it was a soft touch and weight. It was, but maybe she scared a bit because it surprised her. I don’t remember anyone reacting much, including the teacher. I don’t even remember that she would have wanted ice for it, which is really a basic procedure. About 6 months later I heard that her back was still a bit hurt , but she said that she has also been lifting her child often so it’s hard to say what is the exact reason. She also went to one third year student final work (back then final works didn’t have to be a solo you see, like now), and quit just week before the performance because of her back. I would guessed that she could have refuse a bit earlier if her back was really giving trouble all the time. Now, year and a half later I hear that if insurance doesn’t pay, I will. Well, I will not. She hasn’t really taken care of herself in these 18 months or so. And nothing is really broken. According to three doctors the pain she’s having is muscle pain, she probably has an infection because she hasn’t taken care her back enought to let it heal. And now she’s blaiming me. The implications of this case are rather worrying. Risks are included in the work of a dancer, there might be misjudgements, miscalculations. Do I need to take certificate from everyone I work with, that they don’t sue me? Or can I trust that they will take care of themselves? Anyway, I think this will not lead to anysort of trouble, but her additue is really annoying. Got me angry enough. And it’s sure that I will not work with her again. Luckily I don’t have to. I rather work with people to whom I can trust.

So not a happy day in anyways. Luckily Mr. Beast is at least as good as I expected. Wonderful, truly wonderful. Although there’s singing in quite a few songs, and some of the songs are rather happy in a folky kind of way, but still it works fine.

Mogwai – Mr. Beast
Katatonia – The Great Cold Distance
Alva Noto – Trans-
Jesu – Heart ache

living, all around

view from the balcony
I was talking about this view above, in here. it’s a small picture but you can figure it out. More pictures coming.

Did almost nothing today, well tinkered with the photos a bit and even danced a bit. Trying to find different kinds of qualities of movement. Not so easy as it sounds. Music helps a lot though. Also have thought about the sound world for Tomorrow, when… but haven’t started doing it yet. Even though there would have been time for it today, since I didn’t even go to the jam. I just didn’t feel like it. Going I mean.

Glad that I got the dates from helsinki before I left, they’re good.

bed time, no stories. Well maybe just a bit of pratchett.

David Darling – Darkwood
Pärt – litany
Katatonia – the Great Cold Distance
Soundgarden – superunknown
Nine Horses – Snow Borne Sorrow
Steve Reich – cello counterpoint

nothingness incarnate

Good news is that new Katatonia is really good. I hope it can survive the time. So I’ll be able to say this a year from now. Bad news is that the small bit (8songs) I listened the new placebo was really quite quite bad. Vocal lines are too obvious, even if you don’t know Molko’s maneers. Songs are just… There wasn’t even one catch. Of course I have to give it more time and more listenings but it doesn’t sound promising, not at all. What we learn from here is… that Always listen before ou buy, right now I feel that I should have used that money to Green Carnation or something else, something better for sure.

I still haven’t listened the new Mogwai but I’m pretty damn sure that it’s good. How good, that will be the question. Again lupatarkastaja was the first but I’ll post this anyway. And if you haven’t visited archive.org before, you should, there’s a plenty of more Mogwai to be found and also other sounds like DCFC. I think I posted that search for DCFC earlier on.

I visited my old home yesterday and found some tapes of Public Enemy etc. I remember when “everybody” was raving about Tricky’s version of black steel. And I who had heard the original thought it was quite crappy, Tricky’s version, not the original. I still think so, one of the best songs on It takes a nation of millions to hold us back. I’m not so into rap anymore, but I can’t help wondering what the hell happened to the scene. I feel that nowdays rap is just about sex,gangs and boasting, has no message, nothing that would make you think, no politics. well I don’t follow the scene so I hope I’m wrong, but that’s how it looks to the outside.

It’s good to be back home. Although school seems to be as fucked as ever, so I wouldn’t mind to move my home to some place different, but it’s good to be back home.

Anyone want’s a special package os placebo’s Meds? I could probably sell one. Contact me then.


Until I get there
I will be

I guess that’s most of it. It’s too late, now, will I go to the morning class or not.

Katatonia – the Great Cold Distance
Jesu – Heart Ache
Logh – a sunset panorama
Placebo – Meds
Pärt – Arbos
Peter Jones – Gradual Motion

Good night and good luck, to some of you.

be my open eyes

Logh again.

Ok, been in lappland for a week. Slept 4 nights in iglu, it was not cold sleeping but it was cold. I have a good sleeping bag, yes.

Again we are an hour ahead of our time although I do not know the time and what is ours? nothing.

Been reading Ursula K Le Guin‘s “the dispossessed” which is probably one of the most beautiful books I’ve read this far. I’m reading it again, this time in english, yes I read it about two years ago in finnish, then it was probably on of the most beautiful books I’ve had read.
Read it.

Before going to north I saw H and to my fortune or misfortune it was in Keltainen Jäänsärkijä which is one of the best recordshops in helsinki.
As a result got Meds which is placebo and the great cold distance by Katatonia. Meds stays in plastic with Mr.Beast until tomorrow but Katatonia I’ve been listening to and hey it’s good. It won’t beat Discouraged ones but what would. It at least as good as Viva Emptiness and that’s good since Viva emptines was their best album after discouraged ones. Meaning it is better than “last fair deal gone down” and “tonight’s decision”, but doesn’t beat DO or “brave murder day”. Anyway, sounding good.

The last film I got developed was quite useless. bummer.

There was something important I wanted to write about but I’ve forgot it totally, later.

Tori Amos has released a live box set, 79€. Nyyh.

More Pärt, and Reich and Glass. Thanks.

Soon I’ll be back home. How nice it is to be able to wake up to the sounds of music, make a good cup of coffee and some bread. Sit on a kitchen table, and read. Luxury. We who are able to do this, should feel blessed.

Phones, not headphones

I’m visiting Marko who is on the phone. SO small time for this dreadys.

Mr. Beast stays in plastic. I do not dare to take it out yet. Too much stuff to carry around anyway.

I developed the films. 103€, thanks. 6 films, some nice pictures of people, one person per picture, mentionable: Denise, Peto, Miina, some other. One picture that I am extremely satisfied, You will see it here somewhere (maybe if I get the the photo section ready sometime. Maybe straight here to here. One new film ready, btw.

He’s off the phone. I’m off.

Oh how I wish

I would have more money and time to order magazines, newspapers, etc. Everything isn’t here in the net after all.

There is a new Placebo, bummer. No I mean I hope it’s great, but again something that I would really like to have. Although I still think that without you I’m nothing is the best they have, and I doubt that it will change, but it can.

You can change, if you can.

Called to photoshop (you know) and tomorrow they have the day that you can have 15X20 with the same price as 10X15. I’ll probably drop off the films there tomorrow. And pick them up when I have the…

Not more.

Next NIM

Here on a trip I don’t have a clue about the pictures, so no photos.

Next NIM will be in 1st-6th of June, it will cost 125€ and will happen in Norway, an hour trip away from Oslo. All those interested contact someone soon, You should register before 1st of may by paying 60€ deposit. All of those who don’t know what NIM is either find out or forget it.

Got “Mr. Beast” of course but totally forgot to ask about “friend of the night”. I don’t actually have money to either of these but come on, it’s new Mogwai. You can always find some money to new Mogwai. Also found out that Tori Amos has released an official bootleg compilation which seems to be a treat but it’s 75€ so no can do.

And thinking about photos I have 7 films waiting to be developed and that will take about 70€ as well. So what will it be? Photos, Amos, rent, something completely different.

Visiting mom is always annoying. It’s tragic how everything she owns seems to be crap. I just washed some snowboarding clothes on ~30 degrees and it took one hour and forty minutes! Car’s locks seemed to be broken, this computer is crappy and this flat is full of useless cheap crap. Mostly towels. How many towels (and sheets) can one woman need? Some how this makes me feel excused to use her money. I mean I use it much more wisely than she does. (Well, that of course depends on a point of view. Which one do you prefer, cd’s containing good music or tens and hundreds of different kinds (color not the quality) of sheets and towels?). I’m old already and being a bit worried about my likeness to my mother. I also seem to accumulate stuff around me, and yes sometimes it’s even useless, but still at this point it’s mosly not. When I get older will I also start to buy cheap, useless and tacky stuff like her? Hope to god not.
Well it’s her money of course, the thing that confuses me is that she’s most of the time complaining that she doesn’t have the money but everytime I come and visit (once every two months?) some new stuff (like table, mirror, crappy radio, postboxes saying 100€ that have contained god knows what) have appeared. She could save a lot of money just not buying crappy things. Already I feel sorry for my future self having to figure out what to do with all the stuff when she’s gone. And that won’t (hopefully) happen in many years.

Happier sides of visiting “home” is that there’s is even some food in the fridge, although you have to be quite sharp with “best before” dates, but usually there’s something eatable too.
And there’s still some of my own stuff. although it’s getting harder and harder to find those underneath all her stuff. What seems to be clear is that I won’t be moving here after school.

Helsinki has it sides. Good and bad. One of them is R.

Bought fresh dates yesterday, very very good. Good side.


jam, no rasberry


Jams started today, quietly, but not as quietly as I was afraid of. Tomorrow there is more people coming. Thanks to the bus strike though, it seems that many people have to leave on sunday or early monday morning, which means that they’re not staying to eat. Well, luckily we got things discussed with the food providers so it’s probably ok.

I bought some fabrics today and gave them to Jojo, so she will make some t-shirts for me, jeij. Although I have to come up with the money to pay her, but still. She will make a copy out of one of my fathers old t-shirt. Back from the days when XL ment long, not necessarily wide, like nowdays. I hope those shirts will work out well. It’s really nice to have fit, but long t-shirt when dancing.

Today I made an 10 minute edit out of “8 waves for 7 days”. So 7 hours compressed into ten minutes. I also added it to the video section, As well as a video out of “things we lost in the fire” that I performed in Joensuu a couple of weeks ago. Btw, I should mention this on darlingdear’s dance section also, but the song I’m humming at the end of this version is “helps both ways” by mogwai. It’s really changes the atmosphere, at least to me. And remember, videos are mov’s so you need a quicktime player. You can get it from here. And that Videofiles are quite big, so if you have a really slow connection, give time.

Holiday, soon. Am I happy about it? yes, but I do notice that I’m very attached to this computer… At least work wise. There’s stuff that I would like to do (like edit mercy 3.1 and 3.2) but then when I have the time I away from here. I really should have a laptop.

Luckily (or not) blogs are easy to update.

Message to India, visit this.

Good night, and good luck to you all.