Fallen Angel

save me when I feel

Resent Key: King Crimson – Red – Fallen Angel

ConstrucKtion of light came out 2001 I guess. Listen to it, back into frying pan has one of the most brilliant guitar solos ever. I mean the one in the end. And the whole album is very very very good. Bringing in waves of enjoyment. And listening Red, please tell me what’s the difference between progressive and metal. Well you can be both, and you can be just “progressive” and you can be just “metal” but KC was both already in ’70. And as I listen more of KC I start to believe this thing that Fripp has said that when there is music coming that only KC can play then KC forms.

Seeing (and hearing) Laura’s solo I was reminded of “Drawing Restraint 9” or more exactly the score that Björk has made for the movie. She is brilliant my god. Although I like Homogenic and Vespertine much more than Médulla. Let’s hear what she brings up next.

So FinalWork in Kiisu is done. Today was the last piece of trilogy (III). Big thank you to William Basinski for giving the permission to use his music in the middle (II) part.

Better get to sleep. Now.

Holyspirit come home

frail i might be

the food is on the table… Holyspirit come home.

Nothing nothing nothing. My head aches. I cut pieces of paper, now I only need to glue them together and I have a hand programs for the solo.

Evil Superstars are great. Too bad they disbanded. Or maybe not. Too bad that the albums are sold out. great that Sas got them to me.


Too bad too sad tomorrow we start build up stress for performancies.

Luck to us all.

Swervie still going through my head though.

We lie and stare at the ceiling

earth reserved

Hey hey hey. After yesterdays post about Swervedriver, I decided to check what’s going on with Jon Auer, and found out that he is finally releasing full lenght through pattern25. You can find a sample from their page or click straigh here. With a first hearing song is simple and a bit melancholic, not bad at all. Looking forward to hear more.

So it seems that again there’s coming a lot of new stuff that I would like to have. Auer, Jesu,

Came across hedonistica (yes I really have no life). Many of the videos are looking too bad. But this is actually funny, althoug I’m thinking can it really be real. And this has some cool stuff, and this one is really nice. Scary. This is cool, I wonder who designs all those tracks. I hate wmv files though. Everytime I’ve used PC all the quicktime files have no problem but for some (obvious) reason microsoft just won’t make good wmv player for macs. Wov. Ok this hurts. It’s all fun and games until…
And also vie hedonistica, croc Vs. tiger. Nothing is safe from a tiger and nothing should be.

Tyger Tyger burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?
—–William Blake

and let’s not forget the frogs

Oh dear.

Swervedriver – Raise
Swervedriver – Ejector seat reservation
King Crimson – Larks’ Tongues in aspic
Evil Superstars – Boogie Children-R-Us
Evil Superstars – Love is Ok


tiles tiles tiles tiles tiles

…Power shall shimmer on, shattered glass crushed among….
[now, according the lyrics on swervedriver.com it’s paua shell, but this one is much more nicer]

Been listening to Swervedriver, which was one of the most awesome… no I don’t have the right adjective. The first two albums, Raise and Mezcalhead are just so great. To be honest I mostly listen just a few songs from both albums. Well three to five from Raise: Pile-up, Deep Seat and Rave down plus sci-Flyer and Son of a mustang ford. And about six from mezcalhead: For seeking heat, Duel, Blowin’ cool, MM Abduction, Harry and Maggie, Duress and sometimes Never lose that feeling/never learn. It’s not that the rest of the songs on those albums would be in anyway bad, it’s just that songs like Pile-up, Deepseat, Rave Down, For seeking heat, Duel, etc are just one of the best songs that 90′ ever produced. Man that band was so Awesome!!! But then the third album wasn’t that good and neither was the last(4th) one. They have their moments too, but in my opinion are far from these first two. Just yesterday or day before I realised that Blowing cool might be one of the rare songs with lyrics that are happy and that I still really like. Usually happy songs are crap. But these are not. But then again the beauty of the songs lies in the feeling that to me is most of all… Bummer does english have a word for that? haikea = sad; poignant. Now I don’t know the exact feel of the word poignant, but I know that sad isn’t really the same as “haikea”. To me it’s somehow the mixture of happiness and sadness and letting go and longing and moving on and hope and hopelessness, acceptance maybe. Anyway most of the songs mentioned have that feeling and they’re utterly beautiful.

-There could be something happenin’ here
But there’s just no place to go
Your town ain’t lively up no more
Rave Down
-Rave Down

– Build it right up, knock it right down
Where the light blinds me, I’m nowhere to be found
Catch my, drift away instead
Let’s see what the road holds up ahead

Earlier on I’ve been talking about keys, Deep seat is definetly a key. Rave Down too. and Pile-Up. Oh and on Sandblasted 7″ there is Out on b-side and my my is that song brilliant. Yes it is.
It’s funny how few people actually know this band. I haven’t met anyone who actually really is into them, at least as much as I am. There certainly is a big(?) fanbase but I just have never met anyone. It is weird. Because songs are so perfect. The bass lines, Drums, singing, and all those guitars. And how they mix and interweav. It’s easy to believe Jez story on this interview.
I noticed that I have quite a few of their singles too. Thanks to Heidi who found Duel 12″ and instead of buying it herself, let me have it. I remember that I found Son of a mustang ford 12″ from london, it was really battered and in bad shape but it was cheap and it was a swervedriver after all. Even before that, all those b-sides were available from Swervedriver net site, so I had the songs already. I just wanted it because it was a Swervedriver. BTW right now you can find live versions from quite many of the songs on swervedriver.com
So if you have never heard of swervedriver and want to hear it, there’s is a chance.
And because I haven’t met people who are into swervie it was really nice to get Jon Auer’s 61/2 and find These Times from there, even though it’s not really my favourite Swervie songs, but still. At least some one likes them.

Other things. Huomenna, [tomorrow,] is going along quite nicely. Got the photo’s printed for handprogram. I know what I’m doing and so on. Todays only unpleasant surprise was that there’s two piece’s going on at the same time on friday. There’s another dance piece in servo, while Miikku and me are in Kiisu. Which means that there won’t be that many watchers for us (since they have the chance to see us already on wed and thu) and I won’t see the piece going in servo. I’ve seen it already but it would have been nice to see it again. Bummer.
Kiisu is booked for the whole of tomorrow, so I think I’ll do nothing tomorrow, well, I could do the handprograms, but let’s see.

Swervedriver – Raise
Swervedriver – Mezcalhead
Swervedriver – My Zephyr 7″
a Tribe Called Quest – the low end theory
William Basinski – Water music
The Boo Radleys – Adrenalin ep
Swervedriver – Son of a mustang ford 12″
Morrrissey – We hate it when our friends become successful
the Smiths – This night has opened my eyes
Tom Waits – Swordfishtrombones
Ismo Alangon radio – Lokaa ja kuita
King Crimson – Larks’ Tongues in aspic

Erlen Loe – Doppler

Will Self – Kuinka kuolleet elävät [how the dead live]


when you're gone

This is what I got done today. Three different hand programs for three different days. I hope I can print these tomorrow.

My first try outs with chai. Let’s taste.

Listening Sonic Youth insipired by the new coming album and the link I gave you a couple of days ago. And again, go here and listen “Incinerate”. very simple, very poppy, very good. I think I’ll have to get the new albums and old ones, probably. There’s so much.

Chai not bad. Better one can certainly be produced.

Digitized the performance from Kuopio and watched it a bit. It’s bit too fast, I don’t give all the things the time they would/will need. I can do better that’s for sure. Today didn’t rehearsed at all. Jojo has got the clothes ready although trousers don’t work as I wanted. Let’s see what can be done. Tomorrow again.

Sonic Youth – a thousand leaves
Sonic Youth – goo
Swervedriver – Mezcalhead
Katatonia – Brave Murder Day



I know I’ve been mentioning this a lot before but archive.org is really something. Specially those bands who allow taping. I think I have all the Mogwai shows from there, and right now I’m into more “postrock” like Mono and Explosions in the sky. And I just notice that you can also find Elliott Smith from there. And of course DCFC is old news.

Answer to yesterday’s Chai topic.

Watching Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. what a fun.

Two run throughs today. 28 minutes and 25 minutes. It’s getting ready. Also the clothes are getting ready, which is nice. One and a half week to go. Lala.

Chai chai chai

look at me

I don’t have it. Tell me what’s in it? I kinda know, but not enough.

“Let’s blame mime artists, they don’t speak.”

I’m about to order Kam:as, Masonne, Seidenmatt and Torchous.

I do not understand Torchous though. They have song with the exact same name on both albums, check this: Forensik vs. Forensik.

And here is something for the radiohead fans. Some months ago I noticed that I haven’t really listened comlag at all. And that I really don’t remember much even from Kid A or Amnesiac even though I have listened them a lot at the time.

Listening Porcupine Tree’s Deadwing. I think I would like to have the special package. Only problem being it’s so bloody expensive, 20£ ≈ 30€: I’ll listen more. Maybe I’ll settle for normal version (there is at least 3 different versions: cd+booklet+dvd-v, dvd-a and “normal” cd not to even mention vinyl versions).

For a long time I haven’t even though about minidisk (probably since I have one) more thinking of getting an iPod, but this made me think again. So much toys in the world.

And if I haven’t post this, although I think I do, check it, again. There’s something nice I’m sure.

Constellation has renewed their web pages and hay, they have a shop. Delivers to europe too. Jeij.

And if you ever were into This Empty Flow, but woke up too late (like I) now you can get their only “real” album “magneta skycode” remastered though, from some place else

Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
Opeth – Ghost Reveries
W.A.Mozart – concerto for bassoon and orchestra
Max Richter – Memoryhouse

Well well


Archives doesn’t seem to work, hell, Have I lost my history. Bummer, I’ll never update again?

I know I have wrote plenty about mogwai, but visit them anyway and get their podcast. Some songs are quite hard to get I guess. But you get them from there. And you also might want to see video of “Hunted by a freak”, which is not a happy story.

Eventhough I don’t like myspace at all, specially cause the lay out sucks (check out purevolume, which is much simpler and nicer), but apparently artist favour myspace. So finally I have the change to hear paatos a bit more. Originally I came across with the band throught Steve Wilsons cv and from that on I’ve been wanting to hear them. Well, samples don’t convince me. I would like to hear the old albums/songs though. Also more changes to hear much talked Gojira. can’t say anything yet.

Oh and incase I have forgot to mention Atrox has got their new pages up. And there’s even one new song. But at the moment, my opinion is that it’s not the same band without Monika, so why bother. Oh hell, of course I’ll give them a chance, but the song just isn’t convincing. And when searching through edvardsen sisters, it seems that Tactile Gemma has actually done second album but apparently it hasn’t been released. Maybe it will never be.

And new sonic youth is coming… Well I don’t have the previous ones either so no worries. But the samples do sound terrific. Listen in here.

Lot of different mp3 samples around the net
diplo (ok)
caribou (not ok)
What else??

Things to get from intr_version:
Joshua Treble
Avia Gardner
and maybe: Vitamins for You.

from MMLXII:
The Garden of Brokenness

Reading: dilbert.

Did 3 runthroughs, first one worked, second became a preach, and the third one became coff. Horrible air i there. Tomorrow more.

Heading onwards


Tomorrow it’s time to die and on sunday it’s time to rise again. Rise and shine, rise and shine my sister.
I always wonder, how the hell they count to three. On the third day, so the friday is the first, but when did he die? well ok ok, we count the friday.

If I haven’t posted this already.
Check this, beautiful isn’t it?
I do like Steve Reich.

Performed. Feedback? Ha.

Back home, very nice. More work to be done. Dance less, be more.

Noora visited, which was nice.

I guess I’m still suffering from the lack of coffee.
I am wrong, though.

Mister Basinski gave me the permission, from which I am very happy.

Read Coelho’s Alchemist and my god. That was horrible book. Listen to your heart, blaah blaah blaah. If that would be written for preteenagers it would be alright, or even younger. But if I have understood right it’s written for adults, thinking human beings. Well I do agree that it seems, that not many of us are thinking, but still, Christ what a crap. You know your true love when you look fist time into hers/his eyes. And in a way I do agree about the world spirit, that God is one and we are one. But Jesus how he has written it. Read rather Anthony De Mello’s Awareness from that you at least realise that you need to DO something. BTW if you run his name through Google, it seems that somebody is making money out of his memory and teachings and writings as well. Money money money. According to the book. You don’t need to pay money, you don’t need to do enything else except wake up. Wake up. No one else can do it but you. I do not understand where does Coelho’s alchemist reputation comes from. Then again I also don’t understand that sick fascination and popularity of reality shows, I see a link here. Hell, if you think reading Coelho, rather take The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, at least that one is written for kids and is at least as wise, probably wiser. Now you can argue with me on this. Please do, I would love to hear why the alchemist is good.

Katatonia – The great cold distance
Katatonia – Brave Murder Day
Philip Glass – Quartets
Logh – a sunset panorama
etc. etc. etc.

After yesterday

fell off the floor

I’ve been mostly listening mister Basinski’s Melancholia. I wrote to him and asked if I could use a piece of it in my final work. He hasn’t answered yet. Luckily there’s time. I really really want the garden of brokenness. And some other albums too. But not from him since I have all the other albums he has released. Although there is some small things that I would like to have, like shortwavemusic, released by raster-noton, and some other stuff that is also out of print.

Melancholia suited so well my yesterday, and today. Although I notice there’s a chance getting hunged up on it.

Finished reading Valo (Light) by M. John Harrison. I did like it, in a way. I think I will read more of his books, wondering does the local library have his Eilisen mystinen sydän (course of the heart), and why it has been translated into that.

Sanna gave me Paulo Coelho’s alchemist, since I asked it. So that one will be next.

Did I tell you anything about the Sheri S. Tepper’s Grass? Maybe not. Maybe I won’t read her books anymore. It wasn’t really bad, and it was fasinating in a way. But there’s something really childish in her way of writing the characters. It wasn’t as bad as beauty, not nearly, but it wasn’t really that good either.

Did I say something about the Viktor Pelevin’s the Helmet of horror? Maybe not. I didn’t really understand much, to be onest, but I liked the experience all the same. I do recommend that book. Maybe if you know more about Minotauros and Theseus you get more out of it. But even me who doesn’t really know much, got something out of it. Mainly Kon-fus-ion. What a delight.

Today I was supposed to fix some photos. I’m thinking of hand program for the final work. I have an idea, now I just need to make it work. I haven’t really done anything. I got home around five and after that I haven’t done anything except read.

Rehearsed once, didn’t seem to work. But it’s all about trust. I know it. Ans Jojo promised to fix my pant tomorrow before I go. Jeij.

Basinski – Melancholia
Basinski – Variations: a movement in chrome primitive
Katatonia – Brave Murder Day
Reich – Cello counterpoint



sound of falling

Hope that waves don't cross
when the pictures are moving.

Trust. Honesty. Which one follows. Trust follows honesty, easy enough. Honesty follows trust, sometimes. But when once failed, what then. I give you the trust, you give me the honesty. Do you?

…where ever you are, I am not…

Honesty is too much asked for. It’s really really hard to be honest, totally. Since so often I think and feel things that will offend you. They will, so do I have to give them to you or just lie a bit. Even when you ask. But honesty is what I ask, and honesty is something I’ll try to give. I try to give trust also, but I never was very good at that in the first place. How trust builds up? Out from trying, from believeing. To believe nothing.

…and you tell me, my parks are grey…

I feel that I have the hangover now, but I don’t. I’m just tired, again and again yet again. eat some pizza, that didn’t help a bit. Heavier, happier, more productive. Right.

Tanja (kinda) promised to bring me chocklad from budapest, and not just any chocklad, but mozartkugeln. Lala.

…so forget me forget me not…

Rehearsed one time in servo. Totally different feeling, the place, but also my own state. There might be something, all the same. Tempo changes are minimal, if there even is any. To hide your insecurity in insecurity. Easy enough, and too much.
I’m waiting to get the garden of brokenness. Listened his work yesterday night. Variations and watermusic.

Katatonia – Sounds of decay
Katatonia – Brave Murder Day
Burzum – Det som engang var
Katatonia – For funerals to come
Katatonia – the great cold distance

Reading light, still.

Every day is like Sunday.

blocks building up like buildings. fear me

Yesterday I show where I am with my final work to the guiding teacher. She was very positive. That’s nice since I’m going to perform it next wednesday, so encouraging is welcomed.
After that we went to see theater, play was called Niskavuoren nuori emäntä, to which one of my classmates had done/guided the physical stuff (dances etc). I was very pleasently surprised. All the acters did a wonderful job and it was really quite touching, in many places. From the play we continued to housewarming/leaving party which was also quite nice. Only negative thing, apparently, was that Tanja and me started up this fake fighting, which probably seemed quite ruff but we were really enjoying it. Sadly the houstess of the evening got negative feeling from it. In a way I understand that sometimes if you have seen violence close enough, you don’t want to see anything that even reminds from it, even when it’s clear it’s just a play. But we found out this after we had stopped already. So what can we do. I managed to rip my pants, so while I was sewing them back together most of the people went to the bar, some stayed there, and some went on to home. When I got around the bar there was a que, and since I didn’t reach anyone with the phone (to make sure that they really are in that bar) I decided to go “home” and to sleep. Good choise, rest of the people came around 6. Somehow I think that today laying around and drinking coffee was at least as fun as yesterday evening getting drunk.

I went to get some fabric for the costum of my final work. Found really nice one and in good shades of gray, but it costed 25€/meter. Way too much. Went to the another shop and got all the fabrics with 20€ Not as nice, but will do.

Today I’m tired, not having terrible hangover, more mental than physical, maybe. Back home. Which is nice in a way. I hope that next thursday would come fast though, holiday, and something more.

Upgraded this to WP 2.0.2, I don’t notice the difference, but maybe there’s some.

Katatonia – the great cold distance
William Basinski – Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive
and something else coming for sure.

BTW, Basinski has released THE GARDEN OF BROKENNESS which I definetly need. I mean his work is absolutely amazing. great great great.

M. John Harrison – Valo (light)


I have to post this.


going forward, are we

Yesterday I finally switched on y fostex and did some singing for Weazie. He asked me to sing on one of his songs. I sung about 6 tracks from which two/three works quite fine. One being the lead and two being harmonies. I did a raw mix out of it and sent it to weazie yesterday. He did like it. I don’t, or, well, the problem is that if you listen it through headphones, it sound alright, but then when I put it through stereos, it… well it soesn’t sound so good. I had the same problem with “the record”. Really, it’s almost funny, when I listen it with the headphones everything hears to be almost ok. Even my singing hears to stay in tune better when listening with headphones. Through stereos it sounds awful. I do not know why. Jussi said something about phasing… or something, but he didn’t really understood it any better than I. I don’t.

I wonder why artist do not say anything about this copyright law? Are they really ok with companies ripping off their fans. Or are they themselves who are ripping off their fans? Like what Mogwai says (well maybe they don’t have as STUPID copyright law in scotland). And our cultural minister has studied socialwork, and still she seems to be happy to make poor people’s lives even harder. How much help music can provide to a unemployed? Or movies? Or games even. But being unemployed you cannot afford them. And you can’t copy them either. well movies you can rent quite cheaply, but music, not. Maybe if you live in helsinki or some other big town with good library resources that can help a bit, but if you live in a place like outokumpu. There’s no way to get music easily. If I cannot copy anymore cd’s to my own use, why the hell are we still paying certain prosent off from every empty cd-r to teosto? Tell me? can I copy cd’s to my own use? can I copy my own cd’s? Can I copy vinyl’s? what can I actually do. Maybe I need to check this out.

Speaking of net distribution check out archive again. There’s quite a few live’s from Mogwai, like already mentioned but also from Mono and Explosions in the sky which both are, according to my knowledge, also so called “post-rock” bands.

Just switched to Kolumbus from Elisa which might have been mistake since I think now they might charge me for this month from Elisa, and from kolumbus. Bummer, should have called to Elisa first.

Tired I am.

Burzum -Filosofem
Philipp Glass – Songs from the Trilogy
Burzum – Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Steve Reich – Cello Counterpoint (thanks Sanna)
Jesu – Heart Ache
katatonia – The great cold distance

Sheri S. Tepper – Grass

It’s almost like religious conversion in reverse

to door from door to door from door to door from door to

Another conversation about copyright laws of finland. Maybe we can translate expression corporate wh**e to corporate karpela. So we are always paying double.
Rich will get richer and poors poorer. And if you’re poor you have no right to enjoy anykind of entertaiment. Would that be music, movies or even TV. Because you cannot afford it, and if you copy something you will be prosecuted and fined. There’s somethign seriously wrong with this model of society. How can we change it?

If you don’t know where today’s headline comes from listen to Manes. I don’t know where they’ve picked that up, if they have. Their “new” ep has been out for ages now but I still don’t have it. Bummer. I probably need to get it then.

And of course. Jesu is releasing an ep, anyday now. Also vinyl version will follow. Short samples can be found here. [via] and if you’re interested in more frequent news go here

I’m somehow suprised how popular myspace have become. And why the hell the layouts are always so crappy on those pages? Could someone make a better ones please? Can someone make better ones? Even Max has one, and look about his friends. SHould I get one, myspace i mean not a friend? I guess not, why bother.
And somehow, I think that eventually I will.

I listened today EF‘s and Molia Falls‘ 7″, and I truly like them both. Molia Falls’ pages were “closed” but Ef’s not and they have an album made. I think I’ll would like to have that one too. A lot of swedish music coming my way.

Yeah, I guess I should get a job.

DHG – 666 international
Ef – trilogy 7″
Molia falls – trilogy 7″
Mogwai – Mr. Beast
Various smaples through the net
like Jesu, Final, Gojira and Kirlian Crossing

Viktor Pelevin – Kauhukypärä (the helmet of horror)

Thinking of giving Sheri S. Tepper another chance and start reading “Grass”

Did I already tell that Sanna had some Rum, which I borrowed to my ice latte. Very very good. I think I’ll have to get some Rum myself.
Local restaurant close it’s door at eight o’clock today so no pizza, bummer.

we did

see the fly

Troll called me this morning and was suddenly well enough to perform. So we rehearsed for an hour and the went to see other performances etc. and then in the evening performed ourselves. It went quite nicely, but since we hadn’t done enough work I will not call it 4.1 but a 4.0 so todays performance was “mercy is never fair draft 4.0” I hope we get the chance to perform 4.1 and even till 4.4.
I don’t know when I get to do this with Noora so we could have drafts 2.? going on.

Yeah, follow yesterdays link to Intr-Version and listen Encre, yet again another cd that I have to get.

Good night.