Everything’s the same

everything is a mess

Pictures are back.

I still don’t know where I’ll live bt it’s mostly up to me. I noticed an info of a small job,but I need a duet partner. Now I wait what Troll answers and then let’s see will it work out.

I feel nothing moves nowhere. But thank god I finally got some money.
Making art will be a difficult task since I’m so into money. I give it too much power, way too much. 7 minutes left so I’ll go.

Library is nice. Just borrowed 11 cd of classical msic for a change.

air mail fair

Booked flights back from freiburg. With ryanair the cheapest option would have been aroun 70 (Train to tampere included) and two days after the festival. With Kilroy it was 80 and on the next day and from bigger franfurt airport straight to helsinki. Thank you.
My travel is planned. Still no nothing from anywhere, moneywise. I have 8 euros on my account. How the hell I booked flights you ask? Mom helped it was my birthday yesterday after all.

Anyone coming to freiburg? Let’s see there.

birth day boy

Day like all the others though.

Well not, I had a cake and good coffee and smoothies for breakfast, long breakfast.

Before this, visited Purnu on the opening day. Nice artworks there. Some of them I really really liked. But more important was to see M and A and T.

Been reading a lot, I guess. Denise gave me book by Robert Rankin, “knees up mother earth”. Somebody had said to her that Rankin is better than Pratchett. With the knowledge of one book, I disagree, but I think I’ll read him more. After all, I’ve read a load of pratchett’s books, so I better give Rankin more chances. And this of course means that the book wasnt’ bad, there was a couple of times that I actually laughed.

After that I took Orson Scott Card‘s book Ender’s Game which is a classic that I didn’t know and no wonder, the book is good. It was nice to find something, what to me looks like appriciation or hail to Le Guin. There is ansible in the book and everyone who has read Ursula Le Guin knows that ansible was invented by Shevek. Well that’s just a small side note. Anyway Ender’s game is a good book although… there are some problems that are already criticized so why bother to go there. Visit wikipedia to have more knowledge about the criticism. Why it is a good book? Why book is good? Tell me? All the time reading I had problems with Ender’s age though. Too young, too young. After Ender’s Game I read “songmaster” also a book by OSC. It’s quite much like EG. The main character is very talented and very young and very much like adult already in the age of 3-10. I think that reading songmaster straigh after EG was a mistake, although the case would have been same other way around. Books are in many ways so similar that reading one just before the other takes away off the effect somehow. Still it’s a good book also, beautiful even on some cases. Both books contain the same problem of innocent violence or innocent bad? In both books the main characters kill without it being really their own fault, in both books the main character is manipulated and lied and driven into loneliness and despair and in both books the ending is, if not happy, at least hopefully sad. Very similar.

Next I though that I’ll start Frank Herbert‘s Dune. I’ve read it in finnish a long time ago, so now I’ll read it in english. It’s nice to stay in SF genre for a while.

What I’m really craving is to get photos back to these tales again, but as long as my iMac stays in the box I can’t help it.

It’s interesting that net connection in Helsinki, which is the capital, is more expensive than connection in Oku. Funny I would have though it would be other way around.

I was almost offered a job, well I was offered to go to interview, but I couldn’t. If I would have got the job, it would be really hard to get back to art and dance after it.

Need a dancer? Anyone?

Social Care (lessness)

Oh my. yesterday they said in tax office that they won’t give me my information for free, they want 9 €, but if I have the paper from socialwelfare office they’ll give it for free. Today I had the paper, but another woman said that I was given false information yesterday they still want 9 €. And social office wants this paper before they give me money. Oh how fine. I really do think that I’m quite smart and civilised, not much but well off. And even I need urge to kill. No wonder they have no days more security guards than social workers.

Social care (ss)

Lala. They keep bouncing me from place to place and yet I haven’t really even talked with anyone. How brilliant this byrocracy is. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Neither, Nor

OKay. Back in the usual, which right now is not usual, since I don’t have a job, place to live or money. Dealing with small amount of byrocracy, which comes a bit more harder without permanent address. Everything could be a bit easier if I would/could decide what I want to do with my relationship. Do I know? I think I do.

Kira called and canceled the only actual Work I had for this summer saying they decided to do it next year so they have change to apply more money and do it really properly. I do understand that, but nevertheless it’s a bit depressing, for me. Although she said that she still would like me to be in it, but next year.

So now I’m unemployed. Anyone there have a use for (soon) 29 year old dancer who thinks a lot and moves a bit less, unless asked move for more? Use meaning work, Work meaning that I would get payed for doing it, of course. No? Well I think I have to start something on my own then. If only I would know what that would be.

I really need my own computer. And connection. Addiction screams.

Nor way

Good people, well as good as people can be probably. Good dances and good food. Is there more to ask?