Long time coming

more more more more

Long time since. I get a long. I have a master plan how we could simplify all this paperwork around unemployment, social care, getting a long, but I’m pretty sure someone has already though about it and still it hasn’t gone through the heads of decision makers. For some reason, someone wants to keep things big, slow and complicated. Sad am I.

Last weekend I was in a wedding. Could be the best weddin I ever was? Bride was beautiful, groom handsome and their child gorgeuos. People were nice and Sauna was good and the water was warm and the state of drunkenness was just about right.

I signed myself to the camp I though I would not go because of Freiburg but I found out that I had mixed the dates and camp is just before freiburg.

Been mostly depressed and reading the sequels of dune. Now going on with the last one. (well there is more, but I think this one is the last that Frank Herbet wrote)

Borrowed PSP from marko and spent couple of night playing wipeout. Addiktive and fun. I’ll borrow it again

Nothing is happening everythings the same and really there’s nothing.
It’s so futile, life, isn’t it.

Looks like I’ll find a home soon, so maybe I’ll also get net connections. well this will probably happen arounf september, if things move along this pace.

New cult of luna is good. Salvation is probably better but who cares. New sonic youth is good, although somehow sad. What else is new? William Basinski announced that new album is coming. I’m going to get it for sure.

Been playing guitar, some new stuff coming but no lyrics no lyrics. I still though I’ll start reccording just the guitars if nothing else.