haven, harvest, whatnot

this can’t be true this can’t be true.

No contacts. No one has called/e-mailed me about the work or the lessons I offered. Oh how nice we are.
Soon another address change, but this time, it’s alright. I mean I have lived in an island almost 3 months already so it’s nice that I can have my official address in there.

Classes for professional dancers are somekind of life saver, at least that’s how it feels now. Eventhough it’s only for hour and a half.

Some songs, well some guitars already on “tape”.

Oh and Weazie also know as Jussi has finally his ep out for sale. I’m singing there in one of the songs. I wanted to do it again and try to sing it better ( as always) but he was satisfied and I just had to go with that. It’s his album after all.
Haven’t heard it yet. Hopefully soon. Check out

everything’s the same

play play all day

Aren’t we all heart broken? I’m not actually. Except ’cause of world. And why not. World takes care of it self. Who takes care of me?
Aren’t we all heart broken. Untill the end.

Payed the rest of my rent. Now I have 40€ to survive on for the next 4 weeks. Jeij. well no, 3 weeks.

Some friends are back and some are leaving, some are back and leaving straight away. And why not?

No no no no no, this can’t be true this can’t be true, things like this only happen in films.

So if your life would be a movie, what kind of a movie it would be?

ets – But it’s all going to end somehow.
Popular music give’s great ideas for names.

Now I just wonder would some slighty gothy band need promo pictures. I know where I would take them. You see.

I wait for answers. Can I do more?

Memory fail

coffee we are

Considering my work applications.
Got my first answer where the guy promises to inform other teachers, but accidentally he send me also the mail he’s supposed to send someone else saying “I promised to this guy also that I’ll inform the teachers but you can decide is it really necessary for everyone to know” Oh how nice. Doesn’t sound so good, well there’s three more… no two more places and I have to figure out more places eventually.

I was supposed to upload the new pictures to here… well to the blog archive, but I forgot the usb stick, I also forgot my little memory book and what else? Luckiy I didn’t forgot the photos I came here to scan. And I didn’t forgot the empty cd-rw I needed.

With the same time I visited cstrecords and noticed that their webshop is great. Now I only have to figure out how they react with customs/tolls whatnot. But hey, Great music with just 13€ a piece, unless you want vinyls like I do. But maybe just maybe I’ll turn to cd’s once again. Oh well it’s so very hard. I already got a shopping bag of 160€ so maybe not since no work to be seen still.

I tried to record first guitars today. Having problems with rhythm. And recording just the guitar without vocal, having problems recrding vocals without the guitar. Two mics please but then the mixing? blaa blaa.

And just now visiting morrmusic and almost all of the samples there sound oh so nice, but maybe oh a bit same. Where do they get their artist and why on earth they don’t have their own webshop. Do they? No they don’t.

Hoping to go and see some dance today. Famous choreographer and three dancer who seem to appear in almost every production there has lately been. Let’s see how much the tickets are.

Added link to Jesper Just’s site. Do visit.



snow we wait don't we do we?

Today I sent more aplications. Give me work someone thanks.
Been taking quite a few photograps. Some them even quite nice. So now I wait that I’ll get proper home and internet connection. I could start to work on photo page already but not quite. Some of those, actully I think most of those, will eventually apppear in here too.

I have a big plans that I start to record a new demo/ep, or both. I certainly try to record about 10 old and new songs with just acoustic and vocals. Then maybe I pick out about 3-4 of them and make another 10x8cm cd set, but this time every piece the same. Maybe. My problem right now being, well laziness(?) no, but feeling powerless and not able to get lyrics out. But I decided that I can’t stay and wait the lyrics. I better start to record guitars anyway and then do the vocals when I have the lyrics ready… So lyrics are actually coming. but it’s very slow progress.

There have been some talk about KI (contact improvisation) web pages. Some one has been doing them but nothing have appeared. Maybe I should work on it? Should, I, could though.

There’s been something else important I should have been writing about but I always remember that when I’m away and then when I’m here I don’t.

Listening enablers through here. It’s very very good, still. When I’m rich I’ll by this albums for sure.

Have been seeing a lot of performances. But what really intriguies me is how the hell people can bee so blind to their own actions a) when they have a child b) when they have a camera. One mother had her about 2 year old son who was naming everything in the performances, and that was really annoying. I don’t blame the boy but I blame the mother. She herself can’t really concentrate on the performance since the child takes at least 60% of her attention so why the hell she comes there and inflicts everybodys else attention? And those people with camera. Eventhough the organizer of the festival had asked or even hired you to documentate the festival it is still mainly for the audience, so why on earth you block at least 6 peoples view to the stage? And why on earth you go to the stage. If you want to the stage, make performance and perform. No, just to make it clear these notes about photography are not for one people only but to three different people but for some reason they all were women.

The actual performances were sometimes good sometimes not so good but I didn’t see anything terrible to be honest. I specially liked? what did I like?

But then Jojo was here and we visited Kiasma (the modern art museum) with her. Well the actuall exhibition was somehow dissapointing, but then when I think of it, it’s only because I had too big expectations. There were some really good works, but the best of all to me was Jesper Just‘s short films. Men crying, beautiful pictures, homo eroticism, two out of three were really touching. I actually hope that I could get them as a DVD somewhere. I mean no man is an island II and bliss and heaven were Great!
If you happen to have a chance to see them, please do.

All that fairytale drollery just might be true.

certainly hope so.

Work, anyone?

it's me it's me it's me

Would you giva a job to a guy like this?

OK, so I’m back from germany and if I haven’t told I’m now made up my mind and I live in an island. Which has been very very nice expect I haven’t have money for rent yet and I don’t have a faintest idea where I’ll get the money.

So Juho gave me this wonderfull idea to go and teach in someplaces I have previously studiet. I can see a big point in that but I’m not sure will they who actually decide what people should study there see it: I hope they will and I hope they will hire me. I definetly need a work.

But, life is pretty futile in my opinion enyway. And more and more futile it comes if I can’t do soemthing I value and want to do. That’s why I don’t want to get a job that I don’t see anypoint doing it. I think I’ll kill myself if… well actually no, I won’t kill myself but I’m sure Iäll getr pretty goddamn depressed. And well, I could do a some jon I don’t care so much if the salary was really good. so I could do a three month sigft and live with that for next 6 months, that would be ok. But I don’t have access to that kind of jobs. All the jobs I seem to get an access are the one I could live next 3 months and even then very very small scale. I don’t see the point. Why people do that anyway?

Time is getting short again. surprisingly. So I better leave, but before that.

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