Try again


So I found out how this is done.
Actually not, I found out the useful plugin.
But the plugin won’t play ac files, have to use mp3… more about this later, in between:

What else? Not much. Leaving on friday performing on saturday and getting straight to the bus after performance, travelling back the night and hopefully being back on sunday morning.

Lately I’ve been annoyed a great deal. Mainly to apple. What a bunch of fuckers. At first they don’t put usb 2.0 to their machines since thye have firewire and then they switch totally and now you can’t get iPod that would work with firewire. Only with usb 2.0. Well my 4 year old iMac don’t have usb2. How long do you think it would take me to upload 30G iPod full? A day? I think more.

So I’ve been browsing through a lot of “post rock” sites etc lately. I actually haven’t had the change to listen much of it, because of time, money, albums etc. Some talk about which is post rock album of the year 2006.
A lot of people seem to hold Yndi Halda for new postrock promise. Of course true HC fans don’t think Yndi Halda’s album is 2006 because they self released it 2005.
So I don’t actually know what they will hold this years the best album. Now, I have to admit that I’m totally out of genres, so I don’t know what is happening in post rock, but I do know that “Once We Were”‘s
samples of their album “Contra” are promising so much I will probably be dissapointed. Nevertheless, if that double album hold even three as glorious pieces as “Cut Corners” I have to be happy. I have ordered the album, I’m actually waiting everyday that it would be waiting me in post, but not yet.
Since I got this plugin let’s use it. If you haven’t got around to listen “cut corners”, even though I have mentioned it in previous posts, do it now!

Once We Were – Cut Corners



Shortly. HP sucks. Photo shops sucks and I don’t mean the software Imean the shops in town. I need a good printer and hey why not a scanner too. Pixma Mp800R seems nice but that R=ethernet connection=100€. That’s quite a lot for ethernet connection. Let’s see after christmas. Things to do, I do them. More announcement after christmas.

Now I start mixing or maybe sleep.

You’re the pretty one


So yesterday was a busy day. First went to lead the class, then to the jam and through a shower to the gig of Lasse Kurki and Jon Auer.

I met Jari there and we noticed Jon selling his album. So of course we bought one each, eventhough J had the album already, but he had the US version and Jon was selling europe version which has 3 bonus tracks. And of course it’s nice to have an album with an autograph.

Lasse started the gig of course. He was ok, but that’s all. Not get into too detailed.
During Lasse I met Heidi there and Sanni too, which was nice.

Jon talked quite a bit, told bad jokes and good stories, played and sang like an.. well maybe not an angel but my good he’s lovely. I turned couple of times to jari and said “vittu että se laulaa HYVIN”. He sings so well, and I just love those notes that just turn into falsetto. Man a great set. Of course a lot of solo material, but around the midway he came off the stage and invited us all into the bar side of the place. Got a chair and stand on it and played Throwaway from “amazing disgrace”. Which happens to bee one of my favourite song from that album. After that he got back to the stage. And somepoint he asked for a drummer, got one and asked him do the base beat to you used to drive me around with a guitar case. And of course lasse visited playing keys for “six feet under”.
And he ended off the stage in the front of the audience playing “conversations” from “every kind of light”

Great gig, of course a lot of it having to do with the good stories and atmosphere and stuff, but for me mainly because Jon plays and sings suberb and the songs are really good. I actually feel that the songs were almost better with that raw solo outcome than in the album. This doesn’t mean that the album would be bad, no way.
Now we actually know quite a lot of the background of the songs in “the year of our demise” which is always nice. Jon said he’ll be coming back on march, and I hope I’m able to see him then.

But one complaint of course which has a lot to do with me being in umo on thursday. It seems that rock audience have to talk during the songs. And it seems that there’s always some arseholes who either can afford to pay 12€ to get in but are not actually interested about the band but stay in the barside drinking and talking loud. Or then these fuckers have Vip’s or something. All the same, the thing I really enjoyd and for what Morten thaked us in UMO was that the audience really listened. During Susanna’s gig I didn’t hear any talking during the sogs, and they didn’t play loud. I didn’t hear any talking during “in the country” either. Well rock clubs rock audience I don’t know. what ever.

Trip to St. Petersburgh getting complicated.



surface surface

Susanna and the magical orchestra started the set. Orchestra being Morten Qvenild, and what a great orchestra he is. Slightly weird but a great fun. Really really beautiful set of music and as Morten said a couple of times also a great audience. We kept our mouths shut and listened the songs. The AC/DC cover was the.. not the best but biggest revelation.

After Susanna was In The Country, so Morten again. What can I say, jazz. Very enjoyable, but I have to listen to the albums before I get them. Nevertheless some Truly great moments. Suddenly the drummer takes up the mic and changes the beat totally, Morten takes a piece of duck tape and put inside the piano, on the strings. Then they start this chord progression and all of them start to sing. The same chord progression goes on long enough it to become magical and then the song ends. GREAT.

And the last was Supersilent. Really great stuff. Again the keyboardist was awesome. Actually these guys really work as a live also visually. I mean the keyboardist was so weird, so serious, so funny, really working. The drummer was keeping his eyes closed almost for the whole gig. Electronics guys’ face I didn’t see. Trumpetist who was also playing another set of drums burst out smiling to no one every once in a while. It’s so pleasing to see people working and also enjoying their work. How did it sound? hard to say really. Sometimes noise, sometimes beautiful, sometimes not. But it all worked. And sometimes there was magic too. Only complain I have is that I felt their set was too short. I could have listened a bit more.

I’m so happy that I noticed that gig and I’m so happy that I went. Actually I think that because of this experience I will and go see Jon Auer on tomorrow.

Today I went to see perception score. Maija’s Solo version. I laughed quite a bit. It’s really awesome how she links all her (?) works together. At least in my opinion she does that, and it’s awesome. There’s continituity of some kind. I hope I can see “To the Dance Floor” somewhere. I think I’ll not go to Turku this time. Not sure though.

Today I also got the rowingboat out of ice with the big help of my landlord, and we set the pier to winter condition. I also took stuff here from my father’s. So now I have 16-tracker here and mic and my acoustic guitar. Tomorrow I should do something with them I guess.
Actualy what I should do is work on with “save my breath”. But on that later when it becomes more certain.

Getting to perform to russia seems to be quite confusing. Let’s see.





Tomorrow is the day for supersilent.
Tomorrow is also a busy day.

I’ll go to meet people and fix up scheludes.
JK asked me only in two performances which suits me fine.
R still doesn’t know her scheludes which is a drag, but then we have to deal with the timing of that other project. Funny, suddenly happening, not only something but quite much in my scale. In Maija‘s scale this is probably nothing.

I know I shouldn’t say this but guess what’s out for pre order. Right. And oh my how great those samples sounds. First I was really into “cut corners” but now I notice that “carnival” is playing in my head all the time.
What is it? Feeling lonely maybe but both songs are just so awesome it makes me wanna cry.

Then again Kim Hiorthøy’s version of “Sane” and “Tak” has done almost same for me today. And why on earth they don’t… actually how the hell I know. Tell me, do they play Kim in clubs and radio? If not, I should do something about it. Ingrid told me how Hiorthøy is pronounced but I’ve totally forgotten.

Our little gulf is on ice. I wonder should I try to break my way here with Ponni the motorboat and get the rowingboat to the other side. Maybe not tomorrow though. I think I’ll stay in the city.

Katariina sent a message asking is everything ready for St.Petersburg. Well this is the first time I actually hear anything from her. No, things are not ready. I have no idea about the money and if I don’t get a grant I won’t go. Sorry, I can’t afford to pay 200€ to be able go and perform and not even get paid for the performance. No can do.

It’s time for bed I think.

Back Home

building a building

I’m back home and everythings the same. Net is still down quite some time. I have to call them again, I guess. Visited Denises diary and apparently she’s leaving to Berlin. Very good for her.

NIM was great, I’m not quite sure why but I felt that this time I had very good dances with people and everyday. Maybe I’ll get back into this later.

Found out that Mirva’s iPod holds within an lot of stuff I already have and some stuff I want to hear. Argh.

Helsinki is such a nice small town, in a way.

From beginning:

After the sunday jam I hang out with some girls and then went to Sunniva and Jonas for the night. I left early monday morning with the boat from which I bought some deodorants and sweets. Got into Turku where I met Jutta and ate some cheap but not so good kebab. Found out that Jojo had Sonic Youth’s Rather Ripped and I want one too (I bought it on vinyl for R, though). She got the shirts finally ready which was nice. Called Tanja and send a message to Anski, fixed up dates. Today met Tanja and had some ice cream, it has become a tradition. Went to the train where I met Anski and talked the whole trip through. Went to HKL’s office and got myself a new travel card and one month time of travel. Met Weazie there, unexpectedly, went with him to the bank and then to coffee. Went to TEAK and got a teaching from Ulla. Got home, I was lucky since it’s almost fullmoon and clear sky, I didn’t have a light with me but I saw all the same, Thanks moon.
Why am I telling this all? I don’t know, it’s been very nice to meet people, that’s all I want to say.

Kim been still on my headphones, the whole time.

And Ingrid was so nice to translate a bit of “Ting Som Virker”.


slow note

In sweden.

Got a job, not here but before I left. At least for a few months.

Sold one copy of sisuraja, here.

Have had quite a few nice dances, here

No need to worry about food, here.

It’s kind a nice.