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somewhere i work

So what do I do with this free time?. Not much to be honest. I have great problems to get all the necessary paperwork to post early enough. I have great difficulties to listen through all the cd’s I’ve borrowed from the library. But today I have done the dishes and washed two machines worth of clothes. Well, soon, the other is still rolling. Yesterday I played a lot of wipe out with psp. Yes, Marko lended it to me, I still don’t have my own, and when I see how it takes up my time, maybe I won’t get one.

Did I tell you this? I’m not sure. I have had problems with the internet connection. It should be on all the time, but for a couple of months it kept crashing down. Finally they said, that it could be my adsl box, I took it to shop to test it, but the guy there said it’s so old I have to get a new one anyway, and gave me one. Well, then I had the bill for internet for the whole 3 months time and the opening. It took me 3 days to call there, being ready to argue that I will only pay for one month, the time adsl has actually been working, and the opening. And before I even started to argue the woman there said that they have already reduced it to one month and opening. So I didn’t have to argue, Jeij.

I’ve been very into consumering lately, eventhough I don’t have money, but since I know I will have money I’m spending them in my mind already. Like for an iPod (yeah yeah apple sucks also, but probably the only machine that supports AAC, my whole library is in AAC, almost). I already made an playlist for 8G to see what can I fit in there. But propably they will have a new model out in march or something so I should wait.

Lately I’ve been listening a lot of Audrey. I think I’ll give you another sample from it, although you go to their webpage, where you will find the two first songs from the album and let me tell you the first song, “mecklenburg” is absolutely gorgeus. Specially around the lines …i hear mumbling but I’m deaf and dumb so I bite my tongue….. Grrreat! So go there to hear the first song and here you can hear the last “Traverse”, which is a great way to finish an brilliant album.

I also been listening to Gregor Samsa, which is good, but not quite as catchy as Audrey. It’s funny when listening on a journey to somewhere, both albums, Gregor and Audrey seem to be really short eventhough Audrey is about 40 minutes and Gregor Samsa over 50 minutes. Still they seem short.

Today I [finally] listened through the Hilliard Ensembles intrepetations of Carlo Gesualdo’s religious(?) compositions, an double album called Tenebrae. It’s oh so shooting, but doesn’t yet really stick to my mind. Quite, quite beautiful all the same. But I switched to Philip Glass right now, much more catchy.

As some of you [who?] might have read from thedarlingdear.net I’m trying to redesign it. At the same time I’ll change waveway.org to serve only a place for videos, and this blog. I also have seriously thought about continuing the other one, I should write about dance and “work” related stuff more in my own native tongue, in Finnish, that is. I should. Maybe I will. At least I’m very hopeful. Christmas is here soon, it doesn’t really feel like it. But how should it feel then? I do not know. How did it feel last year? not much, I was in Israel. Why I’m not there now? well, maybe next year.

pathetic and somehow funny.

Oh dear. CCheck the video.

NY times – vista [Via]


oh please

My day off.

Elisa sent me a bill of 113€ for adsl, which have been working about a month, and no again it’s down every once in a while. Called them but the billing section had closed their lines. This happened yesterday. I should have called them today but I didn’t want to. I will tomorrow, maybe. Well I should. I can pay for the opening and one month that the line actually has been working but not for three months.

Spent a lot of time in hopeinen omena, checking any news of seagate’s harddrives. Found something. The bugger with external harddrives like Lacie and iomega is that you really don’t know who’s drive there is. It can be maxtors, westerndigitals, seagates… I heard that seagate makes best and most durable harddrives at the moment. Now I should figure out all this stuff with IDE/ATA/PATA/SATA and find a really nice looking extenal harddrive case with firewire connection. I already figured out that if I get 2 seagates 320G hard drive and 2 cases it will be cheaper than getting 500G ready made external. And now, come to think of it I should figure out 120G 2″5 hard drive and small FW case for it and maybe just one 320G 3″5 hard drive and case. I am such a consumer, really.

And I want a new computer. Have I tell this already, and who cares, but I do. Wise move would be to get macbook and about 22 screen for it. But I really want a 24″ iMac. But laptop is very handy. White one thanks. with 2G memory and 100G harddrive.

A lot of new music, and most of it under the “genre” of post rock. Lately of course more OWW and Audrey but also Gregor Samsa and today’s sample is from them. Long song but gives a quite good picture about the bands music. Also I’ve tried to hunt down Jeniferever’s ep’s but with no luck. And also Jakob sounded nice, but I have to listen more. So much so much. Come to think of it, the 8G iPod would be handy.
Anyway listen this

Gregor Samsa – Even Numbers



I’m not, we’re not. I just for the occasion finnish goverment approved new EU constitution. What a bunch of Arseholes. I don’t really what they’re thinking. I assume most of them are not really thinking. Why they’re there. Who the hell voted for them. I’m not sure how’s the person I voted for have done with these four years. Annoying bastards.

Well my day has been fine. I listen to music and search more stuff to spend my money, which I don’t really have, on. Now I’ve found small mobile drive with firewire of 160G and 200€. Is it really useful? propably not. Also I still want new computer, badly. What I should get, what would be sensible in a way would be macbook and then just get external screen like 22″ or something. That way I would have a lot viewing space when needed but also a mobile computer. Do I need a mobile computer? every once in a while. What I want is a 24″ iMac, even though I should not get mac since they’re a bunch of Arseholes too (for making iPod with just usb 2.0)

Once We Were is good but that we knew right.

Today I have also got into Audrey which is really brilliant. I listened it three times in a row and would have listened more if not R have already said out loud that it was the 3rd time. Well She likes it too but…
Since this nice plugin from pixelone(?) I decided to upload a song for you so you can hear yourself.
At least with these 3 hearings it feels that the album is very stable, all the songs are good, not bad drops, not extreme hights maybe, but it stays in quite great heights all the time so no worries.
So here’s

Audrey – Leaving / Letting Go

B | P | reach


Visited St. Petersburgh, nice town. Always terrible to be in a country where you don’t understand a word, and they even have different kind of letters so it’s very easy to be totally lost. Well I wasn’t since I was taken care of, thanks for them. I had a quite thight schelude… I start from the beginning.

I went there on friday, with this kind of small buss, you know, maybe 13 people or so. Luckily on the same buss came young couple from which the man spoke some russian. He helped me a bit with the immigration(?) stuff, you know, this kind of paper you have to fill, who you’re, when you enter the country, when you’re going to leave and so on. This form was only in russian so I didn’t understand any of it, but he kindly translated it to me.

In St.Pete I found Olga quite easily, and she took me to theatre and to see the piece’s of that evening. She also hosted me and it was very nice to have a own room with freshly made bed.

On saturday I hanged out and walked a bit. I met Noora and Katja in the town (Olga kindly provided me a map) and we ate some fastfood dinner. Katja new where the theatre was (it was different plae than on friday) and she took us there. Noora had rehearse time around 18. Performances were scheluded to start at 20.30 and we had time for technical stuff 20 minutes per performer, starting on 18. Well we went there at six. It was a huge building. The only stage we found was full of young girls doing discodance or whatever you call it nowdays? hiphop,street,whatnot. So we thought that we’re on a wrong place but it turned out that the place was right, they just hadn’t finished their dance competition in time (yes, every child had a number on them). So we wait, and we wait a bit more, and the problem was that I wanted to catch the night bus which was leaving around 22, and it didn’t seem like it was going to happen since their dance competition kept going on and on. So finally I suggested to Marina, who was the main organizer, that I do my piece in the lobby and first. Of course she agreed and this way people performing on stage got some more time to check their technical stuff.

The performance itself went quite nicely, I’m sure it could have gone better, but also a lot worse. I made it my bus and spent the night traveling back to helsinki.

All and all I noticed that I worry too much, well I knew this already. And that I don’t really like that much travelling. Still, I’ll be happy to go there again, but with much looser schelude. If I go I’ll have three days off after my performance so even if timetables don’t keep, I don’t have to hurry and worry anywhere.

Breach came across and I wonder how the hell I haven’t really heard them before. Right now I’m listening through the third album (not their third, but third for me) and they sound good. Earlier on there was something that reminded me of Entombed’s “wolverine blues” and that cannot be bad. I feel that there has been a lot of same kind of bands lately, but Breach been around already from 90’s and they’re gone already in beginning of 00’s so were they ahead of their time? Or maybe everybody else is just late.
from “friction” – Curfew

from “it’s me god” – Bloodlines

from “venom” – Diablo

from “kollapse” – lost crew

First rehearsals today. It went on quite nicely although I still feel that dancetheatre holds great challenges for me and I just hope I can cope it. But the workgroup seems to be very nice.

Contra is finally here and it’s a double album, but both albums are around 30 minutes long. So the actual music could have fitted into one album easily? Is there something that I haven’t noticed? Can be. It can also be that Once We Were wanted to really divide the album on different sides more concretely than just stating it in cd sleeve. Their lay out is superb btw. And I also got “winter kept us warm” which sound really brilliant too.
Neither of the cd has their mp3 single Repulsion. Which I understand, but since Repulsion is truly great piece of work I add it here, You can still find it in tenderversions site, so go there and download also the artwork.

Once We Were – Repulsion

And through last.fm found Ben Frost and the samples in his myspace site sounds really quite nice. Have to check into his work more.

My mobile listening pleasure has been Ulver’s “blood inside”. Truly a Great album.