This works… The net I mean. connection failed around 22 of december and then it came back maybe once (my last post) and then never until now. My god the guys in Elisa are fast. Actually of course Elisa (the company) doesn’t have any men since they’re buying all network workers outside. Bunch of fucking morons if you ask me. Well never mind.

More important is that I got my first pay check and it went almost immediatly to all the debts. oh well.

More important that best of 2006 list is missing one awesome album: Cult Of Luna’s Somewhere along the highway. It’s awesome and is definetly on my top five of 2006 albums. so include it there.

Should go to bed now. Let’s see will this work tomorrow. I doubt it.

Read: M John Harrison – The Course of the Heart

New year same old + top list in a way, anyway


Well of course what else it could be? Internet broke down just before mas and came back just a few minutes ago. I am an addict. Sad thing is that I already paid for december. I shouldn’t, well let’s see what they say now.

I bought that external hard drive. Took WD’s my book since they promised 5 year guarantee, IT’s been working alright, although silverkeeper software which came with lacie tops wd’s software hands tied.

But now I have a back up of my music which is nice.

I’ll try to update darlingdear.net today since it’s possible.

Got John Fahey’s Red Cross. I kinda like it.

Anyway let’s go to the top list of 2006, recarding music now, surprisingly.
Now let me be clear with this, many/some of these albums might not be released on 2006, but for some reason or other I have heard/listened them in 2006 for the first time. Does this make sense? maybe not, who cares. I’ll try t start with albums released 2006 though

Once We Were – Contra
Well hey, what did you expect I been raving about this since when?

Audrey – Visible forms
This albums seems to get better every time I hear it.

Jesu – Silver
Not as brilliant as debut what fine work nevertheless

Katatonia – Great Cold Distance
Best katatonia (“new” katatonia that is, let’s not include brave murder day and souds of decay, both top almost everything, expect discouraged ones) after discouraged ones, I think that to me they will never top iscouraged ones anyway, but what the hell GCD Is brilliant all the same

Gregor Samsa – 55:12
To be honest I think if I wouldn’t just got this album it wouldn’t be here. It’s good sure but if I would have had this from february would I remember it?

Band of Horses – everything all the time
I’m actually surprised to see this here. But I really like the album. Although I recommend to check the previous band “Carissa’s Wierd” which I’m listening Right now. And this album is here and among my vinyls much because that great great guitar thingy on the first song. I mean yes the whole album is good but that thing hooked me totally.

Mogwai – Mr.Beast
Apparently mr. beast was released on 2006. It’s Mogwai, It’s good. Travel is dangerous and folk death ’95 are great. the whole albums yes it’s great too.

Jon Auer – songs from the year of our demise
At least the european version was released on 2006. The albums is full of brilliant songs and playing and singing. Still I feel that he was even better on live.

deathprod – 6 track
OK I haven’t really listened this a lot, but I’m just so happy to have it.

The white birch – come up for air
Rune Grammofon released this in 2006 althoug I think it’s released 2005 by.. Glittermusic(?) any way Great pop song really one of my favourites this autumn

Now what else. If I got things right all the above have been released in 2006 Next ones aren’t.

Torchous – variations
Really Great Album. I think that I’ve listened this album the most on year 2006, most of the summer at least. Really really awesome although released years ago but I only had this on may.

Kam:As – bric-a-brac
Another one from sinnbus, great album.

Hah while writing this internet connection failed, broke whatnot. so let’s see when I have this on the net. Saving file.