I had something to write, but I tend to forget.

Found new albums, new shops, new stuff. Feeling slighty depressed. I know that stuff will not make me any happier. But music, well, there’s a chance. Today I got new DMST and Wolverine Brass which I hope will be good. DMST will be good, I’m quite certain. I haven’t listened them at all though.

What I have listened is Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto Reverb ep which is stunning. Depressing, yes, but at the same time clear reason to live. Right now I’m listening Encre’s à Kora which is very good also. Although I’m not so into the vocals on second piece. When I first heard Encre I was really excited, I wanted it straight away. Instead it took me almost six months, or maybe even longer actually. Well now I have it and I do like it a lot. I just whish he would do more stuff like this. à Kora only has three pieces.

Maybe even somewhere here is note on me reading M. John Harrison’s Light. I read it in finnish. When there was sale in bookshops I noticed Harrison’s Anima. It was on the end of the bookshelf, looking like somebody had took it first and then decided not to take it after all and left it there. I took it, but at the same time I went to see if they had his book Course of Heart. I had read an interview of Harrison or some article since he was visiting finland and there was mentioned this book “eilisen mystinen sydän”. It actually is older then Light, but it had translated later. For some reason I was intrigued by the title. Now, everyone of you who understands finnish understand that it really isn’t straight translation. But I still like it, even though Course of Heart isn’t really the same as “yesterdays mystical heart”. But then where in english the translation seem to be bad, in finnish… How would you translate “Course of Heart”? Anyway, I went to see if the shop would have it but they didn’t. I took Anima and went home. Back home I noticed that Anima is actually two books bind together, Course of Heart and Signs of life. I checked the covers again and yes, on the backside with quite small print amongs the “he’s the most imaginitive writer etc” was mentioned that it’s a two book binding. Anyway. I was lucky that they didn’t have course of heart as separate edition.

Back to the title. After read the book I think that the translation fits. For me it fits the mood of the book and the story. I quite liked the Light. I liked Course of Heart too. But then again, I’m not so critical with books. I have written about this earlier here somewhere. Today I finished Signs of Life. All of these three books have this atmosphere of… I don’t know, Sadness? It’s too clear word, there’s something else. But where I felt that Light ends somehow hopeful these two others don’t. Right now I feel that both books have something same as Ray Loriga’s Tokio ei välitä meistä enää ( I do not know is this translated to english, I gues it must have) which I really really liked too. I don’t know.

What I’m trying to say

Read the books. All three of them.

I bought Light in english for R when she was going to wales. I think I’ll start it now and read it in english myself.

I also have Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is illuminated waiting, but I think I’ll read through light first

And unless I haven’t mentioned or you haven’t notice let’s say this once again. Go to and try to find mp3 singles, where you should find Once We Were’s Repulsion. Ups. Since tenderversion’s site is under construction I’ll put repulsion here.

I tend to forget

pretty picture

I got this postcard from a friend. I tend to forget. I guess originally it was a flyer for some dance(?) piece, I don’t know. But it’s a great title for any piece.

This house I’m living is quite cold now. The walls are covered with kyprok, it means we can’t hang much painting, pictures etc onto the walls. Well, we are moving.

Nobody answers me. I’ve been mailing staalplaat a lot. I ordered them a bunch of albums on 1.2.07 They haven’t arrived, they haven’t answered. Sad bastards. I’ve ordered from them before with no problems. I don’t know what’s the point. And this webhostel provider where whis page is, is renewing their mail system. I cannot make new mail boxes. This been the case for about 3 months now. They said that this renewing would be ready on beginning of 2007. I’ve mailed their “helpdesk” for three times now, No answer. Sad bastards.

Say what you like, but pod’s lovely. Right now I’m listening reverb by Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto and the first piece is absolytely stunning, very different than the stuff on Vrioon and Insen but really lovely. Actually it’s just very suitable for my mood now. It doesn’t make it less lovely though.

Listened through Cult of Luna’s Salvation and suddenly realised that at least now I actually like Somewhere along the Highway even more. When I first listened “Somewhere…” I felt it was good but not as brilliant as Salvation. Things change. Our perception changes.

I went to see two dance pieces today. Liked them both, but I can’t help thinking how useless and hopeless this all is. Even though I felt that the pieces mainly comment about dance, choreography and making of those two, it still made me feel sad. Its good to ask my own motivation for doing things. How to do things? Why why why. And the never fading: What is important and what do you really want to do?

I don’t read the handprograms nowdays, or if I do I read them after the seeing the piece. Usually I just check what was the music. Why?

Do I really need to know what was the base for the piece, why is it made? Art is made to be perceived, not explaned. Ok, not all hand programs explain, many of them don’t, but some of them do. Book is written to be read, Song is sung to be heard. If I need to explain what is this piece about, why do I do the piece?

If you read books, how many good backside have you read? Ususally on the back of the book is some words that try shortly explain what the book is about. Why bother. Those text are always (with a few exceptions) crap.

What if I wouldn’t have to validate my art by explaining it, what if doing it would be enough. It is enough.

Wedding days


Good luck to you.

Weddings are normally nice. These were, at least to the point when we had to leave. I hope it continued nice.

Heisu performances are almost over. Tomorrow is the last one. Somehow it’s nice, I’ll have a bit more free time, but at the same time I hope that we will have the chance to perform it later, somewhere.

H&K continues, premiere is quite quite soon.

I finally got meself an iPod, which is nice since I have a lot of new music that I have to, no, that I want to listen through, and since I’m not so much home, iPod is great help. And I like new toys like always. It’s 8G which I realised will be sufficient for me. 30G would be too much, especially since my iMac only has usb 1.1, it took ages to tranfer even that 7G to my pod (8G= real capasity 7,4G)

So what I’ve been listening to…

Yes one good thig about pod is that now I can update my lastfm profile with music I’ve listened on my journeys to and fro…

I got “time like vines” from She Said Destroy (which is mentioned in previous post), And I really like it. Although I don’t recommend reading the lyrics. I have also listened some Process Of Guilt, which is… Well there is something that reminds me of old anathema, which isn’t bad, but I’m not sure… well the album was cheap anyway.
Yesterday I got “new” mister Basinski “variations for piano & tape” which sounds like Basinski, surprisingly, but doesn’t really blow me away. Also got The Samuel Jackson Five “easily misunderstood” which I did listen through but I don’t remember much. I’ll give it more changes.

Well there’s a lot of new albums coming and coming and even more new music thanks to friends. But right now, for this short while I’m in quite nice situation where I dance as a work to make money to buy music. Nice, I hope it will continue. Although I still think I should also go to work in radio and play some good music there.

One more music recommendation: Bass Communion & VidnaObmana – Continuum recyclings vol 1, side 4. Perfect.

Good night and good luck to you all.

New Releases…

boat boat a ship a boat

Rehealsals or Practise of Heisu is getting easier. Since it’s almost ready, we just warm up and go through it. So suddenly I have a plenty of time. Well not everyday, but today. And since there’s a jam in C4 anyway [edit: Anna just came in and told me that todays jam is in B2, oh well], why bother to leave. Zodiak has a “new” iMac here so I’ve been here surfing.

Actually I found out these news already last monday:

New Jesu, Conqueror, is coming on this month, very soon. Jesu is also relesing other stuff, annoyingly on limited vinyl editions. I don’t mind vinyl, but that vinyl is usually expensive to order from abroad and because it’s limited it’s hard to get from the local shops. For more news of Jesu go here

Constellation has been releasing a lot of stuff lately. I have totally fallen off, I heard some Carla Bo..?? and it didn’t really convinced me, but they’re also releasing this, which can’t be bad. Well of course it can, but I really really don’t think so. Again problem is that I want it in vinyl. I could order it straight from canada though. Let’s see.

Visiting Supersilent and Rune Grammofon I found out that Shining and Arve Henriksen are both releasing new albums through Rune, which is great. I still don’t have Arve’s earlier works, but they’re on the list. Last shining “in the kingdom…” was great and at least the samples at their myspace promises that the new one will be great as well.

Right now I’m waiting a few packages from abroad bringing me some releases of raster-noton and intr-version. I also finally ordered Arvo Pärt‘s Alina (by ecm) and Max Richter‘s “Songs from before” plus EF‘s “give me beauty… or give me death”. Some stuff from neurot recordings will reach me hopefully soon also.

I notice that my “good things” very often include or are some real things. Like this time I got meself a new printer which will allow me to print almost photo like quality. It’s great for the next 8cm cd-r release I am making. Another is 50mm objective for my camera, and because it’s a digital camera that 50mm has to be x 1,6 so actually it’s an 80mm with 1,8F which is nice because it’s so hard to find enough light nowdays.

About that next 8cm cd-r release: Right now I think it will contain four songs. All of them are played with acoustic guitar and sung. Very simple stuff like always. It feels that I have the songs already desided although some lyrics are still waiting to be finished. I hope I can start to record stuff after Heisu performances are over, so around the end of february. Let’s see. My aim is actually record more stuff and then pick those four songs out, but already now it feels that I know which ones they will be. I also know that recording stuff is never easy for me. I try to take it easy and relaxed. Hopefully everything will be ready around may with the music, layout, cover’s and stuff. Then I only need to find people to buy it.

Some more advertisements. Go to aversion online if you want to find new metal/hc stuff. After my last visit I decided to get She Said Destroy’s album (I haven’t got it yet though) and Wolverine Brass’s latest which I’m not even sure how will I get it. I think I can find SSD from local music store but Wolverine Brass is probably a bit harder to find.

Good night and good luck to you all.