in every thing


The Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel dined with
04 me, and I asked them how they dared so roundly to
05 assert. that God spoke to them; and whether they
06 did not think at the time, that they would be mis-
07 -understood, & so be the cause of imposition,
08 Isaiah answer’d. I saw no God, nor heard
09 any, in a finite organical perception; but my sen-
10 -ses discover’d the infinite in every thing, and as I
11 was then perswaded, & remain confirm’d; that the
12 voice of honest indignation is the voice of God, I
13 cared not for consequences but wrote.
14 Then I asked: does a firm perswasion that a
15 thing is so, make it so?
16 He replied, All poets believe that it does, &
17 in ages of imagination this firm perswasion remo
18 -ved mountains; but many are not capable of a
19 firm perswasion of any thing.

from William Blake archives link

True, false, commercial


I thought about this earlier but instead I do it now. Pitchfork media has an interesting article about DHG and new release. Well actually what is interesting is Mr. Hatlevik speaking about authenticity and aesthetic. He speaks mainly about music, but somehow I feel that this thing relates to all art.

I could give some opinion of my own, but right now I don’t want to. Read the article, think your own thoughts.

And visit here for new Shining.

How very annoying


I was about to write something about technique Vs. improvisation but I’ll leave it to later.

I’ve been telling this story about ordering cd’s from staalplaat. They not giving any answers to e-mails and me starting to worry that I’ve lost 120€ and never getting the cd’s. I worried so much, because some of the cd’s were releases of raster-noton and the prints are not so big and they might actually sell out. So ensuring that I’ll have them, I ordered those four (4) cd’s again from microsuoni (great shop btw, brilliant service, more later). At this point it was over a month since my order from staalplaat and I still haven’t heard anything from them. I already started a paypal dispute, still no answer so I made it a claim. And just hoped that paypal will decide the argument favour to me and I’ll get at least some of the money back.

Yesterday evening when I got to my mailbox I was waiting some kind of note that there’s a packet in post office for me. And there was, from microsuoni, but wtf, there was also a packet in the mailbox, from staalplaat!! so the cd’s arrived at the same day. This means I now have 2 copies of those four cd’s. Great. David from microsuoni already mailed me that if I’ll sent the cd’s back to them as a registered mail, I can have something else from them with same amount of money. That’s how great service they have.

Well this is not all. Earlier yesterday I was using Denise’s computer, because vinyl version of Jesu’s “conqueror” came to market at 12:00 cet. Well of course the shop pages crashed down due to heavy traffic. But I did get myself a clear vinyl, actually for various reason the computer made 5 orders of it. Of course I mailed them that I only need one, and it’s the pages acting up. So happy happy. When I got back home there was a e-mail waiting for me: “You might have noticed that our website couldn’t handle the heavy traffic and crashed. This resulted in selling more copies of the clear vinyl than we actually could. Unfortunately your order is one of those so we can’t send you any clear vinyl.” Was I annoyed? This coming in top of me ending up with 2 copies of those cd’s.
What can I do, if they don’t have it they don’t have it. I had ordered other stuff from them and was waiting just this to add onto the order. Luckily they edited my order a bit more because of this. Which made me feel a bit better. Still it was only 70 copies of that clear vinyl. I would have liked to have one.

Back home I started to imp those cd’s to my computer. And this time 2 cd that my drive just won’t read. It takes them in, lies almost silent for a while and then spits them out. Very annoying. I don’t have possibility to get new computer at the moment. I hope it’s just the cd’s or something. R’s machine read them fine, so I can add them to Pod anyway.

Let’s see what happens today.

Side of time

plate, plates

Stand a side.

It’s plus degrees. I don’t know how long the ice holds on. And I’m pretty sure we will have minus degrees. Probably coming just when the ice is not strong enough, and not thin enough.
Downsides of living in an island.

I borrowed Rome from Marko, it isn’t his really but nevermind. Just watched two episodes. It’s soap, but entertaining soap. Well, that’s what soaps are for. And expensively built soap.

New music is coming in tides. I already thought/hoped that I got the packet from staalplaat, but no. Suddenly stuff from overseas was delivered very very fast. And in that packet was one wrong vinyl. They (TR) said that I could sent it back and have a right one, but it’s probably more expensive to send it back than just order the right one again. Jussi promised to buy the “extra” one so it’s alright. It’s good album btw, Mono/world’s end girlfriend.

Got stuff from motivesounds. I found motivesounds through Manate and I though I would buy it. Manate was out of stock so I ended up buying something’s else like: ctrlaltdelete, Mt. and capulet. Funny thing, all those three are so alike. But quite nice all of them. Right now I like mt. the best, although capulet has the greatest cover (that bear is awesome).

Tomorrow I’ll make a claim that paypal would settle my disagreement with staalplaat, I hope I get my money back.

Temporary residence is a funny label, so much different kinds of stuff. I heard one song from Rob Crow, it’s very pure pop, but so great I’ll get the album. I hope the album is as good as the song. Listen to it:

Clock is way too much for me being wake, even the cat is snoring gently. I’m listening Bass Communion vs. ViddnaObmana’s recyclings vol one, side four. Which is great, of course.

Other things worthy to be happy with:
Encre “à Kora”, Brilliant. the rest of the songs (2) are even better than the sample in intr-version’s pages
Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto “reverb”. More melancholic, I want this more.
Once We Were

Well how about the new stuff? I got Joanna Newsom’s albums, but I haven’t listened them that much. I did listen My Dying Bride, and I notice that I have listened the latest album quite a few times and I like it, but it doesn’t really stick to my mind yet. That’s a nice band.

Got Wolverine Brass, unfortenutaly it seems that those two sample songs that I heard before ordering it, are the best songs in the album, slight dissapointment.

Oh yes the premiere. I guess it went ok. The critic in newspaper liked the piece, mentioned everyone else except me. Well, my role isn’t really that big, but can’t help feeling a bit depressed. It would be nice to have regocnition. Then again, I freely admit that from the professional dancers I’m least experienced, specially in danceteather. Now we have had two shows after it, and I don’t feel that bad anymore. But can’t help thinking, what should I do. It’s the same thing in this teaching stretching and taking care of your body. I feel that the people who come to classes are not so happy, but I can’t see what should I chance in the class. I’m not there to give leisure or amusement or entertaiment, I’m there to work and they have to work also, but maybe the things that work for me don’t work for them. I don’t know. I’ll be (pleasently) surprised if they’ll ask me to teach in next autumn. I’m not saying that I’m a perfect or even a good teacher, I’m ok at this point. I’ll get better at it by doing it, sure, like everybody.

Maybe I just should not work with people.

Hope this finds you well.

Sorrows weep not


Now I have made an paypal dispute(?), I try to get my money back from staalplaat since it seems I won’t get my cd’s. They don’t even answer. But this webhotel provider answered, finally, which was nice.

I ended up ordering some of the same cd’s I ordered from staalplaat again from microsuoni. So there is a fair chance that I’ll end up having two copies of 4 cd’s. Let’s see. I just hope I get my money back.

And again when I have money I have a great urge to use it, fast fast fast. I would like to get a new stereo amplifier, but I don’t have that much money, and even if I had, which is good? Good enough. Same thing with the speakers. I visited one hifi shop and the person there recommended me some things but I would like know more. The problem is that you shoud listen yourself. How does it sound?

On jesterboard was a question are there some artist whose album you will buy anyway, without listening. I answered Do Make Say Think, but now having listened “You, you’re history in rust” I have to re-think. I also have to listen to it again and again.

I’ve been meaning to write more about those performances I saw the other week. Somehow I just can’t get myself to do it. Should I rather do it in Finnish? I don’t know. Let’s try now.

Two pieces from the same choreographer. Both somehow sad or melancholic, but reason more being with the music used and my own emotional state at the time of perceiving. I liked them both.

The first one (solo) brought Maija’s work to my mind. There was some clear connection in the form (for me). Use on speech and language, the tone of speech, official, bit statement like, clear. In movement language the similarities was in exactness, preciseness, sharpness although the actual movement was very, very different.
Other differencies: In this piece the speech commented movement, creation of it (choreographing). The movement was movement made. I don’t know did it say anything. So all in all the piece was about making a dance piece and performing it, being a dancer, being a choreographer. The relationship between speech and movement was somehow one sided. Speech was commenting the doing, creating of something.

In Maija’s work the speech relates to friends, parenthood, social connections. The movement might say something else, it might comment the speech, it might comment something completely else. The relationship between speech, movement, music, and video is quite equal. All of them are tools to express something about the world, social connections, humans.

Some words about the second piece.

The second piece (quintet) had very much similarity with the first one. Use of speech, but this time the tone was more friendly, laid back, conversational. Of course there was more persons to have conversations with. Movement was very similar to the first. Again speech commented movement, choreography, memory of it, and this time also some personal things. This was somehow intriguing to me. Since the movement didn’t have any connection to those personal things or that personal stuff said had anything to do with the movement, it showed out very clearly where the person lies in dance. To me they came person when talking, when being in front of audience not dancing, when moving but not “dancing”. As soon as they went into clearly choreographed dance their persona faded. This, of course, is not true. I could see how they are and I’m quite sure that everything, every walk, glance, movement was choreographed, not only those “dance” movement.
[why I use “dance”? What I mean by it? All of it was dance. What I mean with “dance” is a clear series, phrases that they usually did in unison of different groups]
But If I would have to say the differences in their movement while doing that phrase stuff, I would find it very hard.

Again the piece concentrated on dance, making dance, making choreography.
This brought my mind what Yvonne Rainer said when she was asked why she stop doing dance pieces and went into film making. She explained that she felt that with dance is only possible to comment dancefield it self, it’s history, it’s values, it’s present state, but maybe not so much of society, it’s values, it’s history, it’s present state [< - this is my interpretation totally, maybe she didn't mean this, maybe she said something else] But by commenting making dance and making choreography you can also tell something more general about human beings, sure. I'm not reaching the conclusions here, but nevermind. I'm trying to say that I myself value works that say something about society, asks how we work as humanbeings, not how we work as dancers or choreographers. But at the same time I try not to say this too strongly. It doesn't mean that I would not value works that are only commenting dance within the dance. Like I said I really likes both pieces I saw.

Premiere is on saturday. Yesterday we still talked about big changes, today we have to try them out before six when the test audience arrives. I better get going.

Good night and good luck to you all.