Huomenna, kun olet poissa


Performances of “huomenna, kun olet poissa” on 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th of may in the space of Hurjaruuth, Kaapelitehdas, at seven o’clock. Tickets 15/8€.
You’re most warmly welcome.


I’ve registered for two CI festivals this summer. I don’t have the faintest idea where I’ll get the money but I think I will. Both festivals are in the neighbourhood. Close country, near by. I have to prepare myself to everything like always.

Anyway I hope it’s good.. maybe next summer or the one after that I’ll get myself teach there. Maybe not.

And there’s NIM of course, but that doesn’t count, somehow.

Nadja hit the spot with Bodycage and specially the beginner Clinodactyl. Ended up getting them. Not all of course because there’s plenty. Can’t really understan what the hell mister Baker does alldays. No I tell a lie, I can, he probebly makes records. One after another.

Nothing else to be really enthustiastic about since Aerial, which still is awesome.

Oh and I made copies of “save my breath” to sale. Order one. 7€ with the postage. If we meet somewhere, then it’s 5.

I got the domain changed to another web hotel provider. Same place as this is. They’ve having some difficulties with getting my e-mail work. Buggers. Waveway’s e-mails have been a problem for some time. They’ve been promising to renew it (fix it) like 4 months now. I sure as hell hope that this won’t be the case with dd.
Deeply annoyed, but they’re cheap. This is how it shows.

A big bunch of people (me included) are plannig to have CI festival here in Finland next year. It will happen, as soon as we find a nice place with at least 3 good dance spaces, which in one would have to fit about 80 people to jam at once. Surprisingly hard. Any ideas, send me a note.

Good night, and good luck to you all.



I’ve set everything so that’s webhotel provider should change. I’m just waiting when it will happen. It should be soon. I thought today, but nothing. The trouble is not the pages, but e-mail addresses. Unfortenutaly. I wish they would set it up, so I can quickly retrieve my e-mail addresses. If not tomorrow then on monday, I hope.

Lot’s of new music.
If you check my page you’ll might notice that last week I’ve listened 99 songs from Aerial. Well there’s only 13 songs so obviously I’ve been listening them through quite some times. Why? They’re Great. I actually like their first cd better. “black rain from the bombing” is lovely mix of Sonic Youth and something I can’t quite put my finger on. The Sonic youth is there. There’s also this beautiful joyous melancholy that I find in Swervedriver and Logh and some others. I just love those two guitars intertwining. I mean this is the best thing I’ve heard since… Once We Were? Monopot? Scraps of Tape. No, this beats SoT, sorry. Their second album “the sentinel” is more um “post-rock” there’s not so much sonic youth anymore, but it’s great also. And you know what. Both albums cost just 8€ so 16€ together which is NOTHING for this amount of blissfull beauty. Check their label no method and order the cd’s. NOTE. Even though I do mention Sonic Youth here many times. It’s not really Sonic Youth. Sonic Youth has such a lot of variety in them. And Aerial sounds Aerial, you can detect the influences, sure, but still. What they have in common is that both make stunningly beautiful rock/pop songs. Really really really, do yourself a favour and order these.

More music.
I received a packet from paradigms recordings, all the cd’s I ordered. I haven’t listened them all through, but Snowdrift is as good as the sample made me expect. I do like that womans voice. Woburn House Is interesting. Although I think that you could have done those songs to be 5 minutes long, but hey, if you can keep it up for 14 minutes, why not. Some very nice riffs in there, not bad at all. Today I listened Hjarnidaudi’s pain:noise:march through a couple of times and I truly truly love it. Simple, repeating, distorted, lovely.
The Angelic Process and Blueprint Human Being are waiting their turn.

Yesterday I finally got Belong’s October Language. I’m pretty sure that within two weeks some label will release it on vinyl, since I bought the cd just now. Belong is good, no, better than good.

I got Shortwave music from mister Basinski. Now, I wasn’t that fond of the previous release “variations for piano and tape” It’s ok, sure, but it didn’t really catch me like most of his works have done. Shortwave music catchs. Really nice work. And he has a new cd coming soon. Thanks to paypal I’ll order them straight from him.

Listened through Deaf Center’s and Ryan Teague. Like both, I’m thinking of ordering. Also I found more releases from Encre, apparently those are mainly released in france, but it’s quite cheap to order them so I think I will. Eventhough I heard french rap in couple of the samples.

So basically everythings the same as always. I’m getting more music and I can’t really afford it all. Yeah and I have no job. Please give me nice work with a nice paycheck.

Of course I could write more serious matters, but I don’t really want to. And believe me, I feel that most important things that I have to share, and things that are really meaningfull to me are related to music. And right now the biggest thing I can “give” out is that suggestion to hear Aerial.

Good night and good luck to you all.

No direction from me

lalalalala get the direction

Even though I haven’t listened Bad religion for a while.

So yesterday I got two packets with the post. It seems that in finland GLS does co-operate with post offices since the packet from conspiracy was there. I mainly happy that the albums are here, but some problems, like always.
We were heading for work and checking mailbox I noticed that I had the letter from nomethodrecords and that I have packet waiting for me in the post office.

So to post office we go. I was shocked t see these quite big holes in the packet since vinyl is pretty fragile. But when I got back ito the car and opened them I noticed that guys in conspiracy had packed them really well and everything seemed to be alright.

So off to work.

When I got pack home I noticed that nomethodrecords had forgot to add the buttons to their letter, so I got the cd of aerial, but no buttons.

Then I checked the vinyl. And everything else was alright except that the packet actually lacked two vinyl. Just the album. I have the covers and all but not the actual disk that contain the music.

Well I mailed to the both shops and I know it will be alright. I have quite good faith in conspiracy. And nomethod answered right away.

Which brings to mind that Aerial is quite quite good. I have to listen them more, but after hearing both albums through I can say I quite like it.
I don’t know what is it with these swedes.

New Scraps Of Tape “this is a copy is this a copy” is really awesome. 13 thousand was playing in my head for the whole yesterday. Great great album which you should get if you even remotely like “post-rock”. No, if you like even remotely good rock you should check them. Then again WTF means rock? Anyways. Hear yourself.

Not much. I promised to take part of meetingpoint impro club. That scares me a bit.
I’m playing angel in this easter thingy in kallio’s church.
Still four more H&K shows to go. But after next week I’m standing on free time again. So if anyone has a nice jobs for me, please contact.

I should do more, I know.

Please be seated.