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Check Trent Reznor interview here. THat actually makes me want to buy his album, eventhough I’m quite unsure will I like it. And I certainly hope that I could really buy it from him, the money going straight to him instead of leeches at universal.

Support small Labels! Support real bands! Support music instead of hit radio shit you hear everyday everywhere.

can’t say


I think I feel a bit better.

Had a wednesday getting the boat on float and putting the motor on it and trying to get the pier on it’s right place. Didn’t succeed with the pier because it needs more power than 2 men has.

Been listening to Nadja even more. I realised that it’s going to take ages before I get new [stereo]amplifier, since there’s no work insight. So instead of waiting to digitize some vinyls I can as well do that now. So I digitized Nadja’s bodycage since it’s has two other version of autosomal neither one of them is on cd, and Ryoji Ikeda’s VPRO sessions and William Basinski’s a red score in tile, since both of those are vinyl only releases if I have understood correctly. Quality seems to be alright, at least for iPod, although I’m going to burn them all on cd too. Wednesday I also got Atavist / Nadja – 12012291920/1414101 which I of course had heard before. It has really nice covers that does. It would be even better to get on vinyl.

I’ve been trying to get all the Releases from Nadja, but it’s very very hard. I think I have all the essentials though.

everything else i forgot.

free days


Clock is half past one. I haven’t had a breakfast yet. Thaumogenesis by Nadja is ringing in my ears.

I’m thinking of quitting it all. or at least most of it.

What is most depressing is that don’t have a reason to be depressed.
Does it need a reason? It feels like it does. Something should really be wrong. Well most of the things are wrong. We see it everyday but we all feel powerless and helpless with them.

How to gain power so that it doesn’t corrupt.
Fuck it, How to gain power, let’s worry the corruption part later on.

What am I choosing? Am I outside (or at least feel outside) because I choose to be there? If so, what are my options, what possibilities I have?

What do I want?



Yes, I like these plugins.

Yesterday I went to see a runthrough of Anski’s piece.

First I saw a clip of it, Katja’s solo a couple of times.

After that they discussed a bit and somehow it was funny to hear them be so professional. I know that they both are professional. But… I don’t know. I just admire it so much, It’s not necessary so easy to work with friends, and… I don’t know how to say this really. I felt like I would see some new side of them, which I know is there but I just haven’t been there to see it before.

The runthrough was ok, Ulla was not feeling well so it maybe still lacked something which I know will be there on the performance. Another thing that I really admired was the way Anski talked with us, after it. That she so certain, clear with her view of things, calm. Premiere is on wednesday. Hope Ulla will be well by then. I’m going to see it.

I should do the “4 endings” covers ready, and then the cd. After all, June is here anyminute.

Marko called, I haven’t heard from him for a while. Maybe I can get him to help me to get the boat onfloat.

I just got a call that some people would need photographer. In a way I would like to do it, but I also am a bit scared. I’m not really professional with that. And I so sure the pictures will turn out crap. Let’s see.


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Ok, I think I’ll write more about this on finnish “ideana”, but we went to see the place for SOS. And what a nice place it was. I tried to take punch of pictures for the forthcoming website, but it’s a hard job since now is summer and then, it will be winter. But maybe you can get some kind of idea about the place and spaces.
All and all, it seemed a best place this far and I think we will settle for it. Now we only have to do some counting, and get the flyers ready and start to advertise. We are hoping to get about 80 people. In my own opinion I think we should go between 60 and 100. Since the place is providing the food etc, we can go up to 100. But let’s see how this all will work out.

Yesterday, after sitting in front of the computer I went and took the motor off from the boat. Found out that the steering is broken, tried to fix it, but came to conclusion that I need some more (and better) tools before I can even try. Probably, even if I get the tools and get the thing open, I cannot fix it, but it’s nice to try.

After tinkering with the boat I picked up mail, which included 2 packets of cd and three cards that said I have registered mail. So off to the post office. Didn’t have my passport with me (only official id I have) but luckily the man behind the counter believed I am me, after 4 different cards all saying my name and some including picture. More packets.

I got Japan version of JESU’s conqueror, which includes sunrise/sundown cd. And it’s a really beautiful packet.
I got Alva Noto’s Xerrox vol.1 and Senking’s list from Microsuoni, a place from where I think I’ll order all my clitch/elect/raster stuff from now on, since David has provided such a great service.
I got Marzuraan’s Solid Wood and Loinen’s seltitled, on vinyl. I’m not really sure why I got Loinen. I hope it will become an item and I’ll get huge amount of money out of it, let’s say in 5 years. Marzuraan instead is also bit difficult, mainly bacause of the vocals, but I really like it.
I got Nadja’s Corrasion and Bodycage. Bodycage I’ve heard and it’s great. Corrasion I’m listening right now.

I also got the Burning Paris anthology cd from 29north, a band I haven’t heard at all. I listened it this morning and the first five songs didn’t sound bad at all.

I also listened Alva Noto’s Xerrox yesterday and… It sounds somehow different than his previous works I’ve heard. I can’t yet say how, what really is the difference there, but somehow. I really need to lsiten more.

Scott Walker’s the Drift doesn’t stop amaze me. Like Hand me Ups there’s this other song going on backgroud, and is it a really real song? and individual art work, or is that song made up just to be part of hand me ups? And if so how the hell has he come up with that song, just to be background of another song. That guy might be genius.

eurovision is going on, I couldn’t care less, except I did when I was in the town. Too much people. I still am thinking about moving to countryside.

Dull days


I listen to vinyls, which is nice. I know I should get something “useful” done but somehow time just seems to go by, not flying, but fast enough. I need a work chair, since I’m again sitting too much in front of computer.

I get waked up several times during early morning with a question: Could you turn to your side. How to get rid of the snoring? Any working solutions?

Guess I’m hoping someone is going to rescue me from this all, even though I know no one else will if I don’t do it myself.

I’m not at loss, but it’s hard to see the point of things. I occasionally think I should leave it all and move somewhere in the country side and be a hermit. I know I won’t cause I don’t have the guts, and I don’t really see the point of that either.

I feel I’m not connected to anything or anyone, but I know I’m connected to everything, like we all are.

So what am I?

There is a sence of lack. I’m lacking desire or passion to anything, at the moment. I can easily sit in front of computer though. I don’t desire it, it just happens. If I would have a tv I probably would sit in front of that too.

So what do you want to do?
What do I want to do?

I guess I need to find answer to that myself.

Well there are things I want to do, but to make them happen needs a lot of trouble, and I don’t want to be troubled.
This doesn’t sound too good right now.

Luckily, albums do sound good. Like Windmills by the Ocean, Scott Walker, Russian Circles, Nadja among others.

the Drift


Walker’s the drift is making it’s way into me. It might be brilliant, or I might be going mad. I’m not sure really. But what has the man been thinking about? Some people think that Mr. Waits it’s difficult music, well, I agree that it might not be the easiest kind but listen to this. And then there’s lyrics. I’m so glad I got this on vinyl, with big booklet of lyrics in it. I would like to have a cd copy of this though. If anyone has this, please send me a note.

Nadja is still awesome, although I do notice that I mostly like the “pop” songs in there, like stays demons and bug/golem.

I found out that the only way to get Bass Communion’s indicates void is to order the C packet from tonefloat, which has all the first five c-releases (indicates void being one of them) on clear vinyl. Normally I would love this, but I’m unemployed again so the money is kinda problem since the packet costs 100€. And I haven’t heard the other albums or artist at all.

Tonefloat is also releasing 5 lp set from fear falls burning (which I think is another project of VidnaObmana) which could be very nice. I think I need a job just to satisfy my needs. Bummer.

Yesterday I was hearing Mike vargas playing. All the pieces were improvisations, played mainly with piano. Very nice work. I enjoyed listening to it. It’s nice to find rhythms even when there’s no attempt to a rhythm. He talked about trying to um.. condence(?) the process of improvising to make it interesting all-the-time. I think he came to this after hearing a lot of improvisated gig/music and found them mostly boring. So I understood that he has worked with this for a long time, this condensation of things. And in a way it is hearable, there’s was not dull moments in that 45minutes(?) but still there was these evolutions. How something comes to being, crystallizize, and it might be that there’s minutes of music before and there’s minutes music after but that one point of happenings is somehow the essence. This however doesn’t make those minutes before and after unnecessary. If we would only took that minute or two of crystallization it wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t mean the things it does, because it wouldn’t have history and it wouldn’t have future.

This is what is so nice in improvisation (and also in a lot of good [time related] art I guess). You see/hear something happening, you don’t quite make it out what it is, the logic the sense of it, but you can feel it’s evolving. At somepoint (hopefully) the crystallizations comes and then all that have happened before makes sense, and somehow all that happens after makes sense (maybe) too. When doing a long improvisations there might be many points of these crystallizations, or maybe they could be said to be points of light.
Evolving I -> point of light which illuminates (gives meaning, logic, sense) to all that have happened before -> aftermath which could follow the “logic” (be illuminated) of things happened before or it can fall (into darkness) into another mystery < -> evolving II -> point of light which again gives meaning what happened before, it also can connect evolvings and points of light I&II

And you never know what happens but still you do know, and sometmes when you don’t know and then you’re given realization and you do know. It’s this ongoing discovery, and in this discovery is also delight.
Yes I quite enjoy that.

I guess Mike is not doing another solo gig in Finland, but you can go to see the piece in zodiak where Mike is playing and they have 8 dancers dancing, improvising. Should be interesting too.

Yeah. I have to do something soon, I guess.



Day spent at home, mainly with computer and listening vinyl. Not necessary a bad choice. Although I wonder should I get myself moving soon.

I updated this to wordpress 2.? and at the same time changed the address: no more blog.waveway.org, now it’s tales.waveway.org. Why? I wanted.
Also I put up another Wp on darlingdear.net. There I try to write about dance. in finnish. I tried that before with not so god result. Maybe this time.

No job at the moment and very soon no money. But luckily I have a couple of albums that I can listen in this time between. So what’s new?

Nadja is awesome. I really got hooked on Bodycage’s Clinodactyl, but all the others are making they way into my brainwaves. Like Stays Demons on touched right now. There’s something that reminds me of JESU, one of my favourite bands at the moment.

Which brings to mind. I have not found any information why JESU’s debut was mixed again for the US (vinyl) release. I only came across this when I visited one message board. So because of this I had to get my hands onto that US release, and with some luck I found it. The mixes are quite different. Songs remain the same, but the difference is clear. I still don’t know which mix I prefer. But more important, which mix mr. Broadrick prefers? Why on earth has he released two so different version of the same album? And why this haven’t been explained anywhere?

JESU’s sunrise/sundown got just released, and I should have the first pressing of that soon in my hands. Let’s see. I’ve heard already the music though. But why not support somehing you like?

Logh released north. I listened it through yesterday evening, and I don’t really remember anything, but with Logh that’s not a bad thing. Their last album didn’t stick to my mind with the first listenings, but then when it did it has never left. Somehow with the big dissapointment of the raging sun I’ve come to adapt that at first their new album won’t sound so special, but with time, it probably will.

Let me clarify this: Logh made an awesome debut everytime a bell rings… which was so magnificent that the expectations for their second release the raging sun became so huge that it couldn’t have fulfilled them (well maybe it could have, but that would’ve been very very hard). So the raging sun sounded first like a dissapointment, but after time it was probably one of the best albums released that year. Their third a sunset panorama didn’t sound so special at first either, but with time it has become one of my favourites, and I think I have more references to that album than any other in this blog.

So I’ve learned to be patient with their albums, and that’s what I’m going to be with north too.

I also got the new DHG. I listened it before I bought it, and… well it has a samekind of problems. There’s been so many years after 666 international and the expectations have grown so big that they couldn’t have filled them anyway. It’s a good album all the same.

Lately I’ve been getting music that is quite demanding. Yesterday I got Scott Walker’s the Drift, and that IS demanding. I think it’s in the same league with Jazkamer and Æthenor. Actually it might be even more demanding.

Found Low’s the great destroyer with 10€, and got it. Very nice pop.

Temporary Residence released Rob Crow on vinyl. Why didn’t they tell me this when I was buying the cd?

Heard new Tori Amos. Not through out. it has 23 songs and when I was at 13 I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ll listen to it more and again, but I’m seriously doubting I’ll buy it. What’s wrong with you Tori? Even if your life is well can’t you feed some melancholy into your songs. Then again there’s definetly melancholy around so maybe it’s not your job to do it anymore. I just liked boys for pele and the choirgirl hotel so much more than anything that have come out after that. although there’s really lovely songs on welcome to sunny florida

I’ve been thinking of new headphones. Since Koss don’t have anymore lifetime warranty on their porta pro and since mine right one is starting to distord a bit. I though that maybe I’ll try to get a new ones. Sometime ago I though about sennheisers CX300 but I would like to test them before, since my ears are so sensitive. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just get another pair of porta pro.

Give me nice work and money, thanks

note to self


These are the things I could write about:

Contact community and hierarchy.

Embodiment. There’s not your body, there’s only you.

City planning, and social strucktures. Who is planning for whom.

Art as a….

You know what english word I really like? Workforce.
I don’t know quite why.

short note

Always when something is happening, something to write about. there’s no time to write. What to do?