clean up

isisisisisis maserati fridge rob crow

Today I’ve cleaned up the house, who is interested? I do not know. It’s a drag.

Also been listening quite a lot of music. Let’s go in there.

Although I wasn’t straight away so into Maserati‘s inventions for the new season I, now, find it quite nice, maybe not relaxing, but somewhere along the lines. And the fact that it’s colored vinyl helps me a lot. I don’t know why, it doesn’t make the music any better, but somehow it gives me more pleasure to get the vinyl out, and see it, lay it on the player, and see it turn as I hear the sounds.

I also got two albums from Fridge. I’ve listened both only once, so I can’t really go into deep details here, yet. Maybe later. Again it’s colored vinyl, I’m specially happy about happiness, since a/b is violet/black and c/d is yellow/black, My favourite colours.
Also the Sun is very nice looking, clear red.

I also got Rob Crow‘s Living Well as a vinyl. Yes I got it on cd, but back then I didn’t know that temporary residence will release it on vinyl too, and that the vinyl will have 5 extra songs. And it’s an orage/black vinyl, so of course I had to take it. Actually two of the extra songs are pretty darn good and that album is probably one of the best pop albums I’ve heard for a while.

Yes all of these mentioned above are from temporary residence

Got IsisCelestial released by conspiracy records and as a orange/white vinyl. I have to say that I would have liked to see more white on the vinyl, but never mind. I have listened it through a couple of times, but I can’t really say anything about it. it’s Isis, and it’s old, yes they have gone forward after that album, but it’s not bad album all the same.

I also got Fear Falls Burning/Nadja, also released by conspiracy records but as a cd. Nice covers though

US lifted up the postage pricess, thanks to big companies trying to fuck up smaller ones, annoying, read more here. So now everything is way more harder. I have to raise my hat to temporary residence though, they still have the most lowest shipping rates than any other place I’ve come across in the US.

It’s annoying, there’s so much stuff that isn’t available in EU easily, And I rather support small independent labels residing where ever.

More later on.

Over and out


What have happened?

NIM was very nice, thanks to organizers and partisipants. Very nice dances, atmosphere, being.
A Few highlights, but maybe it’s irrelevant to go those trhough right now.

On the last night of dancing I got my lower back really aching and it’s still really jammed and hurt. Slight worry here.

I’ve been figuring out sos webpages. I would like to create a forums there and also a wordpress thingy as a news, but maybe those all are useless really. I mean there’s so many forums and stuff that people don’t use, and dancers are more into moving than sitting in front of computer anyway.
I think I’ll create those anyway, and then figure out later shall we use them or not.
Actually one really easy wasy to create a site would be just use wordpress as a plat from. Then create bunch of pages there about the certain stuff.

Lot of new music too. But I decided to write about those later when I have actually listened through more of them.

Homefront is a bit sad. We have a lot to figure out and there seems to be this uncertainty about everything. And both of our lives are so uncertain anyway. It would be nice to have something that really stays.

Work is another pain. Not having it, or not finding the work I would really like to do, I would like to dance (although right now I would like to get my lowerback open first).

More later.