Panic Among Whales

it's a tree

I got the link for Kam:AsPanic Among Whales and have now listened it through quite some times. It’s brilliant, although I admit that I’ve stuck mostly with the three first songs which are quite catchy. I sent mail to them asking can I put the link for the album on here but I haven’t got any answer yet. So probably not, but you can ask yourself from them. And really check sinnbus and order Bric-A-Brac at least, also A Gap In Building is good, but not as ready as these two later ones. I heard that they’re making more material. Almost can’t wait, but I now I can.

New material coming from Nadja soon, I think soon, also from Jesu. Have to keep my ears open.

And sometimes complaining, even just in here helps. After my writing about asthmatic kitty they contacted me and we’re sorry for the trouble I had, so they promised to sent me a t-shirt as a… I don’t know reward? No, but free anyway. But like I already said in that post: They updated their site so everything should be in order and you can get stuff fairly cheaply from there. So knock yourself out. Mr Stevens is a w e s o m e!

I mailed the papers today. Maybe I get a place to study, probably not, nevertheless. Thanks to Ulla for the help with the lovely language of german…

one of my hot burnout ballads and of lioness´& warlords are so great. Why we don’t hear music like this from radio. Because I’m not there where I should be. I have to listen new sinnbus stuff, You never know what you might find.

Kam:As – one of my hot burnout ballads

Kam:As – of lioness´ & warlords



I been flipping through my iTunes this morning and I started to play Kam:AsBric-A-Brac. I checked and I have wrote something about this album but not much really. I do not know why I haven’t, since it is really one of the best rock/pop albums I’ve heard in a while. There’s some progressive elements in the mix, but only a little. Mainly they just have a bunch of good rock/pop songs on this album. This genre talk is always really difficult, what is pop what is rock. I just define it so that the songs are catchy, in a very good way because they’re still not the easiest stuff in a world but somehow they make their way into your head.

Bric-A-Brac was released in 2005 I think and recorded already in 2004. They have released Panic Among Whales, which is a homerecording, but I don’t know how big the “pressing” was. It’s sold out at the moment anyway.
I hope that I’ll get dl link for that one from the band, and if it’s alright with them, I release it here also.

Bric-A-Brac you can find from Sinnbus records and if you order it from them it cost 11€ which really is nothing for this album. Sinnbus has also other great records/bands. Like Torchous which I hope I have raved about earlier.

Like for the summer 2006 I think I mainly listened Kam:As’ Bric-A-Brac and Torchous’ Variations. Both absolutely stunning albums.

Kam:As – Creature Tango

Kam:As – First Mute

I mean this music is great! Howcome people don’t hear this kind of stuff from the radio?

going forth

this record can not

Too much music, if that is possible? No, too little time, even though I have all the time in the world since I still have no job. I can’t understand people who get their to show over 300 songs per week. I think they must have left the computer playing even when they sleep or go away.

Adam Franklin’s Bolt of Melody sounds nice. Of course much more laid back than the stuff with Swervedriver, but what did you expect. Actually the last Swervedriver was laid back if I remember right.

I finally got The Ocean Fluxion/Aeolian vinyl. Fluxion part I quite like, Aeolian part not so much. Eventhough when I ordered it I’ve had only heard Aeolian. Of course the vinyl being white, black and clear affected my decision. And when I finally got it, they were actually white, black and grey. But I think I like the grey even more because it’s kind of marbled, you know. Anycase I win. No complaints.

Got Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois, which of course is great. I wonder why Asthmatic Kitty doesn’t deliver those on vinyl to europe anymore. Or maybe the shops haven’t ordered them. See, I could not find them anywhere as a vinyl. So I ended up ordering them straight from AK, this of course ment trouble. First they didn’t deliver vinyl to outside US/canada for a while because of the shipping rates. Then they figured it out, saying add 8$ to the order to cover the shipping, which I did. Then the shop (ccnow) added even some more for the shipping. I did notice it, but thought… What did I though. Well the price wasn’t too bad even with the 8$ plus extra shipping. But then the buggers send it so that it got caught in the customs. And at this point that extre shipping price was too much since without it, I wouldn’t have to pay any custom or tax, but with the extra shipping (around 7€) it just got over the limit and I had to pay 10€. Well even with that, those three lp’s costed around 60€ which would have been the same if I had found them in any record store here, so maybe I should not complain. But I do. Anyway, since then Asthmatic Kitty has made the shipping costs bit more clear, now it’s 7$ per item. So it’s ok now.

Apparently my life and thoughts evolve around money and lp’s/cd’s/music. This is pretty much true.

I’ve been also taken up the job to be the contact person wo zodiak about CI jams. They let us have the space for jams fairly cheap. Which is nice.

And I’ve been doing some with the forth coming festival.

Could be enough for now.

Something is missing

stranger's face

As if a stranger’s face
Came home to play
and I lost my way
Something is missing

Dødheimsgard, All is not self

I think I’ve written something about the “new” DHG. It probably didn’t cover all the expectations. IT probably doesn’t since the years after 666 international have grown those expectations so big that probably could answer them. I probably already said that despita all of that it’s a good album. I say it again. It’s VERY good album, Like 666 international, which took me an over a year to get into, this one too is a grower. Getting better all the time.

Eventhough Aldrahns vocals were insane, so are Kvohsts and actually I don’t really notice so big difference except now there are “clean” vocals and those choir pieces are my favourite spice in there.

Now there are a couple of things I hope:
1. They would get site back up, since I hate myspace
2. Their next album would not take as many years as this one.
So good luck Vicotnik.

As we heard that Ved Buens Ende split once again, at the same time it’s nice to know that there’s new Virus album (hopefully) coming, and also vicotnik is free with DHG. Of course it would be always nice to get everything, but that we can’t have.

The thing I always have liked is the yells.

Freaking out
Reeking in
Minds open wide open
Fix an appointment with god
Your futile trip is done

Dødheimsgard, Supervillain serum

And for some reason, when reading their lyrics, in my mind comes this great band called Evil Superstars
I’m not quite sure why.


Read this

Hell he’s a… I do not know. Artist, definetly.
Read this old interview

Throw your oars overboard


Such a great advise, I seem to do that often and just drift, without making decision, without courage to do the decisions, and at the same time without courage to drift.

I was asked am I afraid, scared. And I am, now I only need to find out what it actually is that I’m afraid of?

At least I know I’m afraid of failure so often, that I just underachieve. I try to get rid of that, but it’s very very hard.
I’m afraid that I’m not good at anything, which is a useless fear since I know I’m not really good at anything. Insteead I’m mediocre in many things. And because my fear of failure, I’ll never be truly good at anything. Unless somethings really change.
I’m afraid to be, or to become, lonely, alone, which again is useless since I know that I, as we all are, am alone. Now this of course could get us into discussion about the meaning of the word alone, but let’s now go in there right now. If you meet me, we can discuss about it.

There’s some, now you can tell me yours.

Ulver has “new” pages, and new album coming on 1st of October, aren’t we happy?

And from you can find the interview of Vicotnik, the man behind DHG, specially since all the old members have left and replaced by this long time of silence. From the interview you can get quite clear picture that “Supervillain Outcast” is album mainly by Vicotnik, this isn’t meant to put down the achievements of old and new crew though. Whatever.

We had a classmeeting yesterday and it 1. made me feel old 2…… I don’t know. The things is, that almost everyone have a marriage, kids and homeloan. And because not having these I… do not feel failure but something… I’m not so into marriage, and specially not into loans, but the kids part is mainly what I wonder. I’m old already. Ten years ago I hope to have kids before these ten years. And right now I’m in a situation that it feels hard even to think about having kids for a couple of years. Old we get, tired we grow.
But it was nice to meet people, and I specially enjoyed the light talk about religion in a train on our way home.

To those of you who don’t know where the topic of this post is taken. Listen to Logh‘s album the Raging Sun and song the contractor and the assassin, one of the best songs ever made.

I hate myspace.

Good night and good luck to you all.