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Ok, I know my money handling is shit. I assume just like my mother, that I’ll have it more than I actuallly will have. I never was good at mathematics.
This prologue might explain why I ordered all Spekk releases. There actually are two reasons. 1. Most of the samples I heard were great. 2. They’ve released only 11 albums (now 13 actually, which means I have to order those two pretty soon) 3. I like to have everything, (that’s why I’m having trouble not been able to locate raster-notons static 1) 4. I was able to locate all of them

Spekk’s own mailorder works great btw. I think I got everything there that they got. Some of were sold out, but I found them on two different distributors and william basinski/richard chartier I had already.

Anyway, there was is a lot of new music to listen. (and even more but about that another time)

I notice that I’m going along with other people, at least if I interpret signs right. Andrey Kiritchenko‘s True Delusion and Level‘s cycla were both sold out (along with the three first releases) And those two are really great albums. Maybe this far the most easiest to…. No, they’re not. Kiritchenko is somehow easily accessable but Level is not so. At least to me Ken Ikeda‘s Mist on the window and Opitope‘s Hau are much “easier” than Level . How ever Level has a very strong feeling on the album, the whole album.

This kind of music has always been quite hard for me to describe, I never go deep enough into it with the verbal/analyctical level. Then on another levels is very easy to go deep into it.

Ok, I don’t try to describe. Many of the albums have somekind of melancholic mood or undercurrent, at least John Hudak‘s Room with sky, I would say the same on Jefre Cantu-ledesma, Level and maybe also from Andrey Kiritchenko and Ken Ikeda eventhough they seem to have wider scale of things/emotions happening.

The one thing that kinda of amazes me is that eventhough the music is very minimalistic, small and subtle it’s very difficult to leave that just to the background. It demands to be heard. To be taken account.

Like I said Spekk has just released kk:012 and kk:013 which I’ll have to get now. When ever I can afford them.
If you got interested visite their site and hear some samples yourself. And their mailorder is really good and fast at least to Finland.

I wish I could write better.



Short post.

Have you ever noticed that Stina Nordenstams Dynamite is probably one of the best production works ever. And arrangements too. You can hear, or at least guess from what you hear that the songs are quite simple, but they’ve been covered with so beautiful layers of everything that it’s just takes my breath away. Like all those orchestral arrangements with strings and woodwinds(?) and the use of drums and distorted guitars. The contrast which her [almost] fragile voice greates with all the such a heavy drum work… It’s so heavy and so violent and… Like listen to almost a smile‘s B section, it could be Katatonia playing, actually the riff is very close to Katatonia. and after it when the strings come along… and the bass. It’s just so great so great. The variation of just drum sounds alone is just breathtaking.

And then the bridge to C part in the man with the gun it also could be from katatonia. And the bass sound over there.

Or then the violence and bitterness and revenge in until. It contains more emotion than any american “emo” band get to to their radioplaymarketed soppy albums.

It’s so sad that I don’t have the album here, so I cannot check who has done the arrangements and even wiki doesn’t help me here. Anyway I just noticed that some jerk had actually given this album 2out of 5 which is just bad, to me this is the only 5/5 Stina Album ever. Let’s hope we hear some new stuff on this year.

I notice that I’m very bad at writing any kind of reviews, because the albums I want to write about are always so awesome in my opinion that I just can’t find the words to describe them in anyway decent.

But christ just listen her sing “I think I am in love” in CQD… Like how can you describe it? there’s no way, you have to hear it.

I’m sure that nowdays you can get this album with less than 10€ and it’s worth every cent, it would be worth of 20€ as well.

A lot of new music too, but I have to listen more of that stuff before I can write anything. New Nadja is coming since it has leaked already. I’m waiting when it will come to alien8’s webshop. me order straight away for sure.

Take Care now.

Panic Among Whales, Revisited

panic among whales

A couple of post ago I told that I’ll ask permission to add link to Kam:As‘ album Panic among Whales. They did give me permission so here it is.

Please do yourself a favour and get it. It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. Somehow they are able to combine such a nice blend of elements. And how everything works together, Just when I feel the bass lines are most awesome I find out that the guitars are equally brilliant and then I notice what the drummer is playing and… But most of all they have Good songs, which is a thing that at least big record companies seem to have forgotten lately(?). Anyway, Brilliant brilliant music, for free.

If you want to support them, get their equally brilliant Bric-A-Brac and almost as brilliant A Gap in Building from sinnbus records.

one of the greatest songs ever

Once We Were – Repulsion