Love less

MBV Ken Stringfellow Jon Auer

I bought this on last friday, from there to sunday evening I’ve had listened MBV 130 times and mainly just this album.
It’s awesome. “When You Sleep” is such a beautiful mix of joy and sadness, “Come In Alone” has so beautiful melody line. And sometimes is exactly the sound that I fell in love with pumpkins and again melody is pure beauty. This album doesn’t have one bad or even mediocre song in it. It’s such a shame that it didn’t sell well when it came out, and then that Creation Records where bought. Because I have a feeling that within these 16 years it has made the money it spent many many times. I certainly hope so. Long time ago I wrote about “keys“. “When You Sleep” is definetly one.

Yesterday I was in Tavastia listening to the Posies, acoustic duo. They weren’t really acoustic, both played electric guitar. But from time to time Ken wandered out of the mic and kept on singing, he sings loud that man. What can I say, they were brilliant. Jon has one of the sweetest voice’s I know, I just absolutely love it. And Ken has good voice also and together they sound just so awesome. They kept on giving each other’s curveballs, songs they apparently haven’t played for a while. And my my, we heard “Terrorised” and “Sad to be aware“, and stuff from dear 23 and failure. It was also nice to hear some Ken’s songs from success, I had almost orgot how beautiful melodies he has in them. And this time they didn’t even get drunk.
Very good gig, after the first set, we got them back, and instead of playing a couple encore’s they played almost as long set of songs asking suggestions from the audience. And after that we got them on the stage again and then they played those two encore’s. Again they were funny, it’s so nice to see two people working together with such a long history and with such a fondness towards each others. My highlight was “sad to be aware”, I had asked it from Jon just about month ago when he was doind a solo gig in belly, but he didn’t played it then. So it was so lovely to hear it now. They’re such a great band, and eventhough they have good songs on their solo efforst to me it’s clear that together they’re more… everything. Let’s see will they make new songs as a duo. I Hope they will.
I’m so thankful to Jari that he introduced them to me, long time ago.

Finally here

shadows of the sun
Jeij. today I got his. Finally. It had been in finland, with the right address but without my name, gone back to norway and now here. Now I’m waiting for the vinyl. Only listened it two times this far. Too early to say anything.

But last fm says: my bloody valentine: 130 And I got the album on friday, although I didn’t really do anything on saturday except listened to it so no wonder, but still. Actually I’m listening it now again. Ulver is more closer to sleep I think.

Happy happy even for something.


This must be old new to everybody, but not to me. This is also probably only day I write two posts on a same day (it’s still same day for me, even not to clock). When writing my last post I ended up to pitchfork’s top 100 of the 90’s. Radiohead‘s OK Computer was the first, and the text kept referring to Loveless. What Loveless I ask. well, Loveless was 2nd. I found it on my computer, listened it through, and went to the records store to buy it. I do understand why it’s on top ten. Of course now, it’s nothing so new. I can hear references to Siamese Dream of pumpkins, to My Bloody Valentine‘s label mates the Boo Radleys and Swervedriver. Also to Radiohead I think. But actually all those are references to Loveless, because it came out in ’91. What I do wonder that how the hell I haven’t heard this before? My Bloody Valentine was familiar as a name but not as a music. All those people I raved about Swervedriver, didn’t know to point my way also here. Don’t get me wrong, Swervedriver and MBV‘s Loveless aren’t really the same at all, but they have more incommon than many other band. And speaking of references, actually Swervedriver‘s Raise came out also on ’90 or ’91. So no influences there, maybe. I think Giant Steps by the Boo Radleys came out in ’93, and there I really find some connections, but you never know. Anyway, one classic album that I didn’t have heard, and now I have it. Which is brilliant. It is always brilliant to find GOOD music. But I still wonder how come no one point me in this direction when I was hearing Smashing PumpkinsSiamese Dream and Swervedriver‘s Mezcal Head etc. funny funny, weird weird.

rather on me


After listening more Jesu‘s lifeline, it’s getting better. Not as good as the three first ones, not even as good as conqueror, but alright anyway. The side A is really fine. The song with Jarboe is an annoying one since the bridge or what ever is brilliant but then the chorus is just weak. But eventhought is more poppy than the first ones, the songs doesn’t stick to my mind with the same volume as silver, or debut. Anyway, I have three copies of lifeline, now that’s stupid I know. I’m going to sell the other vinyl, but the problem is: which one?

I also got another vinyl copy of Pelican‘s City of echoes. Yes that’s stupid too, but I wanted pink/black vinyl, and now I’m dissapointed because the pink is so mild. And that album is still a mystery to me. Sometimes when I listen to it, it sounds just too much like heavy metal, and not so good really, and sometimes it feels really awesome. I can’t make up my mind really. And this isn’t even related to how I’m feeling, very weird. I’ll listen more and more.

I still haven’t got my Ulver‘s from jester. Fucking annoying and I read from the court that some people have already got their vinyl versions, I still haven’t got even the cd!. What is it? I’ve gotten packets from germany, states, japan, uk with no trouble but then something from Norway, which is closest country off all of those, goes missing. AARRGH! I want my fix.

Apparently I haven’t wrote anything about stuff I got from dotshop. It would be great shop btw is the post cost wouldn’t be so damn big.
New José Gonzáles is very very nice and good. There’s nothing new to the Veneer, but why the hell there should be. Some critic’s have said that the song material is not as strong, but I mainly disagree. Maybe there’s not instant hit’s but I’ve never been instant hit person either.

And this is so getting to me. I knew that José was coming to a gig in helsinki, but I didn’t really bothered. But now I hear that he’s coming with Promise and the Monster. And it didn’t mean anything to me before, but now I have Promise and the monster‘s Transparent knives and oh boy is that absolutely brilliant album? Yes it is. Should be on my, and everybody else’s top list of 2007. So what is it then? It’s simple, mainly acoustic, slightly sad and depressing, stunningly beautiful. There’s is connections to José‘s music, but it comes through mainly from simplicity and acoustic guitar. It’s bloody brilliant it is.

Efterklang‘s Parades doesn’t come to me as strong as their Under giant trees ep, but nevertheless it is a strong album. It often makes me wish that also would get a better singer, because the connection is there, between mt.zion and Efterklang but I just feel that Efterklang does things more polished and more on the note, which in this case is only a good thing.
I also got Lettersletters, which includes Mitchell Akiyama and Tony Boggs (=Joshua Treble) who are on their own and together (desormais) quite quite brilliant, but on this case, I’m not so sure about it. And I got Kim Hiorthøy‘s my last day, which I haven’t relly listened, but it’s Kim, I trust him.

With the Pink/black Pelican arrived also Earth‘s hibernaculum on clear vinyl. I’ve listened it once through and can only say that it’s pleasant. Worth getting.

I also have been playing some guitar myself, and actually new simple songs are coming, not with lyrics of course, but still it’s nice to be able to create something, even if it’s simple. There are some choruses that give my great pleasure, just playing and singing. I even have recorded some bits, but maybe I will not get those four songs ready for xmas present this year. maybe I’ll give them later, maybe not at all.

How’s life? well, life is how it is. Tomorrow would be a big party which was supposed to be a birthday of a friend of mine, together with her friends party, but now it seems that the party is only her friends getting away party with entrance fee and cafe and bar so I’m not really sure will I go or not. It would be a chance to meet new people though, but since it’s not even in helsinki… well I keep thinking about it.
I have met some new people, which is nice.
I should dance more, just dance. and stretch.
and write one grant application.

Still music is what I’m mainly revolve around to.

…on me

Such a tragical things happening in finland. Now, who would be sensible and count some 1+1 maths and add more funding to health and social care and some super extra funding to mentalhealth care? Probably no one. All those things were taken down on the beginning of the 90’s when the depression hit finland badly. Since then our economical situation has improved hugely (or so they say), but no one has said that the money should be placed back to these things. No, instead they are making lighter taxes and more freedom of big corporate business hoping that finland would have some jobs here left. Well, sooner or later someone in india or china is willing to do all things cheaper. We are heading towards US. Take care of yourself, no one else.
More we have people who have nothing to lose, more we have violence around us.
Our lives are sad and empty so please buy something new for yourself, with hope it would fill you up, and it won’t. But we don’t stop buying.

Speaking of buying: Got two albums today, MGR’s Wavering on the cresting heft and Jakob’s Solace. First one on orange/black vinyl and the latter one on, one red other black. Haven’t listened them yet, although I listened Solace from computer just. It was nice like I remembered. Will these two make my life more fulfilled, give me/life some meaning? Probably not. Nevertheless I have some hints that with out music I would be feeling much more depressed. Who knows really. I don’t want to try to be with out it, anyway.
I have written this before: I do think that the act of buying gives me some satisfaction, my though/hope of it, is bigger than the actual pleasure it gives me. Yes, I hope I would feel fulfilled after getting/buying something, in this case an album, but it doesn’t make me feel so. How ever after getting the album, the music that it contains has a chance to give me this feeling of fulfilment or happiness or contentment. This of course is not the case with every album I buy. Some of them don’t do much, some of them give me something and few of them give me this immense sense/feeling of joy and bliss.

Right now I apparently can’t stop listening figures by Aidan Baker. It’s really great, even if it doesn’t give me the sense of bliss.

Jesu’s lifeline is too happy/soppy.

I still haven’t got my Ulver from Jester. I don’t know where the hell post have misplaced it. From jester they promised to send me a new one, but I haven’t heard anything from them for a while. I think I have to buy the bugger from the shop.

Anything more personal?
Well, I was having my own rehearsals (or should I say practise) today, and it was crap. That just fine because yesterday I had one session for 3 hours and that went really nicely. So it was bound to go bad today. Tomorrow I have only an hour, so a quick warm up, and two go throughs, two different pieces other about 10 min and anpther around 20-30 min. Let’s see.

Christmass is coming. I better record something soon too.

I was on the premiere of wintercircus today in hurjaruuth. It was.. well I don’t really want to go there, go and see for yourself. But I had heard some rumours that Hannu & Kerttu could be taken on a re-run. I was doubtful and rightly: On the hand program of wintercircus was hurjaruuth’s coming shows for the spring and no hannu & kerttu there. Pity, but no surprise.

I think sometimes, on a company of the person I now, I talk too much. I am lonely. There’s no one to talk to, so when I meet someone, I talk too much. I’m like my granmother on the age of 30. Great.

Just a few

It’s somehow sad to realize that I wasn’t really given any chance after the beginning, maybe after two first years. Although it was me that affected a lot on those two first years that I wasn’t given any chance later. And I think she tried but just couldn’t do it. So is this for the best? What is best anyway? I think not.

It looks like that my only teaching job is going to end. At least last year they ended my class because there were so few people there, and now it’s looking the same. I just hope that they take somebody else there because those women deserve their stretching class. What this means to me? Well, something, maybe mostly just another failure at something, I hoped I would have something to give. Am I really giving? I try to, but I’m not sure are they receiving. But I’m getting a bit bored of myself there, I have to go to other people’s classes, maybe that will give me some new inspiration.

It would be so nice to be good at something, but like most of us(I think), I’m just mediocre in many things.

You can’t have it all, can you.

So just unlike Aidan Baker who seems to be very good at least in something (maybe many other things too, I just don’t know it). Resently I’ve received some of his solo work and I’m really liking some of it. Specially Green & Cold and Figures are both really brilliant albums. In a way they are also the easiest, since at least to me Green & Cold is pop really, and figures is really involved and around of the theme that keeps repeating every here and there and is also quite pop. (Now we have to have this quite vast definition of pop you understand.)
I also have Exoskeleton heart which is mebbe a bit more difficult, as is Noise of silence.

I listened more of Lifeline by Jesu, and well, if that would be the first release that I hear from Jesu I’m not sure would I look into it any further. It’s nice that things are going well, but to me its just too, cheerful… there is a streak of melancholy there, sure, but somehow I liked it more when the amount of ingredients where another way around (so wher the main ingredient was melancholy and sadness(?) with just a streak of hope in there)

Been also listening a lot of Velvet Cacoon which is pretty awesome stuff. Mostly been playing Genieve whenever walking from place to another and it’s just great.

Another very good album that I received is COH’s Strings, like always I’m bad at analysing music, so I won’t try, no, but this one is really good. And the lay-out of the packet is simple, nice and inconvient.

I know what I should do, yes. But can I get myself to do it?