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Not seeing much of it.

I tried to update wp quite a few times, but always it claimed that some table is missing from db. I don’t know what is wrong but of course I had a back ups so we’re back in 2.1.3. I don’t know what it really matters, this version works fine for most of my needs anyway, or all of them. New things only make new needs.

Anyway went to bed around six, didn’t get sleep until maybe around nine in the morning, woke up at five. But this goes nicely since I’m going to work tonight anyway.

My head keeps playing me funny pictures. The previous night I visited US at least two times, I rode a canoe, or paddled. I also drove quite a big ship, not as bick as silja or viking but big anyway. There was a lot of other stuff too, but I can’t really remember anymore. Seems like R is in quite a lot of them. I’m figuring this break up even as I sleep. Thats good, since I try not to when I’m awake.

There’s this thing I would need to write about improvisation and children in audience, but I haven’t got around of it and I’m not sure will I. I was so angry and I’m still pissed, but I’m not sure is it really worth a while. I just hate to see so much disrespect towards the performers and the artform I value highly and know how hard it is. Apparently the mother claims that she respect the performers too, but it doesn’t really look like that to me at all. Not to even mention respect towards the audience. If I would like to see children running around I can go to playground for fucks sake. Well.. maybe more analytic writing later on.

I’ve been thinking a lot of the top 2007, it will be hard.
Got Alcest‘s Souvenirs d’un autre monde as violet or purple or what not vinyl. I like it a lot specially the side A, but it’s not worth of all the buzz going around, or what went around. In the same packet was AmesoeursRuines Humaines one sided 10″. which is good, and also pic vinyl version of Katatonia‘s Brave Murder Day, which is still my favourite albums, maybe thats why I ordered that 3rd version of it, No sense I know.

I’m trying to look for new good metal, but haven’t yet found much. after She Said Destroy nothing has really hit so hard. But Evoken‘s A Caress of the void is definetly worth a buy. To me it sound like a mix of old MDB and Anathema and there was something else too [edit: uholy, that was it], anyway I like it. I’ve been trying to find it as vinyl version, but no luck yet. Also probably thanks to Velvet Cacoon I’m into black metal more or less. I was about to get Xasthur‘s Subliminal Genocide, but it was sold out which was kind of lucky, since at least with a few listenings it isn’t nearly as good as Defective Epitaph, which I should be getting too, but no vinyl vinyl version out yet(?)

I’m waiting a huge packet from Drone Records containing, yes, drone. Their own series of 10″ and bunch of Aidan Baker from which I’m waiting quite a lot. Maybe I get it tomorrow or on friday. Then there’s another order from another shop but it contains some pre-orders which will be out around end of january so I won’t get them in anytime soon. Specially because I’m quite sure that those pressing won’t be really ready on time. And then there’s always more, but there’s always more so what ever.

Maybe I should get a job and give up my artistic freedom (hah!), maybe if I do something (not art) from 3 days out of 7, every week. That should get me some money, not much but so that I can get by and maybe buy few albums every once and a while.
Let’s see.

My sister is by my side, good night and good luck to you all.

Test test test

I’m trying to back my wordpress plus other shite… testing

Trying to upgrade too but no can do… grr



Well here in finland we have this thing called culture, and thing called theatre. This man named Smeds made a new production from this highly knowed book/play/movie “unknown soldier”. Even before it was premiered tabloids screamed what not. Now it has premiered but still we have these smart asses like our prime minister who said that this version might have some artistic value but he himself doesn’t see it. But He hasn’t bloody seen it! He hasn’t seen the play! and still he can say something like that in a newspaper for christ sake. What a bloody idiot. The controversal part of the play or this version of the play is in the end where they apparently shoot/kill persons living, like our president etc. I do not know why, but I wouldn’t judge it before seeing the damn thing. I understand it might be uncomfortable to go see a play and see yourself get shot on the stage, but still I wouldn’t judge ar critizise it’s artistic value before seeing the whole play. You know the director might have some point there. You never know. Isn’t it nice to work on a culture field on a country where we have such an intellectual at charge.

I could have something else to write too, actually I have, but I’m not going to do it now. so later.

What happened to us here

Ulver-shadows of the sun
Ok, I’ve been listening to this album for a week now, mainly. I still play Loveless specially when walking, but on home Shadows of the Sun has been on repeat, constant partner. I’m wondering what can I say. It’s fucking awesome album. It is also quite hard album to get in, there’s very little repetition which is quite unheard of when we are talking about popular music (like rock, pop, metal). Then again is Ulver popular music? I cannot say? Then again is Ulver inside any of those genres? No, they’re not.

The Beginning, Eos is the most easiest way to get in, because in it, the “bass” lines keep repeating and the whole songs goes around of them. The melody is clear but but it doesn’t repeat anything. There’s now verses and there’s no choruses. This was pretty much the case on the “blood inside” too, but not quite. Vocals are awesome throughout the album but that was pretty predictable, right. Then after Eos, I feel that nothing repeats. This is not absolutely truth but it feels that way. If some part is done, they never seem return to it. (ok like on Vigil, the stunningly beautiful piano melody [that for some reason brings tori Amos to my mind] doesn’t really repeat, but they return to it later on, although with more electronic sound).

And what is remarkable is that they have crafted loads of hooks all around the album, but they don’t have to make those hooks choruses (which would be what pop/rock/metal music often does). They use such a little tricks, like piano melodies, that keep changing, some electronic noise that never returns. Piano and strings are actually most important thing with garms vocals on the whole album. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of instruments going on, but the soundscape is full and lush.

Garms said on some interview that he would like to have done the whole album without drums. I understand his point, but then when you hear how the percussions are used on the album I so disagree and am extremely happy that they got them there, listen the [song] shadows of the sun and when the percussion come along after the last word, what power that brings to the piano and the song, and it’s not huge sound it’s just really well crafted, pointed so sharply to it’s place that it has a huge effect without being huge it self.

Also Mathias Eick’s Trumpet is so well placed. Listen Let the Children Go 2:22, or All the Love 1:46

The only thing that I find annoying and am actually wondering is the Black sabbeth cover Solitude? Why is it there. The first six songs flow forwards so nicely and I feel that Solitude with is clear song structure breaks this flow. To me it jumps out too much. It still sounds Ulver there sure, not black sabbath, but still. To me it has more to do with the flow of music and the structure of songs/the whole album. So I wonder why? Because it’s not a bad song and it’s not a bad cover, but why here? I don’t know. Nevertheless that is a minor flaw which to me feels bigger because the album seems otherwise so flawless at the moment.

The lyrics are great. Some really deep thoughs. Simple, few words and yet complex and vast. It’s not just that the lyrics are good, it’s how they work together with the music. Listen the end ofWhat Happened? What happened to us here and then such a simple strings, which are not giving the answer but creating this feeling of unexplainable loss.

Yes I’ve been listening this on repeat for a week now. And today, even though not feeling very emotional otherwise, this album has made me cry several times. Out of sadness, beauty and joy. Not before but today. It has grown on me and I’m sure it will grow on for a long time. I keep thinking that I would give this album as an xmas present for everyone. I’m just afraid that it would be wasted on my parents though (but you never can be sure)

Do you self a favour, go into the shop. Get shadows of the sun and listen to it. not once, not twice but for a day, or week or month, let it grow.

A flower
Will open

On the grave