iPod and Aidan

Probably a small note.

This far scrobbling of my iPod has (usually) worked fine. To those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about go here.

But last two times it just haven’t done it. It’s deeply annoying, how the hell I supposed to be updated what I have been listening then? How the hell other people should be updated what I’ve been listening (like they care)? My charts are all wrong, Aidan should be more up! A great tragedy of times, you see.

Talking of Aidan, I’ve had some new stuff from him and have listened some old stuff as well (new and old to me, this doesn’t relate to release dates).

This far Figures has been clearly my favourite. It’s the most easiest one, having beautiful theme that keeps repeating (more or less) through out the whole albums. It’s poppiest and easiest to grasp. Green and Cold has come as a good second. Well, I’m not sure is anything changed yet, but clearly Scalpel is in the same vein as Figures and G&C being quite easy, a lot of singing, beautiful guitar stuff etc. Then on more atmospheric stuff I really like the Sea swells a bit… already because of the name and The Taste of Summer on Your Skin for the same reason. To be hones I don’t remember anything from the taste of summer… not theme, not rhythms (like there would be in ambient) I just know it’s good, and it has to be good because of the name. I would never forgive if somebody would use such a great name for something horrible. But when listen the actual music you’ll notice that it is good, so no worries there. It’s not just my fixation on great titles, it is really good stuff.

Great great. I also got Traumerei which sounded really nice, but I noticed that my computer has troubles ripping cd-r’s since towards the end of the album there is this rhythmic noise that I’ve noticed with some cd-players when playing cd-r’s. Then I noticed the same on the “Dance of lonely molecules” so it seems I have to rip then again and through analog input (cd player -> stereos -> iMac. No I don’t have digital input on my iMac, too old for that). And as for Merrel|Baker|Jordan – Nagual it totally refused to even recognize the cd. It has done it before with two cd’s and it’s still very annoying. It seems like I’ll have to get a new computer soon. Anyway I got Nagual as .zip from a friend of mine, so no worries.
I also just got Baker‘s Suchness. Suchness is a series from Gears of Sand and Aidan is the first contributor for the serie. I haven’t had time to listen to it yet though.
Let’s back up a bit. Both Dance of Lonely Molecules and Traumerei sounds really nice. Traumerei seems to be more song oriented than Dance… which is more towards ambient mass. But these are just tastes after a few listening so maybe I should be sharper here, listen a bit more.

He’s a funny guy. Releases a lot of stuff with his own name, arc and Nadja and at least almost all of the solo material and all of the Nadja stuff is excellent. I haven’t heard arc at all, and to be hones I try to avoid it since I have enough work as it is trying to find and get all of his solo and Nadja releases and listen to them all properly.

Ok, more when I know more. All and all, most of it is great.

BM and other things

So I got loads of usbm a while ago but I haven’t wrote much about it, I also got Deathspell Omega and Drudkh and I haven’t wrote about those either.
Then what there is to write about? I’ll try.

BM is one of the first subgenres of metal I’ve listened. I have Burzum’s self titled as a first press copy. I got all fisrt four darkthrones (eventhough soulside journey doesn’t really count). But Burzum I really followed only till det som engang var, and after Transilvanian Hunger I forgot darkthrone too. Actually those two are the only things I have labelled as BM in my collection, but of course later after DHG’s 666 international I got all of their previous releases which are pretty much labelled as BM too. Anyway I was wondering about the difference between Burzum and Darkthrone, and at least on those early records to me Burzum is much more bleak, sad, hopeless, melancholious, where Darkthrone has really great grooves on their albums (really, listen A Blaze in the northern sky) and has some of this jeering and defiant quality in. On the overall atmosphere and mood they are, to me, quite different.

Some how I connect this with Xasthur and Leviathan. I feel that Xasthur has a lot of this bleakness in, like Burzum. It’s really hard to pick up songs from Xasthur’s album because they seem to be this one big mass of hopelesness. Where as Leviathan has great songs and I pick easily my favourites. And also has some great grooves there too, like Darkthrone.

All of the above doesn’t mean that Leviathan would sound like Darkthrone, or Xasthur like Burzum though. They all sound different (and to someone who isn’t into metal they all probably sound the same) But there is something in the mood that to me connects them in this way.

Anyway I’m quite quite glad that I got the albums because there is something so touching in them. It’s a funny thing somehow, but yes, I’m touched. Both bands (Xasthur, Leviathan) are mainly just one person, multitalents lie in everywhere. Well you just have to handle guitar, bass and drums. But more importantly they both make good pieces of music.

I often notice that at least in my mind, songs work through pop esthetics in a way. There needs to be one really good riff and that works almost like chorus, then the rest of the song might have sections that I don’t really care for, (but which I’m not disliking either) and the song is great. Maybe this has come through trying to explain to some of my friends why something is good. And it’s easy when there’s a good riff and arrangement, but then why do I like those bits that seems to be just a bulk of noise with somebody yelling their eyes out. Hell, it’s hard to explain, but I just like it.

Deathspell Omega. To be honest I have mainly listened Kénôse, which is an ep and easiest to access, I guess. It’s great, the main thing why it’s so hooking is the endings of both sides. Side A is only one song which they end such a nice guitar pattern, fading everything else slowly away. Side O has two songs and again they finish the latter so brilliantly, with a riff that actually brings Unholy to my mind. Through out the album they have really nice moving bass lines and guitars sweeps. Great album. About two other albums I can so far only say that “fa -…” is better than “si…” which isn’t really surprise Fa being newest and Si being oldest (of these three)

About Drudkh, no not much, Autumn Aurora is a nice album but it hasn’t really yet worked on me.

Lately been quite lonely, always when I go somewhere where there is people I’m often alone, and if I’m not then when I come back home I feel even more lonely. So I easily stay home. But to meet people is to go out. And metting people is easy, right.

My grants application didn’t go through, so I made application for childcare. I haven’t heard anything from there either. It would be nice to do some days there, to get some money to also gather it up a bit for the summer.

Nadja relases are coming in on vinyl this year + Aidan is releasing loads of stuff all the time. Oh boy I’m in trouble.
I want more things. I want to get rid of my want of wanting things.
I need a princess. Way too much fairytales for me.
I have tried this buddisth/newage/hippie/manipulating the ether stuff, but so for, no goal.
You can change if you can, could anyone say it better?

But the festival time is soon. That’s nice. Let’s see how lonely I feel after that one. Although with so many people around it might be that the being alone after is a blessing.

I wish I could write about music well enough, that I would have the vocabularity to express what is so great about all the music I hear and listen to, but I can’t really reach it. Rare people actually can and even them don’t really reach it but they get close enough, so it’s interesting to read. I can’t even speak well enough about it. But I still should go to radio. Who else would play you USBM and Aidan Baker at the same show?