So now that you’re leaving

left already

Ok. I don’t know how soon I’ll get to here, I have no idea what kind of connection they have in tyumen. I know they have some since I’ve been getting emails, but it might be from his work. You never know. I have plenty of time to play around though, that’s for sure. I don’t know how I’ll keep myself occupied. Well I’ll take camera (FM2) and 3 rolls of film with me. 3 isn’t much that’s true. But maybe I can get more there if I need it. I actually think I won’t use even 3.

8G iPod is rather small when thinking of longer trips and teaching.
But it will be a long time till I got money to get a new one. And it’s so conveniently small.

4 hours to go. I’ve packed, enough or too much? probably too little.

Spend some time of last night figuring out how to get to Kiev with moderate costs. I hope I found cheap enough options. I would like to go there.

I wish I had a laptop.

Yes, I know this is addictive, everything with internet is, well most of it. This false sense of connection. I rather would be in the same place with you.

Figuring out plugins for wordpress. I think SOS pages will work under WP quite soon after I come back.

I’m wasting my day, watching them change
I’m wasting my day, waiting for rain


Okay I got some vinyl that I ordered on beginning of december(or end of october) I knew it would take time because couple of those, like The Ocean, was pre-order and I ws told it was going to be pressed on january or february. Nice to have them now.

Of course I haven’t yet listen to it all. So just a few words. Ion Dissonance’s minus the herd is ok but hasn’t really impressed me yet, it might still do it though. Textures’ Drawing circles I liked surprisingly lot, so let’s see what I think after more listenings. Bossk’s 1 seems to be clearly better than 2, I don’t think this will change but it might, like everything will. All of them are colored vinyl. Textures is only thing I haven’t really heard before at all. Cheap price and yellow vinyl helped my decision, I know I should not admit this.

The Ocean’s Precambrian is very nice, massive of course but that’s just nice. And I didn’t know it will be colored edition, so it was nice surprise to open it and find orange, red and grey vinyl inside. Good stuff, but right now I only remember second song from the red vinyl. It’s such a huge opus that I think I can spend some time really listening to it.

I also got a few other albums, like Moss’ Cthonic Rites and Twilight. but I haven’t really listened neither yet so I don’t say anything about them

About Aidan and cd-r’s Thanks to Ulla I got Candescence and Nagual ripped and thanks to Jussi I got Traumerei and Dance of Lonely Molecules ripped. So all the Aidan’s in my iPod. And even scrobbling seems to work now.

Let’s see I’m going for a quite a long trip, wiht my iPod, All the Aidan’s will be there with me. I just hope that when I get back home scrobbling wil work and provide the lists of those weeks.

All my friends are getting new macbooks. I want one too.
and a bigger iPod for teaching things.

I found small friends in my head. Bugger all. Now I want to get rid of them and hopefully have got already, rid.

So I should already pack, but before I have to do some more laundry

Relationships light serious reasonable or not are always…

I should get some more film (iso400) and take my camera with me…

I had a great week after sos. Performance was good and performing was nice. Mamushka was good also except that one drunken jerk you get in every place.

Now, in the middle again.

Good night and good luck to you all



So our first festival is over. I am thinking already the next year. Last things in sunday jam and after that out for some eating and red wine.

Sad and happy at the same time. Festivals are often such a highlights of life, lovely people, or at least enough people that you can be with the lovely ones. Lot of dancing. New faces, new things. Everything going well.

So coming back to your rutines (which I still don’t have much ) is kind of an drag.

Also my lowerback/pelvis is aching slghty but continuously which is totally annoying. Maybe I should go to ostheopath or some other sort.

Met Josphine and for some reason everytime I saw her my jukebox started to play Elliot Smith’s Alameda. I didn’t remember the title of the song, then, I knew it isn’t Josephine though. So today when I finally got home I played some Elliot Smith. Always one of the loveliest voices I know. Lot of doubled lines which somehow creates this soft harmony or fullness.

Teaching is hard. It’s so much more about the teachers appearance than what s/he actually teaches. I hope I’ll learn more.

What ever how ever. No princesses, of course not. Learning to perceive what’s there.

I know what keeps me in helsinki though.

Good night and good luck.