for anyone

I love this.

He has, no, had such a voice and talent to produce the vocal tracks. And ability to sing sharp. THere’s at least three voice track there. And such a talent for melody, and lyrics.

I love this.

Elliot Smith – St. Ides Heaven

I just pretended that I Fell


First of all I should take more photos, just for this site, and otherwise too.

I fell sick on tuesday (probably already monday actually).
Been in fever till yesterday, and right now I just hope it hasn’t risen again. I think not. I’m not feeling very good though.

But into the business. So what I’ve got.
New stereo amplifier, thanks to my dad mainly. Even with these old speakers things do sound better. I just hope that I’ll have some money to get new, smaller but better, speakers too.

I mentioned in last post that I got some albums, so a few words about them.

I got four first The Soundtrack of Our Lives.
For a long time I have been about to get those but I always wanted all of them (on vinyl) and if I ever saw them all on vinyl I didn’t have the money. Now I did. Wisely spent? maybe. Welcome to the Infant Freebase is first and already good, although there are somee song that clearly rise above others. Like Firmament Vacation (A Soundtrack of Our Lives), and Instant Repeater ’99. Very nice rock, like all the albums to be honest. The style doesn’t much change between albums, it’s just that on some albums songs are better than on others.
And they do progress, they seem to get better. No, actually the most hardest one for me to get into is the second: Extended Revelation for the Psychic Weaklings of Western Civilization, I can’t really say much about it. I have to listen to it more of course but it just seem to pass me by wthout leaving any recollection of it self to my mind.
The third was the hit. Behind the Music seems to inhold most of top songs Sister Surround being one very hard to get rid of once it has settled inside your head. Then Origin Vol. 1 is quite clear continuation, good songs there too.
This is almost too good mood music for me, but it still works. There is something very relaxing in their retro rock. And of course those couple of live gigs (probably from behind the music era) are still affecting my mind strongly.

But right now I feel that best purchase was Motorpsycho‘s Little Lucid Moments which is also quite clear rock. I already liked their previous Black hole/blank canvas, but it was really long and containing some good songs but also a lot not so great songs. In LLM they have long songs, but specially Suite: Little Lucid Moments (side A) and Year Zero (a damage report) (side B) manage to be such a beautiful mixes of hope, happiness, melancholy, sadness, regret(?) and great playing. There is something that reminds me of early Swervedriver which is never a bad thing for me. I really really like it. It’s funny, sometimes it’s just enough if there’s a couple of great riffs, specially if they understand to end (or start) with one. They have more than just a couple, but it’s those couple that stick to my mind and make me want to listen this album over (and over) again.

Got Shinings double lp, mainly because it’s beautiful I have both albums on cd, and then finally Supersilent 8, on cd though.

Then I got Leviathan/Crebain Split. I got it because of Leviathan, but quickly I noticed that I actually like Crebain lp more. It’s a funny thing I’ve got quite a few metal albums like this that I get something as a “side dish” of another and then I find out that I like the “side dish” much more than the main course. Hmm.. there’s so much black metal, and metal, when will I have will to look more into that genre.

then of course I got Aerial‘s The Legion of Dynamic Dischord ep, which is good, but doesn’t yet beat Black Rain from the Bombing and as a side dish got Greg HainesSlumber Tides which I have to listen more.

What else is new? Friends in my head…

I wait for the summer, but somehow after this quite light feeling I notice the heaviness trying to crawl in. Oh well. It’s been autumn here in finland for so long. I hope that the spring would come already.

Home again


Back home.

I though I would come home, go to shower and make some good cup of coffee. shite.
I open the door and see that the floor is covered with fine grey dust. I call my fatjer and ask what has happened. he doesn’t know, and recommends to call caretakers. They don’t know either. the whole flat is full of fine grey dust, from somewhere. there is renovations going on in this house but they don’t have any idea where and how it has become to this flat.

So instead of shower and coffee I start to clean up the mess. then I go and get some albums of which I’ll probably write later.

Right know I’m not feeling so goood and I’m thinking is it because of the dust, or is here something else in the air. Or should I just eat more? But no, I don’t think it’s the lack of eating..

let’s see…

See the chair, is full of dust. Let’s see how long my iMac survives and if it dies how the hell I can prova that it’s because of the dust and get it out of my home insurance?

Travelling was fine, I just hoped that the home coming would have been much more pleasant.