Heard your name the other day


I’m not sure should I do this, The song is Karen Revisited by Sonic Youth, from the album Murray Street.
The song is magnificent, but unfortenutally, in my opinion the magnificent part is only that 3 and half minutes. the rest is ok, but doesn’t contain same kind of pop simplicity and beauty than the first 3 minutes.

I always get stuck to this song (those first 3&1/2 minutes) and play it over and over again until I either cry or just have to stop.
It has just the right amount of sadness and memory and longing and happiness mixed in a way you rarely hear (this is something what Aerial managed to get from SY for their first ep btw).
Of course the lyrics do their share (specially about memory), but more importantly listen this with headphones and hear how the guitars work together. The middle one giving the base, the right side is playing ultimate hook, but at the same time the left side is doing small hammering thingies that are just… and on the top Lee’s voice.

…Ask me if I care…

So I want to share this with you (who ever you are). I just want to share with some one. And I hope you get the same amount of emotions and movement as I do. There’s such many kinds of beauty.

Memory fades


So a lot of new music as always.
You can read reviews of the new Portishead from somewhere else. Let me just say that I like it. It’s clearly Portishead (well Beth Gibbons voice is so recognizable), but at the same time it’s something new.

Capsule‘s Blue is good. Nice mix of fastness and slowness, simplicity and complexity. It stayd on my turntable for quite a long time.

I didn’t really got into Caspian or Beware of Safety yet, but I’m not on post-rock mood, so maybe later.

Bossk‘s 1. is very very good. but 2. doesn’t move me so much. Why is this? Well it’s very hard to say because they’re quite a like, but maybe 1. just has more catchier riffs. But this I have stated already earlier.

I finally got into Porcupine Tree‘s Fear of a blank Planet. Yeah it’s good, I do admit that. Also We lost the Skyline is good. I like the name dropping part. I don’t know what is it. I liked In Absentia quite much, but I never got the hang of Deadwing. Maybe I have to try it again. Also I got Bass Communion‘s Pacific Codex, which at few first listens feels an dissapointment and I also got 2 cd version of Ghost on Magnetic Tape, other cd being Reconstructions by A. Liles. About this I was quite happy.

Jacaszek‘s Treny is really good. I got it because of comparisons to Max Richter and Arvo Pärt. Well to me Jacaszek is somehow simpler music than the comparison, maybe just because he is using loops quite a lot on the background, but it doesn’t make the album bad, no way. And someways if you think of the mood and feelings (which are most important stuff anyway) I can hear connections to MR and AP. Treny is actuallly an album that I have listened quite a lot and I want to listen to it more, I have this feeling that I really should listen to it more. Of course I have the same feeling about a lot of stuff, but where with others this feeling is sometimes somewhat reluctant, with Treny it isn’t. Somehow the closest comparison to this is actually Greg HainesSlumber Tides which is good also. And no wonder since both are released by Miasmah, which is a label by the other guy on Deaf Center. It figures.

I got more Troum, but I won’t say much about that yet. Haven’t really listened enough except AIWS which I liked some much I got more, so that must tell you something. I actually got Equation records tan/halo version of Sen which is probably one of the most beautiful vinyl packages I’ve seen in a while… And Sen is awesome too. That I’ve listened.

With Troum and stuff I also got Pawel Grabowski‘s Arh. Lay out is so nice for a cd. Thanks for that. And the music is haunting but I was slightly annoyed to find out that track numer three is the exact same track as Cirr’s Song II. I want something new. Or at least I would like it to be mentioned either on Arh or Cirr’s Song 7″, that it has been used before (yes I can’t remember which one has been released earlier). But if you’re into ambient and drone and not too happy moods Grabowski is definetly someone you should check out.

After a very long while I also got some stuff from Temporary Residence Limited, and it reminded me why I like them so much. First when I got the package it was so badly torn that the cover of Sleeping People‘s Growing was also torn. Luckily the actual vinyl was fine, and it was colored (yes, it’s a big deal to me). I wrote to them and got an answer a next day where they offered to send me new one (cover) with my next order. It’s not really their fault at all (I said this to them), but they are still willing to make offers. It’s so nice. And then the music they are releasing is really great. Growing is an awesome album, although I tend to get stuck with the “last” song having, not just vocals, but Rob Crow on vocals which make all the difference. Other one from TRL is The Drift‘s Memory Drawings which is beautiful music and beautiful vinyl as well.

Then I got a couple of Nadja releases. they are releasing too much… too much I say… Or he is. It’s so hard to keep up just with Aidan and Nadja releases. God. Well I got 2002 version of Touched, from the internet of course. And Lo! it’s very different than 2007 version. To me 2007 is so much better that I don’t even have a words for it. 2007 version of Bliss Torn from Emptiness was better than 2005 version. Then about I Have Tasted the Fire Inside Your Mouth I’m not so sure. I actually might like the 2004 version more than 2007 version which was on the Radiance of Shadows. (I was actually lucky to get the “original” cd-r version of I have tasted…). But all and all, my hopes of new and re-recorded Nadja releases have been high. I’m not so sure anymore. Nadja/Netherworld split isn’t really that good. I actually think that it could have been released rather under Aidan’s own name, but then again Nadja’s and Aidan’s solo material have never been too far away from each other to begin with and Leah is playing bass on those tracks so, err maybe that’s a reason enough. Then I got re-recorded Skin Turns to Glass. The “original” 2003 version has some my favourite tracks in it, like Slow Loss. So I as hopeful, but no. They have lifted the tempo, and thus lost the slow avalanche mass that covers the listener. It’s a pity really. I have to say I was dissapointed. And yesterday I got Trinity which has three songs 1st Aidan’s 2nd Leah’s and 3rd Nadja’s and.. well it’s not bad, I’ve only listened it to once but it doesn’t really… Well actually I should shut up. After all I listened Bodycage‘s Clinodactyl several times until I realised how good it was/is. But on Clinodactyl there are these small pieces of melody hidden underneath the mass, and those stayed on my head. I’m not sure does the new one (Trinity) have those. I know if you search you can find Desire of Uneasiness floating in the net. And I have actually found it already, but as I did with Ulver‘s Shadows of the Sun, I’ve decided to wait till I have the “original” on my hands. Then of course I’ll rip it to my hard disk anyway and listen it through the computer like everything else now days, but it’s the principle that counts. Oh with the Skin Turns to Glass came a t-shirt, which I’ve been using (almost) ever since, it’s so great.

I still have to mention this “new” stereo amplifier which has given me so much joy, really things DO sound better. I just got the Boo RadleysGiant Steps vinyl back from my ex, and my good it sound good. There really is some bass stuff I haven’t heard so well with the old stereo system I had. Great great great.

So I’m a consumerist. that’s true.

Heyheyhey. At least one more thing about music: Audrey‘s new album is being released anyminute now by Tenderversion (cd) and Denovali (vinyl) I haven’t heard a single note, but I’m 98% sure that it will be great.
Other forth coming (or already released) stuff I should lok into are at least stuff from raster-noton (at least Kangding Ray is a must, and Ryoji), I also should look more into other Miasmah stuff (since Treny is grinding my brain right now, in a good way), I actually found Miasmah originally when searhing stuff from Encre, but it was already sold out, I hope they’ll get another press of it.

Ok other stuff except music. We have an premiere on next tuesday. Today’s rehearsals were ok, I’m slightly scared and nervous. Our musician keeps tells me how stuck I am, and it’s true there’s many areas where my muscles are stuck. like back thighs, hamstrings (is it really written this way). They’re tight, but I wonder what makes them tight? My breast muscles are thight too, and that’s probably too much of sitting in front of the computer (like right now). So there’s a lot of work to do.

As soon as I returned home I gained weight, too much weight, I want to get rid of it. I’ll try.

And after that (gaining weight) I was snowboarding for three days, thanks to Kati and Elena. It was great, I haven’t snowboarded about two or three years, and I honestly didn’t remember how great it is. There was all this hassle about going, like how is going, how much it will cost, etc etc. and for a long time I wasn’t sure about going because my low budget (all my money going to music that is). But I decided to go. On a second day it was very cloudy and foggy, and after three hills I had a small brake and then happiness just came to me. I was so glad that I came there. Then on our drive back to south I felt myself coming more and more tired and depressed more close we got to hellsinki. But it’s not just the place, it’s also this idea of being on a holiday and then coming back. So I’m not moving to north just yet.

Yesterday I was searching airfares to berlin, pretty expensive, but I’m late again, I know. But I just notice that with the same amount of money (into the travelling) I could also go to italy. Now the problem is that there is a week between stolzenhagen and oriviento, and that oriviento is pretty expensive, so maybe I’ll not go to italy… but I would like to. Then again who wouldn’t?