Shouldn’t say a thing

Ok ok.

Got to the net finally. Used an hour checking mails and answering a few. Got some important information where I should travel today, And didn’t write it down!
So here we are again, since the least amount of time is an hour anyway.

Travelling is tiring.

Got Extremely loud and incredibly close by JS Foer with me from stolzenhagen, and I’m pretty sure it’s Denise Linn who has left it there. Nice. I hope I’llreturn it there soon enough, or then some other book.

Good week, I actually regret that I booked my flight away so early. Place and people were nice and Paradogsbay’s program seemed interesting also for the rest of the week. But I think that the next weeks will be nice as well.

The whole of today goes in waiting and in trains and busses and planes.
As long as I get to sleep at some point it’s fine.

Katya was in Stolz too, and it was one of the best things in there. This doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a lot of fun and lovely people otherwise, But it was so nice to see and dance and speak and be in the same space a little longer than just few hours in coffee shop. And she’s so wise and compassionate I really enjoyed our discussions. Af course I met a bunch of other lovely people but I’m not going to drag them into this.

Dancing is good. Some great dances with new and old people and it seems that I don’t have bad dances anymore. Some might be akward but it’s not bad thing.
Saw some great dances too.
And the musicians were brilliant as well.
And the food.

Yeah, a good holiday all and all.

Things will continue, and go on.

Everything’s the same.

Your skin fits so well


When returning from a trip there was a pleasant package waiting. New Audrey cd “The Fierce and the Longing”.

I have written about Audrey’s Visible Forms earlier. It was and is such a great album, it’s almost shocking to find such a quality on one small label, A Tenderversion Recordings (Once We Were, Scraps of Tape, Audrey)

But this new one. Well of course because the debut set up such a high standards and expectations that the new album has a lot of work to live up to them. So the first times it didn’t really catch me, but after hearing around 5 to 10 times I can say. It dies live up the expectations. I can’t really say it would be better than the debut, but I can’t really say it would be worse either.
They’re really quite unique set of people, there is a lot of resemblance to many other artist and at the same time I can’t figure out who would do music like they do. From the first cd they have their own sound and it continues fluently on this second one.
There’s only two things I could complain about: no lyrics, I want lyrics! and the lenght is a bit under 40 minutes, I want more of ths goodness. But at the same time, it’s nice that they don’t have any bad songs around. So I should be happy, rather keep it short and excellent than a bit longer and merely good.

Hit songs? well to me the fifth song, Bleak was an instant hit and got stuck in my head. That’s why I’m going to offer that one. Well I’m not offering really. You hear it here, go to the tenderversion pages and order the album (+big ships 3″ single), it’s about 18€ and that’s a bargain (thinking that many albums in finland are still around 20€). Denovali records have also pressed vinyl version (yes it’s coming to me) so if you prefer vinyl go there.

I’m so glad of this, as soon as I noticed new album coming I pre-ordered both cd and vinyl versions, without a doubt. And the album IS great (now I just have to get visible forms vinyl from sinnbus). Ah… music saves my life.


Now, that you’re leaving

now that you're

On my last day in Kiev, this song started to play on my mind, luckily I had it on iPod.
Ever since (that was only yesterday remember) It has been playing in my head and in my iPod and on my stereos.
I’ve been writing already about Stina Nordenstam‘s album Dynamite. I still can’t find words to describe how good it is, such amazing productions, such amazing songs. Such a beautiful moods.
This last song wasn’t in my best list for a long time, since so many songs of the beginning are so catching. But somehow it’s sticks to your mind, doesn’t it.
And it reveals this such a beautiful sad hope that lingers around those ahahahaa’s around 1:27 and following distorted guitars. Everything is already said and done, and there’s nothing that can change the way things are…

If thinking the album as a whole, the new editions really suffer of the added “dynamite (soundtrack mix)“. Now that you’re leaving should be the last song on the album. I personally have removed the dynamite mix from my iPod and also kept iTunes from playing it.

I’m turning out the light
Now that you’re leaving
To see things black and white
Now that you’re leaving
To kill you in the dark
To give my last remark
I’ll stay up tonight
Now that you’re leaving
I’m running backwards on a train
All is coming back to me again
A crowd of people in my way
And everyone has got your face
Between what I was
And what I will be
I’m held back by your ghost
And what I couldn’t be

Stina Nordenstam – Now that you’re leaving