Hear the difference

Oh oh oh.

I got meself a new pair of speakers.
They’re highly praised in their range of budget.
I was thinking of other ones, but for some reason the manufacturer stopped the model.
Okay some names. I got Magnat 503, I was thinking of Tannoy Fusion 2.

Now back home with magnat, yes bass is there, but some how I like the sound of my old speakers. it has more middle range and less bass, with magnat the middle range sounds so different. It is there for sure, but it just sounds different, more silent. I’m not sure do I like that really. I guess I’ll get used to it too…
Then again when playing both of them together sound is so full. it’s great. only problem is the space.

That’s sound for you.

Then trying to listen difference between 128 AAC and 191 MP3 is also so so so difficult. I can’t really hear much difference.

Anyway. I should write something about the music I’m listening shouldn’t I?

Well that 128 AAC is Spoon Ga ga ga ga ga which I got from my friend and then I bought it on vinyl since don’t you evah and finer feelings are such a great songs and the rest of the album is pretty cool too. and then when buying an album you get a free download, so that’s how I got the 191 MP3, now I just wonder which ones I should leave on my library?
Actually Gagagagaga is so good that I also bought their previous (i guess) Gimme fiction.
Haven’t listened to it yet though.

I finally got the packet of Nadja vinyl: Touched (silver), Truth Becomes Death (gold) and Radiance Of Shadows (white)

I don’t know.
I’m not sensible at all.

I got three “songs” I should do.
Ice Queen
Lack of selfconfidence
Collar Bones

The two first ones are inspired by A from Kiev, such a cold woman. I had a great time in moscow dancing with her and making up songs and lyrics at the same time. (edit: great time doing working on three different things at the same time: melody, lyrics and dancing. Dancing wasn’t that great though, I was going a bit on autopilot)

But I had even greater time in moscow because all the other people, because of the whole festival. It was great me thinks. Of course I think that things could always be better (a Bit bigger jam space could have been nice) but all and all and with all the trouble they have had, the festival and the people were Great. Thanks a Bunch.

I gotta go, camp starting soon. I’m pretty sure that some one will hack into this post also, but let’s see.

Take Care now.

Roses growing


So back home, then off, back home and then off again.ZIP was great, thanks to every one. Great dances, great people, great city and Suberb ice cream.

After that 5 days in Purnu surrounded by art. Like last time, in 2004, staying there evokes a lot of small melodies and text. On 2004 I wrote more than I had written in a long time, and wrote ever since. This time it feels almost impossible to move without humming or talking a bit. I notice that I fix myself pieces.
Next to “garden of delight” I have this talking thing, text remains the same, movement varies within my own scale, not a lot though.
In hall five, is a triptych, so my piece is in three parts. first one with humming and repeating, meditative work with spine, sitting. next part moving in space, somewhat typical movement patterns of mine, also certain places in space start to repeat themselves, the third and the last returns to the humming of the first part, with even more silent body, humming and movement fading.
Hall seven, which is hard place to work, evoke this song in me… I just recorded it now with my iMac, and it’s 0:31 so I couldn’t do it very loud, or even in normal volume, but since I’m so fond of it right now, and since I know I will not have a change to do it again (here) anytime soon, I’ll just put it up. All the words and melody came up in hall seven, with three huge singers with flowers on their heads, two small metamorphosis and some photos and paintings. If you happen to visit finland and tampere/orivesi, you should visit Purnu.

Ok, tomorrow I’m off again. All the best.

Good night and good luck to you all.