This is skin…

elephant shell

Ok, somehow I think that this band has had a quite amount of publicity already.
But some more.
I got this from the internet.. yes sue me… oh, no please don’t.
I fell in love with the first song: Centennial. It has the qualities I always fall in… not really sad, but longing, somehow. And of course the first lines of lyrics helped: “this is skin you can wrap all of your arm and legs in”.
So when I found the album on vinyl I ordered it of course. And it had mp3 download coupon with it, with some bonus tracks. Way to go! That’s how I like it (BTW: Also Band of Horses Cease to begin vinyl came with download coupon). So I can legally listen the music with my iPod, as well as in home from vinyl.
Tak, somehow most of the song sound a lot like each others. Mainly I think because of the vocal melodies. IT’s ok though, when listening more they start to separate from each others. However I haven’t found as brilliant pearl as Centennial is. Enjoy, buy the album, shouldn’t be too expensive.

Tokyo Police ClubCentennial

Anything to make you smile

cease to begin

When I first heard Band of Horses I didn’t really get into them. Then I heard that tey formed from remains of Carissa’s Wierd and though that I have to, since Song About Leaving is such a magnificent album. So I borrowed Band Of HorsesEverything all the time from my good friend and fell in love with the first song, the guitar melody is so catchy, it’s brilliant, it alone justifies the whole album, but then I got the album for myself as a vinyl, and learned to love the rest of the album too, eventhough the first song is clearly the HIT for me.
Then their second album Cease to Begin came out, and for some reason I didn’t catch it. Maybe I read some review or something, I don’t know why, but I didn’t get it, or hear it at all. Then in the beginning of summer I was visiting my friend again and asked what he thinks about the Cease to Begin, He said is ok, so I got it from him. And I fell Totally in love with No one’s gonna Love You, it’s so sad, and so beautiful and so great, this time it’s not the guitar, just, it’s the whole chord loop and the melody, in the verse, Chorus is ok, but the whole thing is in the verse, and then the words:
“Anything to make you smile
You are the ever-living ghost of what once was
I never want to hear you say
That you’d be better off
Or you liked it that way”

Such a greatness, and still after the summer and even though I got this album also on vinyl, I can’t get pass this song, I only listen to this one, maybe at some point I can actually listen the whole album, but not yet.
So I want to share this Gem with you, who ever you are, and hopefully that will get you to buy both albums, and also to look into Carissa’s Wierd, eventhough it’s totally different.

Band Of Horses – No one’s Gonna Love You

Chances are

roll the dice
Right now Nadja‘s Stays Demons is pouring over me from 4 speakers. It’s awesome.

Updated wordpress, lost all my categories, from posts and links. Got into the datebase finally and tinkered a bit, now they should work again I guess.

I’ve gotten so much music that I can’t even remember what to say about those.

Well I got all three Nadja colored vinyl: Touched, Truth becomes Death and Radiance of Shadows. They’re all great, but that I already new since I’ve been listening those for a while. But somehow vinyl is so much more satisfying, specially when it’s colored. Yeah strange me.
But this I’ve mentioned already in the previous post. It’s so hard to remember what I’ve told already.

But sometime ago I got new Nadja releases. The first one, on their own, is the Bungled and the Botched which has two songs, title one and Absorbed in You. The title piece is absolutely Great! I was so happy since i really didn’t get into Desire in Uneasiness at all. I can’t remember anything from it. But the Bungled and the Botched is again the kind of Nadja I really like, somehow based on one simple riff that just works so well, brilliant! Then the second piece Absorbed in You is a re-make. And it doesn’t open to me so easily, not yet at least.
Other Nadja release is collab with Black Boned Angel Christ Send Light and it’s awesome!!, brilliantly simple, full and lush. Emediatly when I heard it I ordered more stuff from BBA and only after that I read that Christ Send Light is quite untypical track even with their collab (their recorded at least three tracks from which the two are going to be released later on) and that’s why it has been released separatly. Nevertheless it’s great. Strongly recommended.
I got one cd from BBA already and I’m just now listening it for the first time. If you’re into droome (doom and drone) it’s not bad. But I think I have to spend some more time with it before saying anything conclusive.

I also have got some new and old stuff from Aidan Baker. Old being rerecorded. I can’t say anything from them yet, seems like he keeps his standarts pretty well.

Apparently I previously also mentioned Spoon‘s Ga ga ga ga ga and the hit songs from there. Let me tell you taht unfortunately after a couple of listentroughs Gimme Fiction doesn’t show as much potential as Ga x 5

I also got (a long time ago) Audrey‘s The Fierce and the Longing as a yellow vinyl. The album is very good, but I do prefer Visible Forms. At the same time I got September Malevolence‘s new effort After this darkness, there’s a next (clear/brown). I heard a lot of praise for their debut album Tomorrow We’ll Wonder Where This Generation Gets It’s Priorities From, but for some reason I didn’t really got into that album at all. I much more preferred other Tenderversion artist, like Audrey, Once We Were and Scraps of Tape. So I was a bit sceptical towards the new one too, but it gave me a pleasant surprise. warm vocals that remind me a lot of Logh and good songs. It is of course rather melacholic (or that’s how I remember) so I’m always sucked into that kind of stuff easily.

With those I also got Gregor Samsa‘s Rest, and some other stuff that I haven’t really listened through even early well enough to say anything about them.

Visited Robotic Empire’s store and found ISIS live IV as honey colored vinyl. Well you know what that means. at the same time I got GiantsThey, the undeserving and I found the Life and Times Suburban Hymns as a clear one.
Now, I haven’t really listened Isis or Giants anough yet but the Life and Times I have.

Long time ago (like 2005) I got this sampler from souhern records which contained Coat of arms from the Life and Times and maybe because of that I also stumbled on My last hostage video and I really liked it. I mean the song, video is ok too, but the song is great. Back then I wondered should I orde the album, but I never got around of it. Now when I saw the vinyl I though why not (clearness helped) and hey, the whole album is rather good. Of course I easily get stuck on the hit song, but because it’s being vinyl it’s quite easy to continue onwards. I am really pleased.

Another vinyl I’ve been listening lately is Ihsahn‘s angL, I just got it without listening. Contrary to most reviews in the net I always really liked Emperor‘s last one, Prometheus. To me is not chaotic it’s beautifully composed through out, with awesome riffs and melodies and whatnot, truly powerful work. And according to information floating Prometheus was mainly Ihsahn‘s work. However for some reason I didn’t get into the Adversary when hearing the samples. This time however I didn’t think much (it being vinyl helped) and got it. And it’s a bloody good album. Great pieces through out. I really should look much more into metal since it just always touches me so easily, at least when it’s good. Sadly it’s so hard to stay in tuned with all of the stuff happening in so many genres. I should be in the business, but I don’t know how.

Which springs to mind that I haven’t mentioned new Cult Of Luna, Eternal Kingdom. It’s hard to believe that CoL could dissapoint at this stage, and you know what? It Doesn’t Eternal Kingdom is yet another great album. However at the moment I do prefer Somewhere along the highway, but then again when SAtH came out I preferred Salvation and how wrong I was. So it might well be that Eternal Kingdom will continue rising. Strongly recommended to everyone.

And while I was ordering the rerelease of I fall into You by Aidan Baker“>Aidan Baker I happened to order loads of Wereju, drone and drone. I can’t say much about it. It’s drone, it might be good. It’s not bad at least.

Also new Bass Communion Molotov and Haze and old Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun on vinyl.

So how is life?
Full of music.

Travelling is nice but the downside is that all the lovely people you meet life far from you. And often you stay one week in somewhere and maybe on those last two, three days you start to feel that ok, this person I would like to know better, and then you never do because two days just isn’t enough. This causes more travelling. Ain’t it fun?

But life is good.

I’m trying to read about Tao and Te, and to me it seems that when reading William Blake, Buddhism and Tao they have more incommon than separate, If you really look at the principles. Everything’s the same. But let’s not be too hasty. Big things. Everything was, is and will be.

Do take part or apart.

bloody wp