CI for me

Slightly, lovely sunshine outside.

I ended up to write this to my friend who is starting CI, kinda.

Though I put it here. Whole of my (ci)dancing is based on these simple things. It’s simple, eventually.

Advise: find the sensation of relaxing, and sensation of support.
you can find this by leaning to the wall. You’ll get support from the wall and also from the ground.
And when you think about it, the wall also get’s it’s support from the ground. so all of the support (well most of it, friction also has it’s thing to do) comes from the ground. Then you search how can you relax into this support. relax doesn’t mean that you’re totally flegmatic, not using any muscles, but if you use them as less as possible you start to use your bones for the support because that’s what they’re there for.
So you use muscles to align your bones so you can have support.
That sensation of support through your body is a big key, at least in my dancing.
I listen to the support through my body and through my partners body.
That also tells me where can I pour my weight, because I want my weight to be supported. so I can pour my weight to the places where I can feel the support of the ground. Well I can pour my weight to anywhere, but to pour it somewhere where I sense no support it doesn’t make much sense, and it might not be safe either.

Then weight shifts. If you go on the floor with you hands and feet on the floor and just explore how you shift your weight, so it’s start on both legs, goes only to left, goes to both hands and legs…. so there is always 100% of weight, and you jsut think how you divide that onto those 4 points. sometimes one point can have it all, some times it’s equal to all four, sometimes there is 50% on some, 30% on other, 20% on the last and on is free to go somewhere else.

You do the same thing with a partner when you are dancing. your total mass is 100% you have 4 legs and 4 arms, plus you can use other parts of the body too, you’re just shifting you common weight together, always moving on the support of the ground, feeling the support coming through your own and your partners body.

One more important thing is direction. If you want to give support, you cannot go away, and if you want to get support, you have to give it too (except when your on top of someone and s/he is taking 100% of your weight). So even if you’re going to the opposite direction in space, you always keep on reaching from the ground (the place of support) to the point of contact and thus giving that support of the ground to your partner.
Remember the weight and support doesn’t need to be much. it can be just 1% of your own weight that is going trough your partner, but if you sense with that 1% the support of the ground through your partner it’s enough to tel you A) where your partner is B) is it possible to pour more weight into this point of contact (point of support). Point of contact isn’t always point of support, but point of suppoort is always point of contact.

There is more things for me to write, bout watching (performance) and taking apart. but this I’ll do later. Rehearsals, then off to see performance…