So what now?

I’m back in finland for a while.
Visited Argentina’s embassy and heard I need no visa. Called to police to get a new driving licence and heard it will take 8 weeks, bummer.

Found out that one of my Western Digital hard drives doesn’t work. It goes on and then clicks, like starts to spin the disc, clicks and slows down spins again click’s and so on maybe three or four times until it stops totally. My iMac says the disk couldn’t be read. Macbook’s disk utility shows the disc but says it’s 2TB so that’s not right. When I bought it (about two and half years ago) webpages said it has 5 year guarantee, I checked when I bought it from the guy, who said “if it says so on our web pages it is so”. Check the receit today.. well 2 year. wrote to them but they haven’t answered.
Funny thing is, nothing has happened to the drive. It ahsn’t been in power or connected to anything. Within 3 months nothing has happened, only thing that could do something is normal room dust. well, maybe now on I need to get seagates which actually DO have 5 year guarantee.
What got lost? I do not remember everything…. I hope I get the bytes back.

Before all of this I travelled from ibiza to Düsseldorf, where I waited 8 hours for connecting flight. Yes they were on time, that’s why the flight was so cheap. It would’ve been ok if I wouldn’t have had a most massive headache I remember having, like hours… Huh.

WHen I got home here was a lot of packets. So today I’ve been already listened Kongh’s Shadows of the Shapeless, which sounds bloody brilliant. Back When’s We sand as ghosts, which sounded good. Jeniferever’s Spring Tides which sounded adorable (what is it with those swedes?!?!). Isis’ Wawering Radiantwhich will tae some more time to open I think. And right now I’m listening Travis + Fripp which sounds good. Of course.
+ there is bunch of other vinyl to be listened + some cd’s like nadja collections new Jesu (my hopes are not up though) Yoshi Wada and some awesome looking stuff from Wereju (all of them Idrone park releases) and I mean looking I really dig the lay out.

Today starts a SOS meeting. I feel slightly sick, my throat hurts, but I’m going. Actually I’m driving a car. Good thing is today I also found my driving licence, problem with it is that it’s old one, big, and no one recognize me from that picture. Oh well… maybe I’ll get a new one anyway… and it can be sended to me.

What else. I feel strangely positive, of course a bunch of vinyl helps that but also otherwise. It’s nice. I start to pack things for the weekend meeting…

Good night and good luck to you all.