I was in brasil.
Nice festival.
Nice food… No wait. The food was nice because you can get fruits from sacolao very very cheaply.
Mango’s are super.

Because getting a ride with a car we came before xmas. Ok ok, maybe we should have stayed there.
But now, today we’re going of to cordoba, first somewhere then to cabilla where there is mountain and ufo’s because city under the mountain or whatever. I had a wish that we would change the year there.
So we probably will.
Then we’ll see how long we want to stay and after head of to south.
El bolson probably.

THese few days in BSAS has taken a lot of money and a lot of sweat, much hotter than in Florippa. Good sides of BSAS, easy access to Cachafaz which are my favourite alfajores this far. I would like to taste some more of amaratotto‘s
Why they don’t bring this stuff (cachafaz/amaratotto’s) to finland… Ok, Havana’s are nice as well, but this far Cachafaz win totally.

There’s nothing much new. It’s hard to write about kilometres of beach with crushing waves, hawks flying over, thunderstorms that go on hours and light up everything all the time so that the moments of darkess are shorter that the moments of light.

And yet I find some problems with me as always before, how to meet people.
When I’m not in the jam, dancing.

But I met some lovely people, I hope and I’m pretty sure I’ll meet most of them again, somehow.

OK, pretty soon we have to go into the night bus and I still have somethings unpacked.
Top of 2009 coming, but it’s feels difficult this time.
Lot of the things I’ve not heard. I think that these past 6 months have been… I don’t remember when I have listened so little music as on these past 6 moths. Anf when I get back to helsinki I can probably spend weeks just listening through the vinyls….

Good luck and good night to you all.