…is golden

Again, long time.

Kiev was a blast. A lot of dancing, nice classes and it was good to teach.
Now in ibiza, and no work yet.
Maybe I’m not doing enough for it?
I should, but I’m bit shy somehow, to go to places with my non exitent español and ask for a job. I don’t know why. Well something small is in the future, but I need more. Just so that I can get back here for Etic after ECITE.

Last night I slept in a tree with my hammock, Up in a tree. And yesterday I was looking a piece of land with super trees. Maybe I’ll go over there since the house/room situation in here is slightly bit complex and I’m not here for so long after all.

Something physical coming my way?
I was running yesterday. For about half an hour almost continuously. I was surprised as hell.
Even with the broken fivefingers (shoe) because a little dog named Mia ate part of it. But today I should get it (the shoe) fixed.

Today I’ll attend (very soon) to Monika’s contemporary class and that should be fun as well.
So life is, going, moving, life is.
Not so sure about anything, but no need to be. Everything was, is and will be ok.
It’s ok.

If you wonder about the title of the post, check the ganji. I often forget this.

I have a feeling I had something important to write and not just this blaa blaa, but maybe I didn’t.