Taking a chance in the Open


From Robert Rankin’s The dance of the voodoo handbag again.

Down the busy shopping street,
Tripping over two large feet,
Frightening babies at the pram,
Sneering at the traffic jam,
Maladroit Mal,
Nobody’s pal,
Taking a chance in the open

Over local village green,
Geeing up the beauty queen,
Yelling great and profane oaths,
Making bakers soil their loafs,
Maladroit Mal,
Nobody’s pal,
Taking a chance in the open

Up the cut and down the dells,
Followed by unsavoury smells,
Crawling and



Maladroit Mal,
Nobody’s pal,
Taking a chance in the open

Uncomprehending Towards Destiny

ah... By Terike Haapoja
Picture from Purnu 2009 (I guess) Art piece by Terike Haapoja.

So more sharing of texts that are not mine.
This is from Chuang-tzu, The Inner Chapters translated by A.C.Graham. Notable though that this piece is not exactly from Inner Chapters. On Grahams translation there is a considerable amount of outer chapters as well. They are also quite clearly divided, so if you’re really interested I recommend this translation much more than the Feng&English one that I mention in earlier post.

When Chuang-tzu’s wife died, Hui Shih came to condole. As for Chuang-tzu, he was squatting with his knees out, drumming on a pot and singing.
“When you have lived with someone”, said Hui Shih, “and brought up children, and grown old together, to refuse to bewail her death would be bad enough, but to drum on a pot and sing – could there be anything more shameful?”
“Not so: When she first died, do you suppose that I was able not to feel the loss? I peered back into her beginnings; there was a time before there was a life. Not only was there no life, there was a time before there was a shape. Not only was there no shape, there was a time before there was the energy. Mingled together in the amorphous, something altered, and there was the energy; by alteration in the energy there was the shape, by alteration of the shape there was the life. Now once more altered she has gone over to death. This is to be companion with spring and autumn, summer and winter, in the procession of the four seasons. When someone was about to lie down and sleep in the greatest of mansions, I with my sobbing knew no better than to bewail her. The thought came to me that I was being uncomprehending towards destiny, so I stopped” (Chuang-tzu, chapter 18)

The Spurs of the Cockerel

Pic from Ecite 2009.

I have a lot towrite but I haven’t done it.. and the when I think I do I will forget what I had to write. But now, just so that this kkeps safe, I’m gonna write someone else’s text. From the book The Dance of the voodoo Handbag by Robert Rankin, I poem (I guess) that’s between chapter 3 and 4. The Spurs of the Cockerel

Boy racers pass in large numbers
Waking priests from their reverent slumbers,
Vanish in clouds of blue gasoline
Leaving dark marks where their tyres have been.
Engines that move by the power of ten horses
Occupants altered in shape by G-forces.

Boy racers pass in their white GT’s
With the spurs of the cockerel behind them

Climbers on peaks in the Andes
Dream of the life of the dandies,
Slim cigarettes held in holders of jade
Drag boys who stroll on the glass esplanade,
Cool Coca-Cola in blue-tinted glasses,
Silver decanters and late dinner passes.

Climbers on peaks sit and wonder
With the spursof the cockerel behind them

Crass Latin waiters hold trays up
In clubs where the night person stays up,
News-reading ladies in glittery togs,
Paid baby-sitters look after their dogs,
Cherries that toast in a sea-fire of brandy
Debudantes sipping their apricot shandy.

Crass Latin waiters swear under their breath,
With the spurs of the cockerel behind them.

Brown paper clerics read masses
To herds of the best-tailored Fascists,
Fast people’s custom-made Rolles and Mercs,
White hands that ill disguise tailor-made smirks.
Silk-lined cravats and velvet pray-dos,
Never a glimpse of the old tennis shoes.

Brown paper clerics are playing it safe,
With the spurs of the cockerel above them.

Not that I’m bitter

Not that I understand it, but I think the poems are the best part of the book.
This was my favourite but now when I read them again (only the poems, not the book) I think I have to share couple of others.

Good night and good luck to you all

Top 2010 kinda

Well. I remember this being hard already last year, and now it’s even harder.
So why should I do it?
I notice that more I travel the less I really listen or find new music and nevertheless I do find music, but it’s not necesarily new in means that it would have released on 2010.
So I just mention a few, not in any kind of order.

William Basinski - Vivian and Ondine
William BasinskiVivian and Ondine
OK, released december 2009. However, superb as mister Basinski’s work usually.
Please go to his page (link above) and order.

Songs of Flowers and Skin
Aidan BakerSongs of Flowers and Skin
Release if I remember right. Nevertheless great work, more song than ambience oriented. I like.

Recyclings two
Bass Communion / Vidna ObmanaContinuum recyclings volume two
Remixes by Justin Broadrick. Yeah.

final + ffb
Final + Fear Falls Burning
Yes this is good.

perfect gap
Summen Perfect Gap
Great great great. I have to write more about this and Monopot. And it’s FREE. Although I really recommend to either make a donation or then order the cd-r

Great great great great. This is between monopot and Summen. Superb I’ll write more. And it’s FREE. I think these two might be the “saviours” of 2011.

Since this don’t really tell much. I’ll add few lists from last.fm.




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