Bright Red


Went to see a room. but it was way too expensive… I rather go back to finland.
In search for house/room, work, scooter. Que Bien.

People are nice though.

Soon off to the festival.
I don’t know what to think or to think.
Not think. No think.
No thing.

Anyway… since I don’t get this done I just decided to put it here.
Bright Red. Like it a lot.

Of course it still lacks things, like bass and set of strings on the end… but hell…
Let’s see if I get them done at some time.

Feel Free.

And return

So here.

Not knowing much. Practising of not knowing. SInce I don’t know much anywhere else either.
Things will come along. and if they don’t I do. Or who does.

Clear sense that I should meditate much more… discipline… I am bad with discipline.

Somehow the less I write the harder it is to write. What to write about.

Days are going easily onwards, strolling. Doing something with plants… right now taking them down.
Started on a spoon but not knowing will I finish.
Slight loking for a house, but I’m not disciplined with that either.
Or looking for work…

But I don’t have worry right now… What should I worry about. I could, but right now I have everything, so what should I worry about?

Throw some coins. Throw some dices. Pick some cards.

Now I should concentrate on the future though.
Application to make… so print out read out write out print out send out.

Less sense I make the better it can be.

why is this subhuti?


I tried to find Watts’ the way of zen as pdf. No can do. I have it in finnish though but I don’t want to translate the stuff that’s been on my mind. However the book is easily find as an audio. So here is the little quite.

Take it easy, I say.
Cat Power says “You are Free”
And truly, we are.