now after


On the airport again.

Came from frieburg with the flight I took to be in helsinki on sunday (two weeks ago) night so to be ready in tapmpere on monday noon. Flight was late, then there was a thunderstorm in berlin and we went somewhere else. waited and fueled there for an hour and then went to berlin. Got a hotel night (why I’m always travelling alone when this happens) and was very very late in tampere without my bag because it didn’t arrive. Luckily they brought it to tampere on tuesday.

Rehearsed with Noora and Hanna for Hanna’s final work, a dance film.
It went nicely.
THen on monday ( a week ago) we went to the shooting location and met most of the filming crew. Stayed there on lovely old house with Noora and on tuesday we started filming.
It was so nice to work with people who know what they are doing and are doing it. In a enviroment where there is kind of hierarchy but it’s not about someone really being higher than other… so maybe not hierarchy but order of things. Where people are listening to each others and everyone is aiming to do their job as good as possible and still being open to hear other suggestions or ideas. Supernice people. And then of course the food that our producer got from this great vegetarian restaurant, really good food, every day of the shoots and always so much that we got our dinner as well with Noora (the ret of the crew wasn’t staying in the house)
And everything went well. Now I keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well with the development and transfer of the film. And thenit goes to the cutting board. and then… maybe in october(?) it will be ready. I’m very curious how it will look.
Great great people.

Otherwise been talking philosophy with Noora, Such a drag that I understand rationally but I can’t grasp it really… but then what is the difference between… Maybe I just think there is a difference and thus the difference exist. Myabe there is no difference.

How do I sense, perceive myself. What is perception, sensation without words to define it. Pain or pleasure.

Filled up the grant application and N&H read it through and helped to formulate some sentences better. Mailed it, and now I just wait what happens, if it goes through I’ll go to argentina and brasil. If it doesn’t go through… well then I have no idea. well some… But I think things change so easily. Sveta has been teaching me Thai and maybe I would like to study that more. traditional thai massage. So if not South America, maybe studying massage then. Who knows.

I’m entering to place and presence of people which is making me… nervous. I think that is the best word. But then It’s also a place of dance and I want to dance.

I’m also very very tired. Again I have a joyfull flight that is leaving at 5:30 from HKI to BNC and then at 23:10 from BNC to IBZ. Whole day in barcelona without any sleep.
Well maybe I sleep in the plane, and who needs sleep anyway? Well I do.

Work, work with dance, That is what I like, but I need people to work with me. Kollektive would be so nice.

It will come.

After all

In freiburg.

I had a super lovely week in danmark with 100 dancers. Great people, great time, great learning for myself. I’m so hapy that I went and so happy that I met all of you. Enjoying the labs, the time, the “performances”, the philosophical breakfasts, and the Great food of Tash.
I could wirte about it and our “performances” in lenght but I don’t feel to do it now. maybe later. Reason why I use ” ” around performances because it was not performance as such, it was also exploration, research.

Something is trying to tell me somthing. on the first day in the city I fell with the bike. Stupidly and now my skin is open again. My left wrist is rather bad.. But it will heal.

Cöpenhagen is a lovely city. just rather expensive. But I would like to spend more time over there.

After denmark I flew to frankfurt where I met Katya. It’s always lovely to meet good friends even if shortly. And what even better I had a really nice discussion with her boyfriend. I hope we will meet soon again. There seem to be lot I can learn and share.

Today I noticed that someone has apparently copied my visa electron. From my account has lifted around 300 Euros in moscow. and I haven’t been in moscow. So I deleted the card. Now the money is reserved from my account but if it really leaves, i need to go to police and then make a reclaim to the bank… probably I’ll get it back, but it doesn’t help me much now. Luckily, I’m not alone in this world.

Ok… I don’t push this. It seems I have a lot to write but I don’t want to push it out now…
Freiburg fest is starting today. I go and find apotek (pharmacy) to get something for my wrist and then over there.