Clouds, fading


On my way from ibiza to berlin i wrote something on some phone app… But i leave it out for now.

Since instagram is only working on phones and since flickr has 200 pic ture limit on free version i just might put up another wp blog just for pictures. How ever it will not be under but tathagatagarbha, just lile view the day (which i gaven’t updated much since starting to use instagram).

Materialism rules my world atm, want new bag (again) and more knives and loads of albums of course

Seems like i’ll be going to argentina and brasil, very soon, but more about that later.

“last trick i’ll do
Sound can be seen
This is the main title
Briefly shaking”
Anja Garbarek is brilliant.

Toys to play with


Just trying out of this. I know i should write more. I want to write more. To whom, she asks, you’re writing this? To whom am I writing this? I don’t know is anybody reading.

Later, i’ll try tomake some sense of this.