Madder Mortem


I found Madder Mortem long long time ago.. something like 2002 I think.
I got the their first label release (I think) Mercury. Can’t remember mcuh from the album. It had it’s moments but at the same time female vacoled metal and Norway had the 3rd and the mortal which was superb. How ever Mercury wasn’t bad in anyway.. but but…

Next album All Flesh Is Grass was much better, but still… mmm. there is lot of good but there is something about Agnete’s singing that… just is not super.. well.. she’s good… and the songs are ok.. but something still is missing…

I don’t remember any songs from either of the first albums, actually I know that they’re ok, but… Just haven’t stick to my memory (although nowdays it’s not so unusual)

Then next one Deadlands, I waited that one already.. so it’s good, but actually I always listen just Silverspine since the whole beginning riff.. or part is amazing… the song itself is actually slightly too long, somehow, but that part.. everytime it comes into my ears.. uh… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s deeply physical.. there’s somehting of a wave there, something of a spine, it’s really hard to be still when I hear it. And of course the chorus “this is all yours if you want it” stick to mind very easily…
All the time Agnetes singing has been getting better and better and on Deadlands it’s very hard to find anything to complain about, but something is still missing….

Then comes Desiderata which has a huge amount of real hits on the first part of the album, My name is Silence starts the album really greatly. The nice or bad thing, depends on your point of view on this song is, that the chorus is rather boring, but the verses are super, amount of violence and anger… the chorus is somehow too easy for it.
Next song Evasions starts off with such amazing riff.. or part.. it’s the same as in Silverspine, it moves. and then verses… are workig… actually the bands playing skills have been rather superb already from beginning, but on this album (and specially on this song) also the arrangements work really nicely.
Somehow, to me Madder Mortem has thic common thing with Life Of Agony. Both bands make superb riffs, but almost always the song also has some part that is just not working, riff that is… if not bad, then mediocre. Difficult.
But even I’m not huge fan of C part of Evasions, they would have to make it really bad to make the song bad…
Anyway Desiderata is good, but often I stay with the first part of the album…

Then the reason why I am actually writing this.
Eight Ways was released long time ago… it was recorded even longer time ago, 2008.
But I, I really listened this first time in BSAS this january…. And my god… somehow I can’t say anything about songs. THey are, of curse good, but there is no istant hits in there. The aspect that totally captures me on this album is Agnetes singing. My god, my god… I had to hold my tears in the not so busy streets of BSAS, She is so totally there. There is no apologies, the weakest link has become the strongest. Her range of emotions… well.. no it’s just that she’s there. There’s is few situation which are crucial, the easiest to spot is Resolution‘s speak part that goes into almost screaming… it could be so easily be… bad… but it’s not, because she is not doubting or holding back. The strong parformance continues straight away on the next song Different kind of Hell. Her voice almost distorting… just a bit. It’s great great great. I have no words for it, I just don’t. The songs are good, and she is awesome.

I wish I could just congratulate her… well. maybe I can..
Anyway If Madder Mortem is not familiar band for you and you are into good music, you should check them out.

Madder Mortem – Resolution (from Eight Ways)

Madder Mortem – Riddle Wants To Be (from Eight Ways)

repeat retreat


So now.

What I was supposed to write?

How it’s hilarious why some hetero men are so homofobic. It’s unlikely that they would be rapes (possible of course, but keep your senses), so what is the threat with someone being homosexual? None, and it’s more women for “us”. And why we want to define person only by his or her sexuality? Wierd. All of this comes up of course that we have president elections on sunday and the far more better candidate is outspokenly gay.
At the same time, it’s so wierd how all those “feminist” etc are wanting more immigrants over here. Well, why not, but if you look at the cultural differencies and how women (or homosexual btw) are treated in many places where we are taking the immigrants from, maybe the immigrants should have pretty damn good brainwashing when they come. Cultures and values are relative, but mine are the right ones.

Another little bit less serious fun is in FB and probably many other places going around the fun pictures of left and right side of brain. Left is pictures brown and dull, right rather colorful. In order to make that distinction they have had to use the left side of the brain. Whole of this culture is all the time left and right, black and white.
I’m that a lot. Totally judgemental, not allowing gray anywhere. Black or white, right or wrong.

Relativism is fine, but usuallypeople just use it to escape on ackward or difficult situations. You should know.

I’m my mothers child. collectig stuff, I just hope I can avoid ending up the house full of stuff like she.
Well maybe vinyls, and cd and music…
And I have had a lot of music lately, so much that I don’t even know where to start.
So should I start at all?
Maybe not.

Going same old rounds. same old rounds, but with slight change.
SOS coming up next week.
Then a work with autistic people.
THen going off to teach, I think these will be my last workshops outside of the festivals.
Or… well… I need to get a real job, maybe then I get inspired again to teach, when I don’t need to think of the money. Money ruins everything. But also I feel that I just don’t get enough appreciation. Well, of course my ego is a bottomless hole so I don’t know what would be enough. But I think just a bit more would succeed.
In brasil I got few very nice feedbacks. So it’s not that I wouldn’t get anything.
I was really happy to teach, actually I am inspired of teaching, the act of it. But I on’t feel need to do it so much. Like, if people are not interested, why push it. maybe it would be better to find another pathways. More possibilities, like my little loved one says.

Right now I don’t have a flat or a house, it’s ok..
It will come.

Im often in a state of… not boredom but somekind of none coherence, not being able to concentrate verylong to anything… aimless, wandering aimlessly… without the actual physical wandering.

Been talking a lot with Marko about bikes. I like biking, I should get a good bike, if I would know where to get it.
I could get it easily here in helsinki/finland, but I’m not going to stay here for a long, for now. I think. who knows.

Politics are strange.. I should go in… and sort out things. But I’m too lazy to write about them, find me so we can talk.