No body

Well, I’m not sure what to write now either.

Being dealing a lot with wordpress but not really getting anywhere.
Just setting up blog like hell… well, sorry, not blogs but websites.
Lot of work still to do, but I need to first figure out things with other people.

Been taking pictures a lot… Wait when was the last time I wrote something?
Just checked.

So Ibiza time was cold, very cold. It can be warm on the outside but the houses are still cold cold cold.
The spring jam was nice but I’m maybe getting over dosage of festivals. Let’s see how the kiev goes now.
After Spring Jam we had a little meeting with a certain group of people and that was really great. I hope we continue. Actually I’m very happy our little group process and the fact that it really seems to be continuing.
Had some difficulties with the relationship, we don’t really understand each others so easily. But once that was sorted out of the way, all was fine.

Malaga was great. Mainly because of workshop organisator Virginia, her husband and their dog. Lovely couple, lovely people. I’m very greatful that we had to change to be with them, and greatful to Virgiia that she organised my workshop (that I actually got payed for) I was all the time thinking that it’ll be my last workshop, but really. Who knows.

On my way in Malaga and in kiev was reading some short text about buddhism and meditation. It’s interesting how I’m drawn to prayer flags and mahakala’s but at the same time I think tibetan buddhism has often taken a really wrong turns. But then again so has zen. So maybe I should read some text over there (from zen I’ve only read a bit of Dogen)

Reading “more” Ug Krishnamurti. More because the books have a lot of repetation to each others. But he was an interesting guy. But maybe I try to get my favourite quotes later.

So now in Kiev. Don’t know what to do what to do. But I think that’s always my problem.
Have set up site for massage and Holistic Personal Training

Today I’ve been listening music from denovali records and it’s annoying because there’s a lot of stuff that sounds nice, good, but is it really great? I do not know. oijoi. Yes yes, same repetation: good work, good pay, good home.

What I’m really happy about is my friends. It’s so nice to know that we’ll be close to Monika and Mattias and hpefully Sebastian. And most porbably I’ll meet Katja several times more this summer (well, 3 but that’s a lot). Great people. All around. Thank You.

No politicts this time.

Not even

I have no idea what to write.

Went to Brighton to do a wrokshop.
Became sick, did the workshop with Caroline.
Just enough people to almost cover my travel expenses.
Ahha. But it was nice to have Sveta there, even me being sick.
And it was really nice to see Caroline since we haven’t seen for such a long time.
And thanks to people who offered house to us, specially Ian and his friends, I confess that I found rather nice music from their cd shelf. Lot of the things that I have as vinyl but it’s nice to have good copy off them.

Then we continued to freiburg and here was no people at all, ok well 2 but you can’t do a wrokshop with 2 people… I was and am really dissapointed specially since I was and am really into the topic of this workshop that didn’t happen, so maybe I do it later.

Suggested to Monika to do a intensive in ibiza with Katya, since they asked Noora, Panu and me but N&P couldn’t make it. But now I read that Katya is doing intensive with Asaf, well, it’s understandable since they have been planning something apparently.

All and all. For a long time I’ve been thinking that I quit and I need to find some other jobs, so maybe universum or what the hell ever is just amplifying my thoughts because certainly I do not feel appreciated as CI teacher at the moment. But there is a lot of good CI teachers in the world so be it. I just notice this bitterness in me that I don’t feel comfortable sharing my knowledge now for “free” how ever I assume and hope that this feeling will pass once I found something else to do. Oh and my darling with her new age thingies is telling me that actually sharing or passing information is my thing. Well, I suppose it is sine both of my parents are teachers of a sort. Apple doesn’t fall far and so on. Anyway… having feeling that trying to do these workshops is just not working now, but I happily do festivals since I like festivals even when they are not making money but they are making something else. So I’m quite happy to go to Kiev and Altay and freiburg and Ibiza festivals when the time comes. I’m specially happy with Altay since I’ve been there once and I really like to go there again and because I like the organisators, and of course i could and can say the same of all of those festivals.

So last few days in freiburg, and it’s a nice city, specially because Jenny got us bikes, and it’s been really nice to see Jenny because well, she’s my twinsister, we actually have the same birthday. Been “shopping” a lot, not actually getting much but just going around the shops and coffee’s

Tomorrow we should head to ibiza, which is nice, only minus thing is that we are flying with ryanair and we only got 15kg of baggage per person (+10kg handluggage) and we are pretty much on the limit. I was trying to lift it when checking online but I could only have bought another bag, and I do not have it.
In the morning we leave to frankfurt and then to hahn and then to ibiza, I hope sister Monika will pick us up.

Life rolls, today I have been feeling quite I don’t know, low, not sad and not depressed not even so much worried, but low… knowing that tomorrow we’ll travel with too heavy bags the whole day again.

Bought tickets to Kiev and decided that we’ll stay the whole may in there so actually I’m there like six weeks, If anywone reading this has a work offer for me over there, please let me know.

Work work work. what to do? At least I know that I would not like to work with childcare or autistic people for a whole time basis. Every once in a while is ok.
Thinking also dance. Can I do it by myself, without other body, would it be interesting to watch? Do I have an idea or inspiration?

Check the photograpsh on sinewaved. that is nice.