So imagine this, I’m writing Again.

I though I had something.. wait…
Music is leaving behind, I’m unhappy but right now I have no resources for it. Althoguh it’s not leaving behind in my head, so now worries.

Got some mail… well thinking again about intimacy and why it seems to be so hard. Well it is hard.
Meating people is easy, but for me it’s rather difficult.. I don’t know why it feels so unnatural or difficult to go and introduce myself… To do it fluently I feel I need to put on somekind of mask… a play.. somehow.. well, at elast at the moment it’s like this.

So to stay working here (if there is a work) means quite little money and the first month without nothing… and then finding a moto and house and so on and so on… But then again I’m interested of the job. TO go to finland means totally open everything but theer is more friends parents and networks and jobs for sure but then again not so certain that the jobs are nice ones.
Anyway, I don’t have to worry much about it yet since they will have meeting tomorrow and then they know what they want and then I can decide what I want…
Anyway it looks like I should rob a bank (again)

Oh like I mentioned before I’ve been drawing with brush and ink… straight link to some is this. you can find more, I have taken picture and posted about every page I’ve done…

Art, what the hell is art.
Life, what the ehll is life.
Hilarious isn’t it?

Good Job offers! please send them to me…

Looking for flights again… oijoijoi… bank, robbed.

I’ve been in slight ache for a long time… I don’t do enough… or I’m getting old and now i really need to start do things.

Same old.

heatwaves and seashores


So now…
After novosibirsk Altay and freiburg and now back in ibiza.
I’m waiting to hear something about coffee, maybe I’ll stay here, who the hell knows.
Heard my friend working with 11€/hour on massage and I can’t really understand that.
If that is finalnd I stay here, but really, who the hell knows.

In Altay there was lovely people.
In freiburg there was ovely people.
In ibiza there is lovely people.

What am I writing about?
Well… I finished song of fire and ice… the fifth book. Now I’m among those waiting for the 2 last ones.

In altay I tried to read Giorgo Agamben in english. Somehting about how sovereign who is making the law is always outside and inside the law…
All of that is about language as an own entity…
I don’t really get it, but it provokes some though patterns so I’m rather happy about it.
Also finished What is a Man by Mark Twain, sounds pretty sound to me.

Been drawing a lot with brush, thanks to Sasha and Peter for further inspiration.
You can find a huge bunch of pictures in sinewaved if you’re interested.
The drawings Peter made in freiburg were awesome (I don’t have pictures of those, only my own scriblings),you can really se that he is a viual artist.

3 festivals starting, I can go to all of them but I think it will be too much.
So maybe I only go to intensive and food on the first one and try to move out of there somehow. questions questions.

Today we went to swim and it didn’t help at all, actually I felt worst after since all of the salt. It’s oh so hot and sea is oh so warm. But I’m just telling, not complaining because there is water to drink and food to eat. heat is just heat and with shelter somehow easier than cold.


met Jules in Freiburg and I got kinda interested again in loopers and whatnots. Specially since the jam music didn’t really work for me (Jules wasn’t playing, when he was, in teachers meet, it did work), But when this would happen, I do not know.

Anyway, if I stay here, I need to figure out what to bring and what to leave.
If I don’t… well, easier easier…

Missing some people.. we are so spread out this little family… but families are.
Soon meeting again a lot of lovely persons, and some not so lovely ones, as always. You can’t like everyone.

Mogwai playing in my head but not my headphones. Scott Walker playing on my headphones.

I’ll go now.