Heat waves and rain drops

Listening Alan Watts..
How do you write at the same time.
But I do.

Long since…
to whom I write to?


After spending five months in finland, well, very small trip just before end of it to Cöpenhagen…
After spending almost five months in finland, it was time to do our first performance evening as TTTT.
It went nicely. I hope ther future performance went as well.
Me, then again left on the next moning towards Ibiza, where we had MTP meeting and then the Wetting of two dear friends. Has any party ever been as good as the wetting? I don’t know, it was good. was dance quite a few hours, with the help of inspiration from Asaf, who seemed to be dancing even more.

After wetting hanged around and tried to help a bit with the house, but I feel that I could have done more.
I need clear schedules I’m afraid.

Flew to Marseilles, to meet Mathilde and Julien. Went to Apt and ended up to sitespecific performance, ate great sausages had fun, and on the next day continued towards the mountains to do the global underscore. You know what, dancing is great.

after returned to Marseilles, did a version of “everything’s the same” but didn’t take on video.

on last day, went to have a little walk along the calong with Julien and then hopped into the train to paris where Natalie was picking me up with Velip. Bicycling is great.

La ferme jam was great, since dancing is great and there was great people dancing.
So of them were well met, some of them even better.

Flew to Poland where enjoyed a lovely hosting of Wileka and finally found the yellow black onitsuka tiger’s mexico ’66 on right size and bought them.

I wasn’t expecting much of the Warsaw Flow, but hell, it was one of the best festivals I’ve been to. Big part of it was the smallness (I think 50-60 people) and at the same time the other festivals that were happenign around and were incorporated loosely in. So almost every niht after jam there was a bar in next by lawn and hammocks and a stage, so I went with someone(s) to have beer or two… some night there was party and music… and then on my way back to hostel there was another party… Dancing dancing.

After all of the enjoyment, spacially after my two little workshop days when we were in the bar drinking beer and making bodyworks… I went to berlin.
Berlin is hippy or maybe it’s the people I meet there… well, Lemmer is not very hippy at all.

I had the reason to return to Paris, so I did, and am here now. It’s been really really hot. And today is the first one that it’s raining. at times… rain and heat.

More personal..
Human being is a strange thing.
When I though I didn’t get into the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts to study dance pedagogy, I was rather sad, depressed…. Then when I heard that actually I’m in, I have this.. Uuhh, what, I need to be in frankfurt for 2 years… aarrghh.. But actually it’s quite pleasant.. to ahve a structure around once again… Of course there’s a lot of questions, mainly about time and money but all and all I’m rather happy about it…

That’s about it… again… later.. maybe about control, freedom…