And on we go


Could write, but again I’m nonplussed, what?

That my descriptions for my classes are way too unclear for my teachers.
And I’m thinking how much it has to do with the culture. And how much it has to do with me being unclear or wanting to be unclear.

In someways, clarity is utter bore.

Poetry is never clear yet it is. But what is the content of information? well yeah…

Have worked about 5 days with Dasha and Sara, it’s good but we would need at least 2 weeks more.
But we knew that this is a try out, something to consider, shall we continue or not. Of course D going to Brasil, and maybe S as well, we need to think where and how to continue.. if…
But all and all it’s been great.

Then off to Malaga, then off to Ibiza, then off to Bilbao… then off to Frankfurt.

Interest and uninterest. Engaged, disengaged.
Still thinking how this nothing disengaged from everything.

Life is good.
Actually no, that is a lie.
Life is.

Tale to tell?

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