Fin lan dia


All the things I think I do I don’t do, unless I have to.
Original though of, what the hell I’m going to do here for 3 weeks turns to, oh my less than a week and I still haven’t done this and this.

Beautiful people here, but I still think I might live somewhere else.

In germany they estimated my dentistry to be about 700€
I came here, over here it has been 670€ with government health support (but in private dentist, to public side in helsinki you have at least 3 months lines). So what do I learn, just fix them where you are… And I’m not even sure how well is it made over here… since the teeth that had cavities didn’t hurt, but now after fixing they do hurt.. And now I also lost one wisdom tooth that still keeps bleeding.. slightly..

Good news is that after last sunday’s dancing in the jam my back feels normal. It was hurting for a long time after Ibiza. But now, it seems to be quite ok, although I need to take care of myself.

Did a treatment for Gesa. I was really tired, but I also felt that I should be doing it more. There’s so many things from which I feel I should do it more. Singing, playing, massaging, dancing, writing, reading, art.

Since a loss of warehouse space I’ve been organising a lot of my stuff again… Just noticed, oh yeah. will I get my home at some point, where to listen all of the tons of vinyl I have. And, I still have plenty of music I haven’t really listened to.

Got a bunch of stuff from raster-noton, and that label doesn’t let me down. Some brilliant stuff. Most of the UNUNN series are delightful… well.. half… and Senking is really good.
Digitized some stuff from drone records drone-mind series and they are brilliant as well.

Right now listening to Nadja’s Queller which I should get in the starting week on vinyl. Great great great. I am still amazed of the quantity and quality that Aidan makes. There’s so much, and all of it is if not superb, then good.

Soon back to frankfurt and school. things to do. Would like to visit some friends close to germany but again it seems like there would be no time at all. we are busy all the time till xmas holidays.

Really no great revelations. I could write about the books I should read, but I won’t right now. Let’s just say that I heard a (another) lecture by Mårten Spångberg which was inspiring, well, no answers but anyway. Already before the whole public commons and undercommons in FFM was great and lot of inspiring people talking. Then readin Agamben, Patterson and Debord with some others… But a lot more reading to do.
Oh yeah, IF you have a change read Vaslav Nijinsky’s diaries, the real non edited one. It’s great, and saddening at the same time. I remember how few years back “sacre” was in finnish Opera house (the Hodson reconstruction) and now I’m really dissapointed that I didn’t go to see it.

World and people are amazing.

Tale to tell?

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