Do not breathe.
get away from your body.
Sense nothing, no touch, no vision, no aural, no smell, no taste, no being, no space.
Think too much.
But really Think!

A commentary.
See how you compose, conceptualise the surroundings and yourself.
Stop doing that.
and you don’t see.
It finishes.
and so do you.
You are not your “mind”
You are not your “body”

If you are, you are.
not having anything at all.
You are not.

Time is a “flow” of sensations, but sensations do not flow, nor does time.
An “event” is the time frame where a change is made and/or acknowledged/recognised.
It is conceptual time and the time of conceptualization.
Other time is not conceptualised into an event and as such does not exist.
Things do pass nevertheless and “things” do change.

You are dependable of things and things of you. Nevertheless they do exist wether you conceptualise them or not, wether you are or not.

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