A company


I’m here, next to you. Sitting, fast moving.
Cars, planes, bikes.
Dancing, and rarely I’m dancing.

Not life itself.
Not knowing anything of life at all.
A company, commentary.

You say(see) it’s not enough.
I wouldn’t know it yet.

And all the sign I read, say love.
And I agree, love is not enough.
Life is, but I know nothing about it.

And on some other land, you think off jumping.
Over here I think of jumping.
Most of my childhood I dreamt of falls.

I dream having wakizashi in my back, a simple one with all wood covers. Knowing I would like one, but unless…

I would like to return, to have a place to return to.
And I always return to two places, finland and ibiza.
I could stay more in this island. Although I still have no idea what am I doing here, but this feels good. Eventhough at the same time I’m not happy with the extensive use of petrol.

I wish for invitations, to teach, to do, to learn.

Weeks ago a conversation about decisions and how to make them. Other people’s decisions are always easier than your own.
A company.
But own are the same,
A company.

I’m asked if I’m a poet, since what I write in facebook. and yes I am, but who publishes poetry, and who tells when the poetry is good enough to be published. A book, pages, a company.

I don’t mind working but I’m still not sure what the work is.
Bojan telling that holidays are best because then you can work… all of that administration stuff etc is just things to survive, but the thing that you love, that’s the work.

Love love love.

I can’t remember when some one has touched me as lovingly, with as much love as you do.

Croissants and coffee, I like the coffee machines.
There would be a million albums to buy.
Do I want work, or to survive.
Love love love.

And the current goverment is fucking up so badly that I’m thinking when the first acts of terrorism appear.
Fucking greedy corporation cumsuckers.
If life should be deserved, they deserve not.

Who the hell voted them? and yes, I know they broke their promises, but I’m not surprised.

People are amazing.
A company.