if not now, when


I notice.
on current year, I wrote on august, and september. So why not november.

I’m in china. The internet works funny. No google, no Facebook. Not all bad, but god, aren’t I dependable.
No answers, but I’m working. First with katja in Japan, which was great. Not because of the work but because of the people we met. Zden, Takao, Yuuki, Kyoko, Gaiken, Ayaka, Hanano, Seika, Maya, Tomomi, Toshio list goes on…
One of the greatest thing was the last week teaching in high school. The students were Great, just simply, great.

Now I’m on my second day in china and chongquin. And it has been great as well. I’ve been well taken care of, and it seems it will continue for the next month. In a day we are heading for the tea country and the pictures I’ve seen have been amasing, and I assume the place will be even more amazing.

I keep missing to somewhere else, but at the same time I’m ok where I am. I know that I’ll get there anyway.

Musically.. well, James Welburn’s Hold, is just stunning. Also new Senking sound good.

So why am I writing. Mundane notes about life. I guess just for writing.

New languages to learn.
I am amazed. Yet this might not be recognizable.

I feel, that after this travel, I’m ready not to travel.
Come to me, and I come to you.

Tale to tell?

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