Chosen Path


Ok, I need new pictures.

In Paris, lot of everything, my head is the same.
But played some guitar.

I started to play this in xiamen china… It’s same old, if you take one of my first songs, “million miles” and this, they are very much the same in the simplicity and in chords as well… I can’t escape it. I don’t create I repeat. but I still enjoy it a lot..

So, i recirded this with my sennheiser momentum headphones, they have the mic you see, so it’s actually that mic, hanging from my headphones. 2 guitars, 4 vocals. 2 vocals doubling the main, 1 vocal doing harmony under and other doing the same harmony one octave above. Fairly simple.

I would-t know how I’ve been, since I
fell down on the chosen path

All of this is a dream, so why
we think it should last

I’ve been holding thightly my head , but I
still see the fallen ones

No one knows anything, all just
repeating patterns from the past

Either you hold onto me, or the
wind blows us far apart

neither truth is here to see, nor the
lies fills the holes of our hearts

all this fullness is so empty, and the
freedom is not our part

why not to let things just be, as they
have been from the start

Tale to tell?

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