Slowly crawling


So where we are now?
Where am I?

Same same, all different.

Getting annoyed by the same things as always.
Thinking about the same things as always.

Things don’t really change do they.

All depends on the scale you look at things.
Or is there someone looking.

how much of our coming extinction is related to “surplus” that humans are almost the only animals that actually gather extra, thanks to a concept of ownership.
That thee can be a person, or an instance owned by persons (like company/bank) that then owns houses, plantations, animals, forest, land. Food and shelter.

Aren’t we facing the current catastrophe mainly because of surplus because of extra, because of manufacturing and wanting all the time more things to own. (I’ve been browsing webshops the past 4 days constantly, of nothing that I really need). Surplus of a state or of a person. extra. How many other animals kill of hoard things for just incase… I know some animals do taht as well, but how many of them to the extent as we?

And we, as humans, at least some of us, new that it would be coming, andd even now, when everything is so clear, there is people in places of power saying that global warming is nothing real or nothing to worry about.
Funny animals we are, but then again, we are, most of us, if any of us living in democracy.

Catalonias referendum was illegal says EU and that is why the actions of police, beating old people, beating people just being, is justified? Please, Law is always a question of agreement. it is clear that “spain” and “catalonia” haven’t agreed for a while.. so what is law then?
How is it that in “democracy” it is so illegal to cast a vote, inthe election/referendum that is illegal (=with no legal binding=no effect) that it justifies hitting people. when cars can be stolen, taxes can be avoided, people can be robbed of their houses, police never resorting to violence. And how is it possible that EU and the representatives are not able to say simply this.
How about if “spanish” government would have played it another way. Saying, ok, have your referendum. Urging everyone to go and cast a vote. to make sure with international observers that the referendum is following all the rules. And then when the referendum is clear, let’s see what this really means, withing taxes within, market within everything… Thinking of how many procentage of people actually vote… I don’t think that the vote would say yes for independence. Where as after this… I wouldn’t be sure anymore.
Personally I think that the referendum is not binding, only because there is too small procentage of population that actually voted.
But now, all have excalated and we never know. What is clear though is that EU representatives are cowards. and the spanish prime minister and the government are fuck up’s. But then again, most of the governments are complete fuckup’s… let’s not even start with finnish one.

Is there other things, yes. we are all going to die.
IT’s so relieving.
This year, I think it was already before reading Timothy Mortons “hyperObjects”, When walking through the cities I have had such a clear feeling of all this being passed already. Gone. Still here but not for long.

And I think my ideal, or wish, to have a stable home, to have a family(?) and at the same time reminding myself, that me, and the children specially have to be able to move, geographically, easily, fastly, safely. and create their safety not on place but being. I still do buy vinyls (mainly Miasmah, Sonic Pieces, Infite Greyscale), which is in total conflict with this.

Things are not stable, we are not, and I try to let go of the letting go so long that there’s no letting go.

Tale to tell?

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