A city, lights sounds, greyness.
All over, buildings, pavement, sky.

But a lot of dance. Which I don’t really take apart.
Same difference, I should move more.
Been running a bit and my left knee hurts.. well, not exactly knee.

Thinking of Rolfing, but for that I need a loan. If I can get one.

I see these “playfight” and “marshall dance” workshops coming up, and why I’m not making one thinking what are my talents in it? yeah, marketing marketing marketing and branding and stuff.

Embodiment as well.

and eople to explore and work with, this is a lack, and that lack comes from place time money.

All that matters is?

Not reading enough, but not getting myself into it.
Read few books of Brad Warner, american, but kind of nice since it’s… how would I say this, considerate without being “politically correct”, over careful.
The simplest things are always way too difficult.

I’m not writing because there’s nothing new to write, and after all, who else I would be doing this than to myself and I know all I think already.

Water is amazing, it’s pretty much impossible to really understand what is a wave, and at the same time it’s very easy. I am a wave, we are.

That should be easy, and it isn’t. this is the way it is.

Nothing new.