pathetic and somehow funny.

Oh dear. CCheck the video.

NY times – vista [Via]

Hang on, Id

feed me
Not much coffee today.

Again I was in the shower when the postwoman came and ringed my doorbell. Went to open still and got a packet from germany. There was seidenmatt, Kam:As, Torchous and Masonne.
Till now I have only listened Masonne through, (and it sounds as good as the samples made me expect) and Kam:As’ a gap in a building and that didn’t sound bad either. Happy am I, am I?

Trying to pack things up but it’s really terrible. It needs thinking and organisational approach. I don’t have either right now. Made a chai today and added some pepper, too much actually but the pepper really get’s it going. Not ginger, pepper.

“stop singing this song now”

Not to even think all the food stuff I have. And I noticed that I actually have more kitchen stuff that I want to keep than throw away.

And all the paper stuff, that I know I’ll need when I start to make another handprogram or cd cover, but that might not happen in a year so what the hell I do with them right now. Throwaway all away.

This place is a total mess.

Tomorrow is Kärri-klubi, and I should be playing some music. No one will dance during my set, I can almost promise this already. I think Masonne will end up in the player at some point.

Visited Oddica and I was already ordering some shirts when I noticed the shiping expenses, Crivens.

“I’ve learned to hide my feelings”

Nothing new.


another day, day, another day, day, another day
Listening ISIS panopticon and this sounds better than I remembered. I feel tempted to order vinyl version [blue vinyl, blue vinyl, blue vinyl] of the album from here. First I though it was taher expensive, but apparently postage is include to the price.

And I actually knew couples who were like this. Not anymore though.

Finished my writing. All’s done.

There’s so much T-shirt shops that maybe I should start one. I cannot sew, or make prints, but what the heck. Maybe I should learn. It’s nice to have clothes made for you, ar make them yourself. sure to be unique. No one is unique though. Evethough we want it so.

Give me a work to do and money for doing it.

This is a sad story [via]. Let’s think about those copycontrol software and who is really trying to make the profit. Actually in this whole conversation of copyrights it would be nice to hear the artist speak up more. Ususally it’s just someone from music industry. And Yes I know that Albini is not tlaking about copyrights. but he is talking about the industry. Artists, speak up!



Started my morning listening over and over again Dead Man Ray’s song “cerchy” which you can find from marginal ep. Absolutely stunning. I’ve done that many times before spending hours of rotating just that one song over and over again. Yesterday’s post got me to put all my DMR and zita swoon albums to computer. Here we are.

Finished reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s “Ole Luonani aina” [never let me go]. It’s hard to say do I like the book or not. I was hoping that they would have gotten away somehow. Left the place, safe, but no. And at the same time I know that it would have been bad ending if it would have ended happy. Almost straight after finishing, I searched for jobs, since my school is ending within a month and I definetly need some money. There’s not much jobs for dancers, there’s a lot for different kinds of social work but jobs are paid lousily and I really don’t want to do it. I realized that the book does really tell about the same situation where most of us are. How the hell I can get away? That’s why book is so depressing, it’s not about them, it’s about us, it’s about me. Although I do have a bit better chances than the characters in the book. If this didn’t get your interest up, never mind. Read something else instead.

Did I tell you about Will Self’s book? I probably didn’t. If you have to choose, take the one above, in that one we’re only miserable about living. In “kuinka kuolleet elävät” [how the dead live] we’re miserable both, living and being dead. But I wouldn’t say that it was a bad book either. Bit repulsive maybe, but not bad.

Tomorrow back to library and getting more books. I have to have some good excuse not to be writing all the time. Ain’t library a fantastic idea. I hope they’ll stay free.

Find that marginal ep.

So long for suzie….
-dead man ray

Chai chai chai

look at me

I don’t have it. Tell me what’s in it? I kinda know, but not enough.

“Let’s blame mime artists, they don’t speak.”

I’m about to order Kam:as, Masonne, Seidenmatt and Torchous.

I do not understand Torchous though. They have song with the exact same name on both albums, check this: Forensik vs. Forensik.

And here is something for the radiohead fans. Some months ago I noticed that I haven’t really listened comlag at all. And that I really don’t remember much even from Kid A or Amnesiac even though I have listened them a lot at the time.

Listening Porcupine Tree’s Deadwing. I think I would like to have the special package. Only problem being it’s so bloody expensive, 20£ ≈ 30€: I’ll listen more. Maybe I’ll settle for normal version (there is at least 3 different versions: cd+booklet+dvd-v, dvd-a and “normal” cd not to even mention vinyl versions).

For a long time I haven’t even though about minidisk (probably since I have one) more thinking of getting an iPod, but this made me think again. So much toys in the world.

And if I haven’t post this, although I think I do, check it, again. There’s something nice I’m sure.

Constellation has renewed their web pages and hay, they have a shop. Delivers to europe too. Jeij.

And if you ever were into This Empty Flow, but woke up too late (like I) now you can get their only “real” album “magneta skycode” remastered though, from some place else

Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
Opeth – Ghost Reveries
W.A.Mozart – concerto for bassoon and orchestra
Max Richter – Memoryhouse

It’s almost like religious conversion in reverse

to door from door to door from door to door from door to

Another conversation about copyright laws of finland. Maybe we can translate expression corporate wh**e to corporate karpela. So we are always paying double.
Rich will get richer and poors poorer. And if you’re poor you have no right to enjoy anykind of entertaiment. Would that be music, movies or even TV. Because you cannot afford it, and if you copy something you will be prosecuted and fined. There’s somethign seriously wrong with this model of society. How can we change it?

If you don’t know where today’s headline comes from listen to Manes. I don’t know where they’ve picked that up, if they have. Their “new” ep has been out for ages now but I still don’t have it. Bummer. I probably need to get it then.

And of course. Jesu is releasing an ep, anyday now. Also vinyl version will follow. Short samples can be found here. [via] and if you’re interested in more frequent news go here

I’m somehow suprised how popular myspace have become. And why the hell the layouts are always so crappy on those pages? Could someone make a better ones please? Can someone make better ones? Even Max has one, and look about his friends. SHould I get one, myspace i mean not a friend? I guess not, why bother.
And somehow, I think that eventually I will.

I listened today EF‘s and Molia Falls‘ 7″, and I truly like them both. Molia Falls’ pages were “closed” but Ef’s not and they have an album made. I think I’ll would like to have that one too. A lot of swedish music coming my way.

Yeah, I guess I should get a job.

DHG – 666 international
Ef – trilogy 7″
Molia falls – trilogy 7″
Mogwai – Mr. Beast
Various smaples through the net
like Jesu, Final, Gojira and Kirlian Crossing

Viktor Pelevin – Kauhukypärä (the helmet of horror)

Thinking of giving Sheri S. Tepper another chance and start reading “Grass”

Did I already tell that Sanna had some Rum, which I borrowed to my ice latte. Very very good. I think I’ll have to get some Rum myself.
Local restaurant close it’s door at eight o’clock today so no pizza, bummer.

Tomorrow, when….

Roses are planted, where...
I think I came up with the name for my final work. I’m not going to publish it yet though.

Been reading more Ursula K Le Guin. Fisherman of the inland sea, quite quite beautiful, again. I specially like the three last stories of the book, about churten theory. I do not understan people who don’t read scifi, just because it says scifi somewhere. I think everybody should read these book. I wish some good translater would get to work and translate these into finnish. All of the short story collections. For those who can’t read english, like my dear mother.

Hanna passed Nine Horses on to me. Mr. Sylvian definetly has a Voice as has Stina Nordenstam and plus to that there’s also Arve Henriksen and Ryuichi Sakamoto. It’s so nice when you can recognize someone from the sound. I actually didn’t even know who Arve Henriksen is. But when I listened the album first time I was quite sure that the trumpet player is from Supersilent. When I finally went to Sylvian’s pages to check out some lyrics (since I heard him singing “oh satan” on snow borne sorrow, but of course it was “Oh save them”) I saw the name Arve Henriksen and double checked it from Supersilent’s pages that it really is the same guy. It is, and he has a recognizable sound which is extremely positive, (Of course this recognition was helped the fact that I listened supersilent 7 just last week). Now I have to check his solo albums. Anyway I have to get this album and I recommend it to everyone else too.

My portable cd still plays Ulver‘s Silence the singing. And right now I’m listening “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”. Now that mister Blake, he had some good ideas. Or visions, or….
Think of this, he actually had dinner with Ezekiel and Isaiah. And the amount of wisdom he have put into proverbs of hell.

“…Isaiah answer’d: I saw no god, nor heard any, in a finite organical perception: but my senses discover’d the infinite in everything, and as I was then persuaded, & remain confirm’d, that the voice of honest indignation is the voice of god, I cared not for consequences, but wrote….”
William Blake
Or should I say Isaiah?

“8 waves for 7 days” is coming together. I think it will be in Oku on week 7, starting from monday ending on sunday. I hope I get it somewhere else too. Now I just have to think where, and where to get the money for it.

“we sat down and wept and wept for the zion”

Hey, here’s more Blake:
01 The Tyger.

02 Tyger Tyger. burning bright,
03 In the forests of the night;
04 What immortal hand or eye,
05 Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

06 In what distant deeps or skies.
07 Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
08 On what wings dare he aspire?
09 What the hand, dare sieze the fire?

10 And what shoulder, & what art,
11 Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
12 And when thy heart began to beat,
13 What dread hand? & what dread feet?

14 What the hammer? what the chain,
15 In what furnace was thy brain?
16 What the anvil? what dread grasp,
17 Dare its deadly terrors clasp:

18 When the stars threw down their spears
19 And water’d heaven with their tears:
20 Did he smile his work to see?
21 Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

22 Tyger Tyger burning bright,
23 In the forests of the night;
24 What immortal hand or eye,
25 Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Taken from blakearchive. A really wonderful place.

Sign this


All the Finnish people out there. Go here and sign it. All the other people too, but since it’s in finish, it’s maybe harder, since it’s nice to know what you’re actually signing.

The new copyright law is a mistake. I think everybody, even the minister of culture knows it but she just won’t admit it. Or maybe she really is that dumb and likes to walk on a big corporates leash.
Corporate …..

I’m getting angry again.
Dictatorship isn’t such a bad idea, only it should be wise dictator. Vote me everyone.

Outside is -26ºC, lovely. But still it’s nicer and warmer than Israeli houses at night (ok there wasn’t minus degrees but pretty damn cold still). At least when you go outside you supposed to wear clothes, (preferably a lot right now). In here I wear less clothes when I’m sleeping than during the day. In there I wear more clothes when sleeping than during the day. Which do you like it better?

Other place that you could visit, could be this. At least Masonne, Torchous and of couse Seidenmatt sounds nice.
More money more money.
And Mister Akiyama is again releasin something new and quite interesting. Visit intr-version‘s new pages to hear and read.

Oh yes, they crammed intel into a mac and now they have macbook (what a stupid stupid name). Only small(?) problem seems to be that there’s a change that some software that works with powerpc core doesn’t work on intel. No need to worry yet, I do not have the money anyway. But of course 4 times faster (compared to powerbook) laptop sounds nice. I could use a laptop, with this lifestyle of mine.

Humour, such a difficult field.
But at least now you can have chocolate nougat ice cream in one liter packages instead of one and a half. This makes ice cream buying much easier for me. Jeij.

Ken. All those Masonne samples sounds really nice to my ear. She sounds a bit like…. PJ? I don’t know but it sounds good, doesn’t it?

Day 3

I'm wasting my days, watching the shades
Why day three? I do not know. About yesterdays entry: I’m not lucky cause I had the book. I’m lucky cause I have a father who goes and get’s me the book.

All the same. Erased again.

Song of today and probably coming days: Once We Were – Repulsion
Follow the link and get it.
Can’t wait their album to come.
High hopes.

Tenderversion mp3 singles

Good Night


Ok ok ok.
I kind of decided yesterday that I’ll keep the mac off for the most of the day. Did I manage to keep my decicion? Of course not. Instead I had it open way too early, only good thing was that I didn’t miss the simpson, and the fast show.

Quite soon I ended up to secretly canadian‘s web page, god knows for what reason, and I found out that they have quite a collection of mp3 samples on their pages. So I started to listen some of them. This far I’ve found out that:
Early Day Miners sound really quite charming.
Ativin’s “night mute” album could be worth of getting.
Jens Lekman’s songs vary quite a lot, some I like, some really don’t.
Havergal should be checked out more as well as Windsor for the Derby.
Songs: Ohia didn’t sound so good as I, for some reason, expected.

Then already yesterday, to be honest, I found aversion online blog which have quite a lot of things to hear and read. How does he (I assume) have time? And just now I visited lupatarkastaja once again and found tender versionlabel from sweden. Right now I’m listening samples from their bands and pages, and my my, sounds Good, I’ll have to say. Seems like there is more money needed.

Let me ask one question: How the hell can albums be so ************ expensive in here. I mean if I order 3 cd’s from US, they cost me half the price than if I would get them from here. And that includes shiping costs??
Big major labels keep complaining and accusing internet and cd burners and whatnot, How about look in the mirror!! First: release music that actually has feeling and quality and doesn’t wear out in a month. Then trust to your bands, even if one album would go on high sales. Then lower the price of cd. I think this could help somehow? What do you think? I mean they are companies, sure they have to make money. But I have a hope that music would be art made to business instead of business made to business made to junk. Am I clear? Probably not, but you know what I mean, don’t you? MUSIC FIRST!

Today I’ve also been listening to Isis’ Panopticon and yes it does seems to sound better than Oceanic.
Opeth’s “Ghost reveries” keep on getting better. They’re really quite unique.
Ulver’s “blood inside” which is great. I just wait for the vinyl arrive. Packet should be here this week I think.
And for some reason Ulver’s “Silencing the singing” ep never stops charming me. I have listened it for hours and I can still listen it for hours.

Hey, at the same time as I’m writing this I still listen those mp3 samples from Tender Version’s site and My god all what I’ve heard this far has sounded at least good if not better… How do those swedes do this?
And Thank you to lupatarkastaja for leading me to this place….

I’m really flooded by music and also by good music. I think I could use my days just sitting in front of computer listening and listening and finding. But right now I think I have to get a job, well paid and easy, preferably. I mean even though I keep complaining about record companies, that’s more towards the major labels. I have nothing against labels that follow the main thing: Music. And I rather support those small labels than big. And why not? It is more and more clear that they release music that is actually worth of listening to.

As you might notice I’ve added Label link list, and most of those are good labels, to me. I have to add tender version in there.

Today I also though about lataamo a bit and updated the playlists (meaning what I have played, not what I will play, since I don’t know what I’ll play until I’m making the show) finally. I try to do it now more often. Anyway I will keep lataamo only every other week starting on next wednesday. Hmmm… I think I’ll have to play some of those mp3 Singles that Tender Version has released.. really quite charming.

Blood Inside

Hello to you all.

To see what I’m talking about visit this blog.

Incase you still don’t know what is it let me tell you that Ulver‘s “Blood inside” is probably the best album that has come out in 2005. Alhough I’m not quite sure since Jesu‘s debut is also quite charming. Anyway, Blood Inside is really really brilliant album. They blend jazz, ambient, calssical and everything else but with such a style and taste that it works beautifully. The key (in my opinion) is the sounds, throughout the whole album the production of sounds is so coherent that eventhough they use various styles of music the album stays coherent also and so they end up sounding no one else but themselves. I ordered a vinyl from the end records and now I’m hoping they will read my notes and ship the order on january. This because finnish post will keep the packages just two weeks and if it’s not claimed by then they’ll sent the package back to sender. And I’ll be away about four weeks, so I much rather be here when that packet arrives.

Speaking of which I got the packet from conspiracy records today, which was a relief since I was afraid that I would leave to holiday before it arrives. So today I’ve been listening to Knut – Terraformer (from cd not through net), Isis – Oceanic and Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Sunset mission.

My friend Jojo just lend me her new favourite Autolux, and with the experience of two listenthroughs it does sound quite good. More more more.

I’ve been reading Ursula Le Guin’s short stories, Now I’m reading “four ways to forgiveness” in which all the four stories are entwined to each others and all of them are telling about sociosystems of planets Werel and Yeowe. Werel was known to me already from the story “old music and slave women” that is in the book “the Birthday of the world”, I’m not sure is Yeowe mentioned. Anyway, Werel is a planet where slavery exist and Yeowe is the next planet which four big werelian corporations colonialized with factories, farmland and slaves. In a few hundreds of years the slaves of Yeowe rebelled and at the point of those four stories Yeowe is “free” and Werel is on it’s way to civil war. Eventhough the stories can be hard and heavy I recommend them to everyone. She (U. Le Guin) has such a talent of seeing and writing. And somehow the stories are really human, real. And they’re not simplified, or glorified. She seems to se humans as human, not as heroes and villains. Humans capable to good and bad, and even the good and bad are not so simple things. “Four ways to forgiveness” is one of her books that I’ve enjoyed the most, somehow. I think it goes to the top with “the Disposessed” and “Always Coming Home”. I have liked her other short stories collection a lot ( I think I have them all now, but I haven’t read them all just yet), but since this is going around with the same topics and same worlds it’s most coherent and the quality of stories is high through out. On other ones, like “compass rose” or “unlocking the air” there has usually been a few stories that rise over the other ones (“the diary of the rose”, “the eye altering” and “sur” on “Compass Rose”; “half past four”,”in the drought”, “ether, OR” and unlocking the air” on “Unlocking the Air”; “the masters”, “winter’s king”, “nine lives”, “vaster than empires and more slow” and “the stars below” on “the Wind’s Twelve Quarters”), But on “four ways to forgiveness” I really can’t rise one story over another, theyre binded together and together they’ll paint, not the whole picture, but a fair bit more than they would do separately. I’m quite sad that Le Guin’s books have not been translated that much into finnish. It would be easy to know some xmas presents.

Read more, watch less.

Good night.

video forms

As you might notice video section has a new look. I decided to go back to play with picture’s cause it’s so much more easier.

Now I can stand the lay out and the idea is clear. There’s few fixes to be made sure, but not that much. Maybe later.

New opeth is as good as expected, what else.

tired days.

Load up

I know I should have gone to the local student radio and do my show, but I’m just too tired, still.
I am keeping two hour radio program called lataamo. I tried to do it every week but it seems to be bit too much for me. Last spring I kept the program on every other week and I think that is more suitable frequency. And I have to change the day to wednesday because of other peoples scheludes, so maybe I’ll change the time already this week and do it on wednesday. If I would be in better shape….feel…whatever.

Now days, at least in here, radio seems to play only “hit” music. Those same songs rotating over and over again untill a new hit comes along. I really don’t listen to radio anymore, and when I do I get anxious. Even if the songs is good (what it usually is not), by playing it every hour for two or three weeks they wear it totally out. It’s horrible. I really think that radio can rot your brain same way as television. There should be some quality offered there. Well things aren’t so bad after all. At least there has been Radio helsinki, and still is, but it was bought a couple of months ago and I don’t know has it affected in anyway. Hope not. And yes, thanks to the internet it’s possible to find radiostations that play everykind of music. I think. So some good things comes along with all of this technology.

This whole topic has something to do with appriciation of music. I feel that a person who truly appriciates music cannot listen these “hit” radios. I listen to a lot of music, and maybe that’s the reason why I do not understand why every place have to be so full of “music” nowdays. If I go to a grocerystore, there’s music, if I go to buy clothes, there’s music, if I go to coffeehouse, there’s music, If I go to bar, there’s music. And way too often it’s that “hit” music again, usually it’s some radiosation actually. And for me it’s really hard to ignore that music. I wonder how the workers of those places can stand it? And now they’re invented this that when I call to someone, instead of hearing the normal waiting sound (tuut tuut tuut) they (well the person who I’m calling) can fill that up with music so I have to listen to some song until the person answers the phone. Horrible.

Back to the radio:So what am I playing? Usualy stuff from my own album collection, quite a lot of metal and pop/rock, but also a lot of this mmmm… idm stuff. I don’t really like this genre term “idm”, maybe it’s better to mention some artists: alva-noto, Mitchell Akiyama, désormais, COH, William Basinski, Deathprod and so on.

Today I was thinking of playing: désormais, Jesu, José Gonzáles, Boris, the beans, Life and Times, Tuomari Nurmio & alamaailman vasarat.
But I didn’t, maybe on wednesday.